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The Turquoise Tree

Dundealos Timeline

The Company of the Turquoise Tree
Cult List
The Dundealos
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Twilight 2010 Characters and NPCs

1438. The Bloodfeuds. The tribe descends into anarchy and bloodfeuds.
1440. The Year of Three Kings.
1442. End of the Bloodfeuds. Aelfwyn of the Macleods completes the Making of the Stormtribe heroquest and restores peace to the Dundealos.
1471-1492. The Raven's Rule. Havik of the Blue Raven clan becomes king. Shortly afterwards he employs mercenaries and begins to rule the tribe as if he were a Western noble. Those who oppose him are killed or driven into exile.
1492. The Return of Justice. Terven Stormvoice of the Perandan slays Havik's son Navik in single combat and the Raven's Rule ends. The tribe elects Lars Plentycows of the Delmeth as king and he begins the process of restoring peace to the tribe. Despite opposition the Blue Raven clan remains part of the tribe.
1613. Starbrow's Rebellion. The tribe remains ostensibly uninvolved but covertly sends a large number of warriors to assist the Queen of the Kheldon in her ultimately futile rebellion against Lunar rule. The tribe is weakened considerably by this and many of the best warriors die. This had considerable influence on the course of events in 1618.
1618. The Dundealos Rebellion. The tribe rebels after brutal treatment by the Lunars, heavy taxation, and the public rape of the king's daughter by lunar tax collectors. The tribe is all but annihilated. The survivors either flee, are enslaved, or convert to the Lunar way. A new tribe, the Enstalos, is formed from the remnants of the tribe and new settlers from Tarsh and Aggar.
1628. Return of The Queen. An adventuring priestess of Vinga from Pavis claims to be the Queen of the Dundealos tribe, and raids Fort Enstala. She announces that the Enstalos tribe will be destroyed or disbanded and calls upon all members of the old Dundealos tribe to support her.

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