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The Turquoise Tree


The Company of the Turquoise Tree
Cult List
The Dundealos
Comments and Events
Twilight 2010 Characters and NPCs







The party started the year with small expeditions into the Rubble. Krogar soon provided them with gainful employment hunting down chaos beasts in the marshes near Corflu. They were successful, even though Lucifer lost a leg to a crocodile.

 After returning to Pavis they had a run-in with Broken Horn clan sable riders that began an enmity that persists to this day.


Notchet and beyond



 Krogar, who wanted an important message delivered, then sent the Company to Notchet. After a long journey they arrived in Notchet, delivered their message, and did some shopping. Kallyr met a party of easterners whilst looking for a fight down at the docks. Over drinks she recruited some of them into The Company, as a mission had come up and most of the group could not go due to prior obligations in Sartar. Thus Taka, Chun Li, and Wasumato became members of The Company.

 Lucifer was appointed leader for the mission, escorting a scholar to an ancient barrow and protecting him while he studied it. The journey went well and the party soon arrived at the barrow. They found that bandits had set up a camp there and after a vicious fight defeated them. Shortly afterwards they were themselves attacked by a party of warriors from Safelester who seemed to want something from the mound. A short but bitter fight later, the party defeated these new opponents, but lost Wasumato in the melee, killed by a lance blow. The group stayed until the scholar had concluded his research and then returned to Notchet.

  They completed their business in Notchet and returned to Pavis to meet up with the rest of the group when they returned from Sartar.




Misbehaving in Sartar



Fost, Kragle, Kallyr and Haradda decided to go to Sartar to see what they could see, find old friends and family, and to allow Kallyr to visit Tarthcaer. 

The trip proved eventful. They had to flee Swenstown after an unfortunate incident in which Fost's alynx killed a Lunar soldier. They spent some time being chased but managed to escape into the hills. They travelled to Tarthcaer to allow Kallyr to visit the temple of Vinga there, and Haradda to find family who lived nearby. They then travelled towards the lands of the Dundealos, hoping to meet up with old friends from the tribe.

One night in the wilderness, with Fost and Kragle asleep, Kallyr and Haradda got up to some misbehaving while supposedly on guard duty. They were 'ambushed' by a small party of Orlanthi led by Egil Ostenstadt. Egil had taught Kallyr to use a sword, had been the head of the Macleod warband, and was quite amazed to find the chieftains missing daughter snogging a Humakti in the middle of the woods.  After a good deal of piss taking, they escorted the small group to a nearby stead. A few discussions later it was concluded that Egil and his men would meet them later in Pavis. Rested, the group continued on to Lismelder lands, stayed with Fost's family for a few days and then returned to Pavis via The Paps (Kallyr had to visit a priestess there).


 More small expeditions into the Rubble followed, along with training and attending to personal business. Lucifer began to learn the art of swordsmithing, Garak tried to improve his unarmed combat skills (after a humiliating defeat by Kallyr during a training session in front of a large crowd), Miko learnt some new spells, Kragle began to train for the position of acolyte of Kygor Litor, Kateri travelled into the Wastes to find her pride and spend some time with them, Kallyr spent time at the temple of Lhankor Mhy studying languages, and Fost underwent further weapons training.


(+ Wasumato, Taka, Chun Li; - Wasumato).