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The Turquoise Tree


The Company of the Turquoise Tree
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The Dundealos
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Twilight 2010 Characters and NPCs


Enigmatic oriental sorceress.




Female Kralori.


Sorcerer, Sword of Humakt, initiate of the Pavis cult, heroquestor, clan ring member of the Turquoise Tree clan, and early member of The Company. Secretly a follower of Arkat.


She is 5’4” tall, has long dark hair, Kralori features, and is pretty.


Age 29.


Company mage and second rank fighter.


Miko joined The Company in its infancy, in 1619, and almost immediately earned their respect by saving their lives in the Temple of Doom adventure. Her magic helped to defeat the Vomiter and aided The Company in many minor skirmishes up until the disastrous defeat of The Company in 1622 by the Lunar Coders.


She travelled to Dorastor following the Great Split, with Lucifer, Taka and Garak, settling in Frog River Valley for a few years before returning to Pavis in 1625.


During the Cradle adventure, she provided vital magical support, which helped the Company deal with Lunar sorcery and complete their mission. At the Battle of Iceland her spells helped carry the day and she fought long and valiantly.


Miko competed in the Troll Games, and came second in the Throwing Competition. She also knocked Serenity from her beetle during the Beetle Riding Competition, an act that was greatly applauded.


She was an integral part of the Pavis Rebellion; her magic greatly facilitated the initial attacks on the Lunar garrison and she fought well, slaying many of the occupiers. Was recently part of the successful diplomatic mission to the Tarsh exiles, where The Company won many friends and new allies.


Miko is highly intelligent and delights in using magic to overcome obstacles of any kind. She is highly learned, a multi-linguist, and mistress of many spells. Her fighting skills make her even more dangerous, capable of dealing with most foes with ease. Miko seems the most enlightened and cultured individual in the party. 


She provides magical support for the group, both on adventures and at home. Many find her enigmatic, reserved but given to fits of great rage, serene yet capable of great violence. She wields paired weapons, katana and wakizashi.


Her familiar, a panther called Claws, always accompanies Miko. This cat is more than he seems. He is protected by enchantments and after seven years of adventuring has acquired impressive combat skills. He usually serves the party as a scout, or remains with Miko as a bodyguard. 


Miko is known to have troll friends in the Rubble.


Miko likes magic of all kinds, swords, tea, learning, and living a cultured life in a barbaric land. She hates Chaos, the Lunars, and the undead. Well, mostly. 

Miko is from Kralorela. You can tell by her shoes.

Played by Doug.




Miko says


“I’m going to Palsy them all.”


"An Orlanthi that can read! I knew I'd meet a famous heroquestor one day.”


“Leave me alone please, I’m trying to be inscrutable.”


“I would be more receptive to a slightly less stupid idea.”


“I know that violence is always an option but why is it always the option?”


"How you reached adulthood will always be a mystery to me."






Others say


"She scares me."



“I agree with Kragle. She does look a bit like a trollkin.”



"Is that Miko or Ming Lee? These sorcerors all look the same to me."


"Mysterious mage from the east my arse!"