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The Turquoise Tree

Bronwen Whitelily

The Company of the Turquoise Tree
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The Dundealos
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Twilight 2010 Characters and NPCs


Combat healer Orlanthi.




Female Sartarite of the Macleod clan of the Dundealos tribe.


Priestess of Bevara and Mei Chuan (the White Lily). New member of The Company.


She is 5’4” tall, has mid length blonde hair, blue eyes, a slim build, and is very good looking. Normally wears a blue robe trimmed white that has a depiction of a white lily on the back.


Age 26.


Combat Healer.




Bronwen is a newish member of the group, introduced to them by Serenit, her cousin. So far she has mainly fought in side actions such as Daskor’s Stead, where she acquitted herself well and won the respect of her comrades.


Whilst in the caverns at the stead she came into contact with Mei Chuan, an otherwise unknown eastern deity. She was touched by the goddess and became her acolyte. Mei Chuan grants Bronwen access to combat magics from her cult and specialist spells with which to fight chaos.


She served as a healer at the Battle of Iceland, during the Cradle adventure and the Troll Games, and fought in the Pavis rebellion.


Bronwen is quiet, graceful, and always calm. She spends most of her time helping her clan and the needy of Pavis and Sartar. A capable warrior, Bronwen is a good second rank fighter and a highly skilled healer. With Bronwen and Miko both in a support role, the party becomes unstoppable to all but the most dangerous of foes.

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Played by Jay.


Bronwen says


“You get hit a lot, don’t you?”


“Serenity, I love you dearly, but if you don’t shut up I’m going to hurt you badly.”


Others say


"She's lovely."

(Most people)

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