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The Turquoise Tree


The Company of the Turquoise Tree
Cult List
The Dundealos
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Twilight 2010 Characters and NPCs


Crazy flying Orlanthi.




Male Sartarite of an unknown clan.


Priest of Orlanth and devotee of Vanganth the Flyer, heroquestor, and senior member of The Company. Shield Boy to Fost Longstider.


Scratch-E is 5’9” tall, brown haired and bearded, muscular, with wind-worn skin and a rugged look.


Age 31.


Aerial fire support and scouting.




Scratch-E joined The Company  in 1625. Since his arrival he has proved himself to his comrades on numerous occasions.


He fought bravely at the Battle of Iceland and in the Sartar rebellion of 1625, has heroquested several times, and has acquitted himself well in his adventures with The Company.



During The Company’s exploration of ancient tunnels beneath the Rubble, Scratch-E found an ancient draconic helmet. When he tried it on it, the helmet magically modified his tongue, making it serpent like. Scratch-E is not sure what to make of this development, although he was pleased to hear that it should make it easier for him to speak Auld Wyrmish. Shortly after this he participated in The Great Lever Debate. He also had an unfortunate meeting with a ceiling during a fight with a midget vampire.


He competed valiantly at the Troll Games and came third in the Eating competition.


As one of the main strike force, he had a pivotal role in the Pavis rebellion of 1627. Was recently part of the successful diplomatic mission to the Tarsh exiles, where The Company won many friends and new allies.


He is dedicated to The Company, his gods, and the people, a brave and resourceful warrior, and is becoming an increasingly powerful spell caster.


Scratch-E is gradually integrating his tactics with those of the party and is a useful addition to The Company.


Played by Loz.


Scratchy says


“I’m pulling the lever.”


“Why can’t I pull the lever?”


“Wish I’d pulled that lever.”


“Why’s she in charge, I thought no one could make me do anything?”


Others say 


"Don't pull the bloody lever!"

(The rest of The Company)

" he some kind of pet?"