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The Turquoise Tree

Members of The Company

The Company of the Turquoise Tree
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"We’re the best of what’s left!"
(The Company)

Senior Company Members



This section lists the senior members of The Company. The names are a link to a page about the character.




Akara Krinir


Yinkin priestess.


Arith Blitzkrieg


Storm Voice.


Bjarnni Steadburner


Wind Lord of Orlanth.


Bronwen Whitelily


Bevara priestess.




Vinga Spearwoman priestess.


Fost Longstrider                     

Orlanth Adventurous (Destor) priest.


Kallath the Hunter


Odalya priest.


Lucifer Skullbreaker              


Humakt priest/Death Sword.



Sorcerer/Humakt priestess.


Serenity Macleod (Kallyr Twoswords)                    


Vinga Adventureress priestess.


Orlanth Adventurous (Vanganth) priest.