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The Turquoise Tree

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The Company of the Turquoise Tree
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The Dundealos
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"Remember, we’re a team.That means everybody does what I say."




 The Annals of The Company




    The journal that follows is a mostly true account of   notable events in the life of The Company Of The Turquoise Tree. Compiled  Sea Season 1627 by Dilys Gravellaw, Company scribe, from  incomplete records held by Serenity and conversations with Company members. The journal largely reflects Serenity's perspective on events.

      To view the journal for any specific year click on the appropriate year below.



Current campaign date: Fire Season 1629

Humble Beginnings
The River Voices

The Garhound Festival
Adventures in Pavis and Beyond
The Temple of Doom

Notchet and Beyond

The Arm of Pavis
The Vomiter

The Coders/The Great Split
The Chaos Gaggle
The Puzzle Canal
Lucifer and the Sword of Death

Adventures in Sun County
Dyskund Caverns
Misadventures in Sun County
Old Friends

Vampire Hunting
Rabbit Hat
The Lismelder Rebellion
Muriah the Broo
Hunting Head hunters

Arden's Stead
Return of A Hero
Puzzle Canal Part 2
Rebellion in Sartar
The Cradle
Death of Orlanth

Naked in the Snow
The Battle of Iceland
Balastor's Axe
Kicking In Vampires/The Great lever Debate
Mask of Eurmal
The Fifth Element

The Kaggroka Contests
The Rebellion
Night of the Free Wind
The Old Mint
The Stormwalk Path/Oi, Uroxi, No!

Journey into Sartar
Holiday in Tarsh
The Battle of Notchet
The Eye of Wakboth
The Dragon Heroquest
The Wind Sword

Fay-Jee, City of the West
Taverns and Taxes
Dodgy dealings in Blue Town
The Red Lotus
Turning Japanese
Rokari Bully Justly Chastised
Taking trinkets to Barbarians
Of Pigs and Truffles
More Diplomacy????
Raiding the Solanthi
Moon Boats, Maps, and Machines