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The Turquoise Tree

Niskis the Lover

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This is our version of the cult of Niskis the Lover. Niskis was one of the names Orlanth used when courting and seducing many of the goddesses who bore him children. See Thunder Rebels/225 for further details.





Standard Orlanth Adventurous + Craft-Gigolo, Dance, Flirt, Hide, Seduce, Sneak


Spirit Magic


Standard Orlanth Adventurous + Befuddle, Co-ordination, Glamour, Leap Through Window, Obscure.


Divine Magic


Standard Orlanth Adventurous + Caress of Passion, Endearing Eyes, Handsome Stranger, Seduce, Stay Awake, Virility,




Standard Orlanth Adventurous + Please Women.


Associate Cults


Standard Orlanth Adventurous + Feel No Guilt (Yinkin), Preen Self (Yinkin), Sleep Anywhere (Yinkin).




Caress of Passion

Divine, 2 points, self, non-stackable, temporal.

For the duration of this spell the caster can cause arousal by touch. One such attempt can be made each round. POW vs. POW roll for the target to resist. The degree of arousal should be ascertained by the GM, using the targets known proclivities, the situation, and the degree of resistance roll failure, as a guideline. (J)

Endearing Eyes

Divine, 1 point, stackable, self, temporal.

This spell temporarily enchants the casters eyes so that he looks more endearing and appealing to women. It requires women who see the caster’s face to make a resistance roll. Those that fail will regard the caster more favourably. The actual effect of this is best determined by the GM, with allowances made for the degree of failure of the resistance roll. The spell also provides a bonus of +10% per point to all Communication skills involved in any interaction with women. This bonus rises to at least 20% per point with targets who fail their resistance roll. (J)

Feel No Guilt


Divine, 1 point, reusable, instant, non-stackable.

1 use (Yinkin)

The user must cast this spell on himself at a point where he is about to do something that he may feel guilty about afterwards. This spell ensures that he does not feel guilty about the act that he performs. It cannot be used to remove the feelings of guilt about something he has already done. So, Fost sees his brother's wife alone in her house and decides to pay her a visit. He casts Feel No Guilt and enters the house, seducing her with his charms (dubious though they may be). Afterwards, his brother finds out and brings the matter up in a family council, using Shame Wife and Shame Brother to punish him, but Fost feels no guilt and therefore no shame over his deeds. (SP)

Handsome Stranger

Divine, 3 points, self, non-stackable, 1 week.

This spell increases the casters Appearance by 3 points, provides a +25% bonus to the casters Fast Talk, Flirt, and Seduce skills (only with women), and makes them alluring to women.  With women who are impetuous, especially sensual, bored, looking for fun, lonely, or mistreated, these bonuses double. The effects of this spell might be best imagined as similar to one of the many B-movie style ‘erotic’ thrillers available (I’m sure we’ve all seen at least part of one, think Red Shoe Diaries etc). The spell will only work if the caster has not visited the settlement he is ‘operating’ in before. (J)

Leap Through Window

Spirit, variable, self, temporal.

The user can jump for 3m per point of the spell horizontally and 3 feet per point vertically. The user can leap through windows, doors and other obstacles with a Jump roll when using this spell. It is useful when escaping angry husbands. The user will always land safely if jumping through a window, other jumps do not guarantee a safe landing. (SP/J)



Spirit, variable, self, temporal.                                                            

Obscure adds 15% per point of spell to the casters Hide skill. (P)

Please Women

Divine, Heroquest, 2 points, self, special.

This spell must be cast relatively soon before spending the night with a woman. Afterwards, the woman is totally satisfied with the experience, and is left with no unwanted pains or miseries, including unwanted pregnancy. Adapted from SP. (SP)

Preen Self

Spirit, 3 points, self, instant.

The Preen Self spell renders the caster clean, and as neat in appearance as is possible with their current garments. Clothes, body, and hair are effectively washed, tidied, and the character will appear as if they had just finished preparing themselves for an important banquet. As a bonus, the spell also removes fleas from the caster (but does not prevent their return). (J)



Divine, 1 point, stackable, self, temporal.


This spell adds 25% per point to the characters chances at a seduction attempt. (J)


Sleep Anywhere


Spirit, 2 points, non-stackable, touch, instant.

When cast on a willing target, this spell puts the person to sleep, no matter what the external conditions are. The target must not resist this spell otherwise it will fail. (SP)

Stay Awake


Divine, 1 point, self, non-stackable, special.                               

The caster of this spell can go without sleep for a period of eight hours, remaining alert and not accumulating fatigue for the lack of sleep. It works even if the caster is tired when the spell is evoked, although it has no effect on fatigue points already accumulated by the character, they simply remain alert and do not suffer further fatigue losses from their failure to sleep. The caster is not required to rest when the spell is over, but cannot receive the benefits of this spell again unless they have slept since they were last under its effects (so it cannot be used two nights in a row unless the character has rested between the castings). (SP)


Divine, 1 point, self, stackable, special duration.

Niskis was renowned for his virility and stamina. Allows the user to perform sexually without any problems. This does not counter magical curses against his performance, but does overcome tiredness, drunkenness, nervousness and unattractive women. For every point used in this spell, the caster loses no fatigue for lovemaking or remaining awake for another two hours, although fatigue lost from sources other than these is unaffected. Based on Awake by Nikk Effingham and Virility by Simon Phipps. (SP/NE/J)