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Inginew Swordsmith

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Inginew Swordsmith




Inginew Swordsmith was a son of Humakt from the Dawn Age. He learnt the craft of swordsmithing and armouring from Lodril. This subcult is common in Dragon Pass and the Holy Country. A shrine also exists at Pavis, and the subcult is also known in Western Ralios. Members of the cult must always carry a hammer, symbol of Inginew’s humility and respect (it cannot be used in conflict).

This section details the skills and spells of the Inginew Swordsmith subcult. It is not yet complete; we have yet to decide whether or not to include other spells derived from Hero Wars. The original source of this material is Tales of the Reaching Moon, in an article by Duncan Rowlands.



Standard Humakt + Craft-Swordsmith, Enchant, Evaluate.



Spirit Magic


Standard Humakt + Armouring Enchantment, Heat Metal, Ignite, Magic Point Matrix Enchantment, Mould Metal, Strong Hammer, Spell Matrix Enchantment.


Divine Magic


Standard Humakt.


Divine Magic (One-Use)


Imbue Sword with Magic, Sharpen Weapon, Strengthen Weapon.




Standard Humakt + Bless Forge, Enchant Iron.



The Craft-Swordsmithing skill of the Inginew subcult has the following effects and limitations.


Craft Swordsmith


This skill starts at 0% plus Knowledge bonus, initiates of the cult are taught the skill to 30%.

The craft skill of armouring enables a person to make normal weapons, shields, armour, and smithing tools, this special skill allows the manufacture of high quality swords from suitable raw materials provided the smith has time and access to requisite tools. A person’s swordsmithing skill may never exceed their Craft-armourer skill. The effects of this skill can be seen below. (DR)


        Critical. Sword with plus 1d3+3 AP, 20% less ENC, +5% Attack and Parry, +1 damage, and –1 SR.

        Special. Sword with +1d3 AP and 10% less ENC.

        Success. Sword with +1 AP.

        Failure. Flawed sword, can be reforged.

        Fumble. Ruined sword, metal cannot be reused. Smith has a dangerous accident.






Bless Forge


Ritual Enchantment.


This ritual may be cast over a smithing tool, usually a hammer, or upon an entire forge. The area affected by the ritual is either just the person using the blessed tool in the first application or everyone working in the forge in the second. It is of course, more mobile in its first application. The ritual requires the sacrifice of 1 POW.

Each point of POW sacrificed in the ritual increases the intensity and duration of Heat Metal spells and the duration of Strong Hammer spells by a factor of one. In addition, any damage taken in the course of smithing, such as accidents or handling hot metal, is reduced by the same factor. (DR)



Heat Metal


Spirit, variable, touch, temporal.


This spell causes 1 ENC of metal to heat up by one level of intensity per point cast, making the metal mallable for forging. It takes about a minute to heat up to full temperature and optimum forging temperature is about 88% of a metal’s melting point. The caster can also control the heat imparted to an item to prevent unwanted melting. (DR)


Imbue Sword With Magic


Divine, 1 point, non-stackable, permanent, one-use.

This spell must be cast when a sword is forged. If the smith succeeds in his Craft Swordsmithing then the smith can add one special power to the sword, a special success allows two extra powers, a critical three extra powers. A fumble or failure means the sword has shattered.

Each extra power may cost the smith POW or Divine Magic as appropriate. So, Halban the Smith casts Imbue Sword With Magic on a Bastard Sword and gets a critical roll, he knows he can put three powers into the sowrd, and decides on Sharpen Sword, Strengthen Sword and Swift Sword, a power he has gained on a HeroQuest. He rolls his Craft Swordmaking three times and gets a normal, a critical and a special, so the sword does 1D10 + 2 damage, yhas an extra 3D3 HPs and attacks with -2 SR. It is a sword fit for a Hero and he takes it to the local Humakt temple as an offering. (SP/J)
Mould Metal


Spirit, 2 points, range 1 metre, temporal.


This spell enables the caster to shape a metal item which has been heated to at least 50% of its melting point. Metal items up to the size of a wagon axle may be shaped by means of this spell. The caster must concentrate on the shape desired for between one and five minutes, depending on the shapes complexity, and the caster must be familiar with the shape to be able to produce good quality work. The caster must also succeed in a relevant craft skill roll. An item mended by this spell will regain its full Aps without destroying any enchantments held on it. (DR)


Sharpen Sword


Divine,1 point, non-stackable, permanent,one-use.

This spell must be cast when a sword is forged. If the smith succeeds in his Craft (Swordmaking) then the sword does an extra point of damage, if the roll was a special  it does 2 extra points of damage, if a critical 3 points. A fumble or failure means the sword has shattered. (SP/J)


Strengthen Sword


1 point, non-stackable, permanent, one-use.


This spell must be cast when a sword is forged. If the smith succeeds in his Craft (Swordmaking) then the sword has an extra 1D3 APs, if the roll was a special  it has 2D3 extra APs, if a critical 3D3 APs. A fumble or failure means the sword has shattered. (SP/J)


Strong Hammer


Spirit, 2 points, touch, temporal.


This spell may only be cast on a smithing hammer and adds 10% to the user’s craft skills of Armouring and Swordsmithing. It also enables a smith ti shape any metal with a hammer made of a weaker metal. (DR)