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Voudisea the Lance Goddess



Voudisea the Lance Goddess was a follower of Vinga during the Vingkotling Age. She accompanied the Goddess on many of her adventures and resolutely helped her to defend the clan during the Darkness. Eventually she became Vinga’s Spearthane, and although she served her faithfully, had many adventures of her own. Her followers are horsewomen and patrol the tula, defending the clan from its enemies.

This subcult is virtually unknown outside Esrolia and Heortland. Many who know of the cult believe it to be a hero cult of Vinga Spearwoman. The subcult is small, even in Esrolia, and there are comparatively few shrines to Voudisea.

In clans which venerate the Lance Goddess about half of the clan’s Vingans will venerate her directly (most others participate in her communal ceremonies). These worshippers are divided into groups of five women and called Lances. The Lance is the basic cavalry unit of the cult, normally consisting of a leader (Lance Daughter) and her Four Storms.

Apprentices sometimes supplement a Lance, but they are typically kept to the rear and only carry out non-combat duties until their training is complete.

The cult of Voudisea is almost identical in form and purpose to the Spearwoman subcult, except that the Voudiseans carry out their duties while mounted. They are typically used to patrol the clan tula, hunt down raiders, or form a strike arm in battles.

The cavalry units provided by the Voudisea cult could best be described as light heavy cavalry, lancers who keep swords and javelins as secondary weapons. They are not knight-like battering rams. They are perfectly capable of all-out charges, but are typically used to limit an opponent’s capacity to manoeuvre, harry skirmishers, and disrupt weakened formations with lance charges. The hero cult of Kedra provides skirmishing horse archers, although they are comparatively few in number.

 In some clans, especially those near Heortland, the Lances do act as ‘knightly’ heavy cavalry. This is relatively new practice and has largely been forced upon its practitioners, as a countermeasure against the heavy cavalry employed by their enemies.

Initiates of the cult are called Lance Sisters. Lances are led by Lance Daughters, who are either senior initiates or priestesses. Priestesses are referred to as Red Lance Daughters. The senior priestess of a Voudisean site or warband is called a Loyal Lance Daughter. All cult membership requirements and benefits are identical to those of the Spearwoman cult. Allied spirits granted to members of this subcult are often in the form of an awakened horse. Cult members must take a geas to never allow a horse to come to harm needlessly (note that battle is not needless).

The cults of Voudisea, Beren, and Redalda are closely linked in mythology, a link that is mirrored by the relationship between their cults. Beren was Voudisea’s lover for a while, and grants several spells to her cult. It was also rumoured that he and Vinga were lovers for a while. Some Vingans believe that Vinga’s links with Beren almost entirely originate from her connection to Voudisea, and that she was never his lover, Voudisea’s exploits being mistaken for hers. This belief is commonest among the clans of northern Esrolia.




Animal Lore, Ceremony, Dodge, First Aid, Javelin Attack, Lance Attack, Oratory, Ride, Scan, Shield Parry, Vinga Lore, Weapon Attack, Weapon Parry.


Spirit Magic


Standard Vingan + Farsee, Good Riding, Heal (Horse), LanceKeen, MultiMissile, Protection, Stability.


Divine Magic


Standard Vingan + Great Tilt, Saddle Dodge, Speak with Horses (Redalda), Saddlesure, Sureshot, TrueLance.




Contus, Leaf Point Charge.




Boar Snout Formation, Groom Horse, Horse Blessing.


Associate Cults (Heroquests)


Warhorse (Beren)


Associate Cults


Befriend Horse (Redalda), Rapid Charge (Beren).



Hero Cults


Hero cults of the Voudisea the Lance Goddess subcult are noted here. The cult name is a link to an expanded description of the hero cult


Kedra the Archer

Esrolian worshipper of the Lance Goddess. Served as a warrior in, and as leader of, the Sisters of the Silver Lance warband. She was renowned for her skill at riding, bravery, devotion to the Goddess, and skill with the bow even when riding hard and fast. Kedra taught others to use a bow from horseback, and formed her own warband, the Sisters of the Silver Quiver. This warband still exists and form the focus of her hero cult; they serve as skirmishers for the heavy cavalry of the Voudisean cult. Her memory is venerated at her shrines at Pennel and Ernalda’s Home. Cult members can receive instruction in horse archery and sacrifice for the Steady Horse spell.




Befriend Horse


Spirit, 2 points, ranged, instant.

Voudisea (Redalda).

Available at most shrines to Redalda.

This must overcome the Magic Points of the target to work. If the target is a horse, the user has a +20% bonus when trying to befriend the horse. If not, the spell has no effect. (SP/J)


Boars Snout Formation


Ritual Ceremony.


This ritual is quite common and can be learnt at most shrines or temples to the Lance Goddess.



This ritual is used to bless a Lance (the caster and her four Storms) and enhance the initial impact of the first charge they make.  The Lance must adopt a Boars Snout formation (wedge) for the charge, which must be made at a formation of some kind; the Boars Snout Formation ritual conveys no benefit to attacks made against individuals in loose-order.

The initial lance attack made by members of the Lance (i.e. as they hit the formation) will inflict double normal knockback. This ritual does not enhance attacks made with weapons other than a lance.

 Each ritual participant must contribute 2 MP to the ritual; the Vingan who performs the ritual must contribute a total of 6 MP (2 for herself, 1 each for the others). The ritual takes an hour to perform. The benefits last for a day or until the Lance first charges a formation. (J)





Divine, HeroQuest, 3 points, non-stackable, touch, temporal.


This heroquest ritual can only be learnt at the Voudisea shrine in Sylthi (Esrolia). The spell may be sacrificed for at any Voudisea shrine.


This spell must be cast on a lance. It enchants the weapon to be an imitation of Voudisea’s lance Contus. That particular weapon Attacks at +50% and its base weapon damage and knockback are doubled. The spell is compatible with TrueLance and LanceKeen, but not with other weapon enhancing spells. (J)


Good Riding


Spirit, variable, touch, temporal.


This spell can be learnt at all shrines and temples to Voudisea.

This spell increases the target's Ride Horse skill by 5% per point. It also applies to zebras. (SP/J)


Great Tilt


Divine, 1 point, stackable, touch, temporal.


Can be sacrificed for at most Voudisea shrines.


This spell must be cast on a lance. The next blow it delivers will do 1d6 additional damage per point of spell. The spell is compatible with all other weapon enhancing spells (TrueLance, LanceKeen etc). (J)


Groom Horse


Ritual Ceremony.


Ritual known by all members of the Voudisea subcult, taught as part of their initial training.


This ritual takes ten minutes to perform and consists of grooming the horse whilst uttering prayers to the Lance Goddess. It is used to look after a horse properly when time is limited (Voudiseans are expected to groom their horse by hand if time permits).  Three magic points must be expended for the ritual to work.

The ritual conveys the following benefits to its subject. They are left perfectly clean, their coat properly combed and oiled, minor injuries tended, strains healed, and will recover 2d6 fatigue points. The groom will learn if the horse is either ill or injured in some way, although this manifests as an intuitive insight that something is awry, not as precise knowledge of any problems. (J)


Horse Blessing


Ritual Ceremony.


Known by all Voudisean priestesses, can be learnt at any holy site dedicated to the Lance Goddess.


This ritual takes an hour to perform and the effects last for a day. One horse can be blessed for every 2 MP put into the ritual.

The ritual confers one of two benefits, chosen at the start of the ritual by the officiating Voudisean. One increases base movement rate by a point, the other adds one to the natural armour of the horse. (J)





Spirit, variable, 1 point, touch, temporal.


This spell can be learnt at all shrines and temples to Voudisea.


This spell is almost identical to Bladesharp except that it only works on lances. It provides a +10% Attack bonus and +2 damage bonus which increases by 5% and +2 damage per pint of the spell beyond the first. (J)


Leaf Point Charge


Divine, Heroquest, 3 points, non-stackable, self, last one round.


This heroquest ritual can only be learnt at the Voudisea shrine in Sylthi (Esrolia). The spell may be sacrificed for at any Voudisea shrine.


This spell must be used in conjunction with the Boars Snout Formation ritual, and is used to smash a hole in enemy formations. It will affect five riders and their horses (a Lance consisting of the caster and four others, usually her Four Storms). This spell may be cast up to 15 minutes in advance and will remain in abeyance until the caster mentally wills its effects to begin (usually just prior to impact).

The spell provides the following benefits to the Lance for the round it lasts. All have the equivalent of a Shield 3 spell cast on them (cumulative with any other protective magic), attack at +50% with the lance, and inflict an extra 1d6 damage (both stackable with any other combat magic). Most importantly, they can make a second attack with their laces that round, on SR 10 (all bonuses still apply). (J)


Rapid Charge


Divine, 2 points, touch, non-stackable, temporal.

This allows the recipient to run at 3 times normal movement speed when running towards battle. While under the effects of this spell, the user does not tire through running, but he cannot retreat or run away from the battle. (SP)





Divine, 1 point, touch, temporal.


This spell can be sacrificed for at almost all shrines and temples to Voudisea.


The Saddlesure spell increases the recipients Ride Horse/Zebra skill to 150% of its base level. This spell is compatible with other spells that increase the Ride skill. (J)


Saddle Dodge


Divine, 2 points, self, temporal.


This spell can be learnt at almost all shrines and temples to Voudisea.


This spell allows its caster to use their full Dodge skill on horseback (instead of having to parry or use Dodge at half-chance). The constraint that a mounted character cannot use her Dodge skill at a skills percentage higher than her Ride skill percentage, does however apply (an extension of the rule about attacks from horseback). (J)





Divine, Heroquest, 2 points, non-stackable, ranged (1 horse), special.

Voudisea (AssocHQ/Beren the Rider).

Only clans who venerate Beren the Rider know anything of the Beren and Voudisea myth. The spell may be sacrificed for at any Beren the Rider shrine.


Beren taught this spell to his one-time lover to help her in battle. It ‘upgrades’ the chosen horse to a warhorse for the duration of one battle. (P)