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The Turquoise Tree

Annwyth OddEars

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Annwyth Odd Ears



The Vinga the Adventurer hero cult of Annwyth Odd Ears is small, and knowledge of it largely restricted to clans descended from the Orgorvaltes. It centres on Leaping Rock shrine in the southern Charandar Hills, location of Annwyths’ most famous deed.

Annwyth was a Vingkotling warrior, descendant of Orgorvale, bold defender of her people during the Darkness, and some-time companion of Vinga. Famed for her wanderlust, and sword skills, she roamed during the Darkness, aiding those who needed help.

The deed for which is principally venerated came after she had defended Tarkal’s Stead from the attacks of The Darkness that Belches.

Annwyth continued on her travels until she reached the Charandar Hills. There she defended Mavren the Black (son of Tol Cloud-Yinkin and Tarhelera) and his son Ral the Red (the child of Mavren and Three Point Woman, an earth spirit) from repeated attacks by Chaos monstrosities; Annwyth guided the wounded gods towards a safe place in the hills, was nearly killed by the attacks of All You Can Eat and Pukk Ahpye during the difficult journey, and barely defeated the chaos monstrosity Zarkomg the Loquacious at Frostarva’s Ford. Having survived nine attacks, they finally arrived at Leaping Rock, where Annwyth knew of a safe hiding place. 

Mavren’s blood stained the floor of their refuge and is still visible on the floor of the shrine. His grievous wounds were difficult to heal and Annwyth went without healing herself to ensure that he survived. While his father recovered, Ral taught Annwyth the secrets of The Path of Nine Cats, promising eternal friendship and vowing to send his children to her aid when she called.

Annwyth was changed by her experiences; her eyes turned green, her ears became slightly pointed, and on her left buttock she bore the Mark of Ral (this Mark, a red-coloured set of claw scratches, is the source of the belief of Balkothi followers that Annwyth became Ral’s lover at Leaping Rock).

She travelled more and more, always accompanied by alynxes, her wanderlust notably increased. She remained a dedicated companion to Vinga however and died at her side, killed while helping to defend Drenyan Red Claw from the Marching Teeth.



Cult Membership



Non-members can join the cult at Leaping Rock. They must convince the shrine’s priestess of their integrity, be an initiate or priestess in good standing, and have never harmed an alynx. New members must sacrifice a point of POW and a red deer at the shrine. Cultists can sacrifice for the Call Alynx spell there (1 use only), learn the spirit magic spells Cat Whistle and Read Foe, and receive training in Hide and Sneak. Cult members must take the following geas.


Never attack an alynx unless attacked first, or allow an alynx to suffer harm needlessly.


No time requirements are placed on cult members, except that they attend the Wooing Day celebrations at any Yinkin shrine (Wild Day, Harmony Week, Earth Season), and Ral’s Day rituals at Leaping Rock (Fire Day, Harmony Week, Earth Season).

They are not expected to contribute any of their funds to the cult, but most members of the Red Alynx Sisters make sure that they donate to local Yinkin shrines. Many also donate to the shrine and priestess at Leaping Rock; the Red Alynx Sisters are a close-knit group and tend to lookout for fellow members.

Members of the cult view Wanderlust as a virtue.

The priestess at Leaping Rock is called the Red Alynx Daughter; she can call upon any Yinkin spell at will within the shrine, and often has other abilities as well. She is protected by The Nine Tails; alynxes who dwell and hunt in the valley south of the shrine, and turn up to defend the priestess when she needs aid. The Red Alynx Daughter always has an assistant, usually another priestess, who is chosen during the Ral’s Day rituals, and succeeds the residing priestess if she retires or dies. Only Vingans who have completed The Path of Nine Tails are eligible for these positions.

Only The Red Alynx Daughter can teach details of The Path of Nine Cats, she must use Divination to see if the goddess approves of her doing so. Cultists who are taught the secrets of the myth must take a geas to never reveal the myth to anyone else. Using the shrine as the starting point for The Path of Nine Cats heroquest will provide a bonus to success in the heroquest (GMD) due to the strong mythical connections of the site.

Those who succeed at The Path of Nine Cats normally gain an awakened alynx companion, the ability to cast Cat Whistle at will, and can sacrifice for Call Alynx as a re-usable spell (either at Leaping Rock, or a Yinkin temple). They also undergo a minor physical and physical transformation; they become more agile (+ 1 DEX), their eyes turn green, and their ears become slightly pointed. If the heroquestors Hedonism and Wanderlust traits are 14 or higher then they gain +1 to those traits. If under 14 then the traits are raised to that level. Those without these traits gain them at a rating of 14.

This hero path can also be used to benefit a clan or tribe; it has been used in the past to cure sick alynxes, bring the blessings of Yinkin upon a tribe, and to increase the birth rate of clan alynxes.

At least six heroquestors have returned accompanied by a pack of alynx; up to nine in number; they are Ral’s children, come to keep their father’s promise (these alynx act as devoted companions, accompanying the heroquestor everywhere, they are awakened followers of Tol Cloud-Yinkin).

Some are known to have gained the ability to sacrifice for Yinkin’s common divine magic as if they were initiates of the god.

Two heroquestors have returned from the quest bearing the Mark of Ral, Sellki Sharptongue and Illgara of Tarsh. They are believed to have attained complete success in the heroquest, discovering the true secret of The Path, and it is said that they gained additional powers as a result. Both died at the Battle of Grizzly Peak, neither had ever spoken about The Path of Nine Cats (it is not known if a true secret to The Path exists, i.e. GMD).





Call Alynx


Divine, 1 point, special range, stackable, instant.

Adventurer (Annwyth Odd Ears/ HQ or 1 use).                                         

 Leaping Rock shrine in the Charandar Hills.

This spell calls any alynx within 100m to the caster's side. Alynxes are generally friendly to Pelessa worshippers and will aid them if they are in trouble. For every additional point of the spell stacked the area affected is increased by 100m. Awakened alynxes can resist this spell with their magic points versus the casters if they so wish. (NE/SP)


Cat Whistle


Spirit, 1 point, ranged, instant.

Adventurer (Annwyth Odd Ears).                                                            

Leaping Rock shrine in the Charandar Hills.

This small charm simply calls all cats within range. They are not compelled to come, but will instantly recognise the whistle of the caster. Cats friendly to the caster are likely to take this as a sign that they should return to the hearth. (SP)


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