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Jalassa ThreeCast





Jalassa Kenrythsdottir was a clanless Vingan from Ralios who worked as a mercenary for many years and earned a reputation as a fearsome and crafty warrior. She became a priestess of the Adventurer subcult when still quite young; wanderlust and a desire to prove herself drove her on.

Her mercenary unit was ambushed one night while camping on Sals Ridge, on their way to Crabtown as an escort for an Argan Argar. Old enemies had hired the Uz to kill them, and Jalassa was the only person to escape the massacre that followed. She was heavily wounded but worried that she was being pursued, walked as far as she could before she collapsed. A patrol from the Blue Oak Clan of the Amad found her, tended her wounds and then took her to the clan healer.

Jalassa spent several weeks recovering, and more time to work-off the debt she owed them, but found that for the first time in many years she felt content and had no real desire to continue with her travels. The Blue Oak Clan were good people and made her welcome even though she was a stranger. Jalassa enjoyed being ‘part’ of a clan again; the laughter of children, the smell of fresh bread, the beauty of the wooded hills of their tula, listening to the gossip and arguments of the old men; all these were things she realised she wanted and she began to find excuses to stay for as long as she could.

The Blue Oak Clan also wanted her; they did not have a priestess of the Loyal Daughter in the clan, and many of the clan spoke highly of her to the clan ring. An Uz raid settled the matter.

This time, Jalassa was prepared for a fight against the Uz, and quickly slew three dark troll weaponthanes, earning the name ThreeCast. When a Death Lord also fell to her blades the raiders quickly fled. They left behind much loot that they had taken in other raids; enough to buy 60 cows in the markets at Jonstown as well as an ancient artefact, Ernalda’s Shawl, taken from the neighbouring Black Pig clan. When Jalassa suggested returning the Shawl to the Black Pigs, with whom the Blue Oak were feuding, the clan ring knew that she was ‘the right person for the job’ (they did return the shawl and the feud was turned into an alliance that lasts to this day). The clan ring offered her the position of priestess at their Vinga shrine and adopted her into the clan.

Jalassa spent the rest of her life on the Blue Oak tula, eventually became clan champion and married the chieftain’s son Egil. She repeatedly defended her clan from Uz attacks and trained the clans warriors in tactics designed to help them defeat the raiders. As her repute spread, warriors from other clans came to her for training, and she soon formed a warband, The Shields Against Darkness, who patrolled the lands bordering Dagori Inkarth and co-ordinated the defence against the raiders. It included warriors from the Amad, Bachad, Tres, and a surprising number from the Dinacoli.

Jalassa frequently heroquested, upon completing an Esrolian version of the ‘Why Vingans Aren’t Afraid of Trolls’ heroquest, she gained the power to Drive-Off Trolls. She died defending an isolated steading, in battle with a Death Lord.


Many of the Shields Against Darkness have followed her hero path since, and a small hero cult was established after her death, with shrines at Blue Boar Fort and Amadhall. The cult became popular with local Vingans and grew considerably. Since the Lunar invasion, many of the Dinacoli have betrayed Orlanth, choosing to serve the Moon instead. The shrine at Blue Boar Fort has been abandoned and the remining cultists have moved to Amadhall.

Cult Membership



The cult may be joined at the Vinga shrine at Amadhall. Candidates must be from the Spearwoman or Uzfighter subcults, initiates or priestesses in good standing, and pass a test of their Uz Lore skill. They must sacrifice 1 POW at the shrine.

Members are expected to donate 10% of their time to the cult; this used to be spent with the Shields Against Darkness, patrolling the border with Dagori Inkarth, but the Shields are currently put much of their efforts into the Rebellion. Members must also donate 10% of their income to the cult.

Priestesses of the cult are willing to teach Jalassa’s hero path to any cult members, but few perform it as it is difficult to sacrifice for the spell at the moment and heroquesting is dangerous at the best of times. Most remaining members of the cult are fairly experienced; there have been comparatively few new initiates in recent years.

Members of the cult receive free weapons training from any cult priestess. They may sacrifice for the Drive Off Trolls spell (1 use ever), learn spirit magic at half-cost, or get cult assistance to perform Jalassa’s heroquest and gain access to the spell reusably (or 1 use if they are initiates).


Many other hero cults of Vinga Uzfighter similar to this exist. They each have their own names, traditions and rituals but are otherwise pretty much identical, and the details above would serve for such hero cults, with only minor modifications needed.








Drive off Troll


Divine, 3 points, special, non-stackable, special.                                       

Uzfighter  (Jalassa ThreeCast /HQ or 1 use).                                                                     

 Only found at Defender’s Fort and Amadhall, the shrine at Blue Boar Fort has been abandoned.


This is a specialist spell designed to deal with Zorak Zorani. 

It only works if the caster, her allies, or those she is obliged to protect, are being attacked or threatened by Zorak Zoran cultists, the spell has no effect on other Uz warriors.                                                                                          

The caster must spend throw three javelins at their chosen target (if any miss, the spell fails). None of the javelins will do any damage, but the third hit will dispel any berserk effect or spell currently active on the target, and  cancel any  combat spells that they have running (below 2 points divine/4 points spirit). The target must also succeed in a POW vs. POW contest with the caster or be forced to flee in fear, returning home as quickly as possible (they are allowed a new resistance roll every hour to halt their flight). The caster can make an attack on them as they leave (a single thrown javelin, which is at +30% to hit and does + 3 damage), but any other attacks on the target within the first seven melee rounds of flight will cancel the spell and allow them to return to the conflict.                                                                                     

This spell incorporates part of the ‘ Why Vingans Aren’t Afraid of Trolls’ story, and derives its power from it; consequently it is powerful, but highly specific, and must be performed correctly to work. (J)

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