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Temples of Vinga



This section details known Vingan holy sites and temples.


The vast majority of sites holy to Vinga would best be described as shrines, there are few temples to the Goddess that are of any size. There are two main reasons for this.

The first is the nature of the cult. It is not consistently popular among, or needed by, the communities that support it. Levels of membership tend to fluctuate considerably over time and this makes it difficult to ensure sufficient attendance to ‘maintain’ large sites.

The second reason for the small size of most Vingan holy sites is because Vinga is one of the Thunder Brothers. Most clans venerate her not at a separate shrine, but at a shrine that is part of their Orlanth temple. The congregation of such shrines typically consists only of members of the clan that supports the Orlanth temple, and thus, even in times when the cult is very popular, is often very limited in size. In Esrolia there is a similar situation, but there, Vingan shrines tend to be found as part of Ernaldan complexes.

This situation is common but by no means universal and there are several large Vingan temples. The largest, such as those at Tarthcaer and Ernalda’s Home, are found at sites of special significance to the Goddess.

In some areas where no one clan has sufficient Vingans to support a shrine of its own, Vingans from several clans will gather at a site holy to the goddess, or construct a shrine, at which they can worship communally. Such sites can develop into temples of considerable size (e.g. Defender’s Fort, Last Cast, Notchet, Pavis), although few other Vingan sites/shrines will be found in areas with a temple that has developed for this reason. A similar situation has occurred at temples like SpearPoint Lodge and the Hall of the Red Lady; in both cases, the establishment of a hero cult shrine led to the foundation of a temple, as the warbands dedicated to the heroes venerated at the site increased in size and worshipped at their shrines on a regular basis.

 All temples, even the smallest shrine, will offer refuge to any woman or child under the age of puberty who asks for it. Such refugees are expected to work for the temple during their stay. During troubled times some Vingan temples can come to be villages in their own right due to this influx (e.g. Last Cast, Tarthcaer).

Most shrines are minor and run by a single priestess. Temples are served by a group of priestesses headed by a Loyal Daughter.

Small shrines tend to be dedicated to a single subcult or hero cult of the Goddess. Common Vingan spells and spells from the subcult or hero cult venerated at that site may possibly be obtained at such sites, but not specialist spells from other subcults or hero cults (remembering the restrictions common to all religions). Larger sites will often include shrines to more than one subcult.




        Amadhall.  A shrine of the Jalassa ThreeCast hero cult is located here.

        Blue Boar Fort.  Vinga temple abandoned when the Dinacoli turned to the Red Goddess.

        Boldhome. Large temple to Vinga now closed. Shrines to Adventurer, Defender Storm, and Spearwoman.

        BrokenElm Stead.  Shrine of the Lurdaeva DarkSpear hero cult, near Zatarn Lake.

        Clearwine.  Colymar settlement with Vingan shrine, home to the WayMakers. Shrines to Pathfinder, Spearwoman, Hareva the WayMaker.

        Coldwater Stead.  Stead near Ezzjuzz Mountain, shrine of the Meredeth hero cult.

        Defender’s Fort.  Vingan temple north of Swenstown. Destroyed following the Starbrow Rebellion. Has been rebuilt and destroyed again four times since (source. Thunder Rebels). Shrines to Avenger, Defender storm, Pathfinder, Spearwoman, Uzfighter, Jalassa ThreeCast

        Donbry.  Site of an Esrolian Spearwoman shrine to the Govora SpearDaughter hero cult. Also shrines to Spearwoman, Voudisea, Kedra the Quick

        Ernalda’s Home.  Major temple of Ernalda in Esrolia. The temple complex includes a large Vingan temple. Shrines to DarkStorm, Avenger, Spearwoman, Voudisea, Kedra the Quick, Lallara ShadowWalker, Govora SpearDaughter, Estrel Dalathae.

        Fort of Mists, The.  Tarthcaer.

        Garrel.  Site of an Esrolian Spearwoman shrine to the Govora SpearDaughter hero cult, and a Pelessa OakHeart shrine.

        Hall of the Red Lady.  Temple to the Goddess in the Big Rubble, Pavis. Shrines to Adventurer, Avenger, Spearwoman, Kallyr the Dancer, Morfanwen Keenspear.

        Jonstown. Minor temple to Vinga, now closed. Shrines to Defender Storm and Spearwoman.

        Last Cast.  Vingan temple just south of Old Wind temple. Shrines to Avenger, Defender Storm, Pathfinder, Spearwoman, Maralda ClearVoice, Tathwen Stormstrider

        Lasting Mist Stead.  Shrine to Defender Storm and the Tathwen Stormstrider hero cult at Lasting Mist Valley near Poet’s Mountain.

        Leaping Rock.  Vinga shrine to Annwyth OddEars in the Damalan Hills.

        Mist Fort, The.  Tarthcaer, Vinga’s hill fort in the Quivin Mountains. Always surrounded by a cloud of mist that no man can penetrate. Shrines to all subcults of the Goddess except  DarkStorm (although rumours persist that there is one there).

        Notchet. Large temple in this Esrolian city. Shrines to all subcults, Berestha Earthsister, Pelessa OakHeart, Kedra the Quick.

        Red Larch Hill. A small Vinga Spearwoman shrine in the Bevara Ridges, where Bevara once healed Vinga after she had been badly wounded by Zorak Zoran.

        Red Mynah.  DarkStorm shrine in the Dark Woods, Esrolia

        SpearPoint Lodge.  Vinga temple near Pennel in Esrolia. Centre for the Govora SpearDaughter hero cult, also Spearwoman, Voudisea, Pelessa OakHeart, and Kedra the Quick shrines.

        Sylthi.  Site of an Esrolian shrine to the Spearwoman and Govora SpearDaughter.

        Tarthcaer.  Vinga’s hill fort in the Quivin Mountains. Always surrounded by a cloud of mist that no man can penetrate. Shrines to all subcults of the Goddess except DarkStorm and Voudisea.

        Temple of Vinga Adventurous.  New Pavis temple. Shrines to Adventurer, Pathfinder, Spearwoman, Anratha the Frontierswoman, Maralda ClearVoice.

        ThreePine Hill.  Shrine of the Alina the Earnest hero cult. Near Northvale in Heortland, also a Spearwoman shrine.

        Vingaford. Town on the Marzeel river (Heortland). Near to where Vinga and her followers defeated Marzeel and his warband, site of a small temple. Shrines to Vinga Avenger, Defender Storm and Spearwoman.