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The Turquoise Tree

Allies and Enemies

The Company of the Turquoise Tree
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        The Company has mixed success in it's diplomatic ventures. No-one seems to know why. They have many allies, but also many enemies as a result (most of whom are now dead).
"You are being extremely offensive  young lady!"
(Count Solanthus)
"As a matter of fact we both are. The only difference is that I mean to be, and you can't help it."

This is a list of The Company's allies and enemies as of the year 1629.

Alaric the Fat

 Ally. Uroxi Storm Khan. Long-term party ally. His daughter married Garak. Nobody really understands why. Alaric is sound as a pound and twice as round. Went off with Garrath on The Cradle in 1625.




Ally. Orlanthi heroquestor and King of the Volsaxi. Met the party just prior to the Battle of Iceland in 1626. Ally of Kallyr Starbrow. Another one of Serenity’s ‘friends’.


Duke Raus


Ally. Lunar nobleman, Previously governor of the Grantlands and Pavis. Party worked for him once or twice. Decent enough for a Lunar. Garak porked his daughter, so we are one up at least. Currently held 'hostage' by The Company (mainly to protect him and his family), he is considering converting to the worship of Orlanth.




Ally. Issaries trader. The first employer of The Company, he hired them as caravan guards. This led to the acquisition of The Turquoise Tree and the formation of The Company. They have had many dealings since.


Fleeter Nem


Ally. Head of the Pavis cult. Gets on well with the party (despite Serenity’s best efforts). They have helped the Pavis cult on many occasions, just not necessarily in the way the cult would ideally have wanted them to. Helped equip The Company warband prior to the Pavis Rebellion.


Garreth Sharpsword 


Ally, we think. Orlanthi warrior and heroquestor. Harder than nails. Really nice bloke. Has elected himself Serenity’s boss (they had a very brief fight about it, at the end of which she agreed that he was indeed her boss. Mostly). He’s untrustworthy, unhelpful, and unctuous. Didn’t stop Serenity sleeping with him though. Also known as Argrath. Disappeared on the Cradle when it went out to sea (to a chorus of cheers from Serenity and the Vingans).




Ally. Noted adventurer and thief. Met the party two years ago. She and Serenity became 'friends' quite quickly. Has helped out here and there, although she generally keeps to herself and has been away from Pavis recently. She and Pavis Jan met up with the party at the Troll Games in 1627.



Ingillis, The


Allies. Pavic River Folk. Influential Pavic River Folk family with their fingers in many pies, some stolen. The Company has a substantial amount of money invested with the family.




Neutral/Enemy. Sun Dome Lightson type. Had many dealings and run-ins with The Company over the last few years, some good and some bad. He hates Serenity, maybe she should stop insulting him and sleeping with his ex (Vega Goldbreath), who is, incidentally his current wife’s sister. Serenity thinks he is a stupid spear chucker (and likes to make that opinion known, preferably by shouting it). Always hides when she is around.




Enemy (fortunately not an active one). Seems content to leave them alive for the moment; she seems to have decided that she and The Company have some common ground (neither party likes to see Lunar women and kids killed) and it serves her purposes to have them in charge of the Pavis Rebellion (most of the Orlanthi who might replace them are much less reasonable). As Serenity said to her, “We want to live free in the lands of our ancestors and worship our gods, not just kill Lunars,” a statement that Jar-Eel seemed greatly mollified by. The party is under no illusion about the security of this relationship, but are quite pleased that she hasn’t killed them yet.


Javis Gan


Ally. Powerful Uz rune lord from the Rubble. The party made friends with him during the Troll Games of 1627 (which they helped him win).





Kallyr Starbrow


Ally. Vingan heroquestor and Queen of the Kheldon tribe. Met the party after the Battle of Iceland. Claims to be famous and seems to think that she's Serenity's boss. Continually bothering The Company and asking for favours or handouts.


Krogar Wolfhelm


Ally/Enemy. Orlanthi windlord. Was the priest of the undercover Orlanth temple in Pavis. The first boss type of The Company. Tosser, who perpetually bothered and bullied us, and ripped us off for 20,000 L.


Lucius Curtius Rufus


Ally/Enemy. Lunar engineer and rune lord. Met some of the party during the adventure at Arden’s Stead. Annoyingly decent, helped them eradicate a den of Chaos assassins.


Lunar Coders, The


The Enemies. Lunar special operations adventurer types. Dogged The Company from their start in Pavis. Lead to a major confrontation in 1622, which The Company lost. Serenity was killed (she got better) and the party forced to split up and flee, some to Dorastor. This event subsequently became known as the Great Split.

The group consisted of Andrieda (healer, bald and past it), Count Julan (warrior, tosser, now dead, he should have made sure Serenity stayed dead in 1622), Maculus the Monitor (sorcerer, also bald, must be a Lunar trait), Nosering (warrior, sort of OK, now dead), Eslas (archer, pretty Pentan, ‘friend’ of Serenity).


Morganeth RuneStar


Ally. Yelornan high priestess. Head of the Yelornan temple in Pavis. Gets on reasonably well with the party and helped defend the Arm of Pavis during the Rebellion.


Nicolai Caprati


Ally. Notchet merchant. Friend of Serenity. Has provided much equipment and valuable services to The Company. Very dodgy.


Prince Yorge


Sorceror and ruler of Fay-Jee. The company are working for him.




Vaguely allied. Criminal boss in the Blue Town district of Fay-Jee.




Ally. Maran Gor priestess from Tarsh. Mother of Fost’s son Garak. Helped at the Battle of Iceland. Huge and very strong.




Neutral. Sun Dome Count. Rules Sun Dome County. Has had many dealings with The Company, mostly good. Dislikes Serenity, mainly because she insults him a lot and has no respect for him.




Enemy. Lunar government type. Ex-governor of Pavis. Sacked in 1626, due partly at least to Company activities and his failure to catch The Cradle.




Ally. New leader of the Pavis Uroxi. Warrior of great renown. Helped the Pavis rebellion to succeed. Fought the Eye of Wakboth (with Lucifer and Serenity).


Vega Goldbreath


Ally. Sun Dome rune lord. Pretty Sun Domer. She and Serenity are long-term lovers. Leads militia in Sun County. Also a mate of Kallyr Starbrow.




Ally. Dodgy baboon conman. Party met him on their first adventure. Sold the Turquoise Tree to Fost. The Company chased him for a while, he was causing grief and selling counterfeit Company merchandise. Following a declaration of war on baboonkind by The Company, Zifkky came to an agreement with them and is now a Company approved merchandise trader.