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The Turquoise Tree

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Comments and Events
Twilight 2010 Characters and NPCs

    This page contains comments made during game sessions and brief passages about unfortunate, foolhardy, brave, or just plain  f#%#Ģing stupid events and character actions. In short it contains the things that have amused us over the last eight years about the campaign.

Well, it all started when Fost and Kragle decided to pool their resources and invest in the future. Whilst working as caravan guards on our first adventure, they bought a small turquoise and copper amulet from a dodgy baboon called Zifkky. A successful Evaluate roll later revealed that it was worth less than half of the 100 lunars that they had paid for it. This disappointed Fost, who loudly explained that his nice baboon friend had told him that it was worth 350 lunars and that he was only selling it cheap because he was desperate for the cash. Idiots.

Watching Serenity trying to explain to Griselda and Wolfshead why The Company employed a trollkin called Griselda (who, as a Vingan, had red hair), whilst at the same time trying to pull Griselda. Thanks to a couple of lucky rolls and a lot of blather, she succeeded, the dodgy little cow. Apparently it was all just "coincidence".

Miko and her dislike of Dorastor:     " You Orlanthi really do impress me, I didn't think that anyone could come up with a place more backwards and barbaric than Sartar."

Scratch-E acquiring the nickname Snake Eyes. For obvious reasons.

Jay trying to persuade Pete that Serenity's pet giant otter could be taught to kickbox. Told that the otter’s legs and arms were too stubby for this, Jay replied,  "Ideal for close work then?" The otter is still around but has not yet mastered the martial arts. Can swim real good though.

The scared look on a Lunar rune lords face when, during the Cradle Affair, he advanced along a gangplank towards Serenity and she greeted him with an excited cry of  “Goody. Iron!” followed by an Earsplitting Shriek. He died very shortly afterwards.

Miko, using a lance for the first time, managed to knock Serenity from her beetle during the Beetle Riding competition in the Troll Games (apparently the crowd’s laughter was so loud that it was heard in Boldhome). This seemed to upset Serenity, who promptly punched Miko’s beetle in the head and knocked it clean out. She spent the rest of the Games being called BeetlePuncher by her trollkin fans.

Serenity paying three impala riders to learn to play musical instruments and sing, so that we could form our own band of mariachi. They are quite good now, which is a shame.

Serenity setting up a reluctant Fost with a gargantuan Maran Gor priestess called Rosie, so that she would help them at the Battle of Iceland. “I can’t believe that you’re refusing. I’m so ashamed of you. It’s for the good of the clan.” Foolishly, Fost acquiesced.

The smile on Pete’s face when he informed us that Zifkky had been selling counterfeit Turquoise Tree t-shirts, figurines, and claiming that he was an approved salesman for The Company.

Whilst attacking a flying midget vampire, Scratch-E fumbled, managed to fly headfirst into the ceiling of a large domed room, was knocked unconscious, and survived only due to presence of an allied sylph. Boy, did we laugh.

Lucifer's comment when he returned from his exile in Dorastor: "Had to live on a farm for a while, pulled a nymph, killed some stuff, and got bored, so I came home".

Bjarnni trying to claim that the steadburning incident that earnt him his name was “just an accident”. He stopped when Serenity pointed out that his story would have been more believable had he not nailed the doors of the stead shut just before the ‘accident’.

At the Battle of Iceland, having just fought one unit of Lunars, we had a free melee round or two before the next unit engaged. So we all adopted a suitably heroic pose (cue Superman impressions. ropey kung fu stances, and just a little bit of preening). This confused both the enemy and our allies. Not that any of us cared, we looked great.

Kragle telling Miko that she was the most attractive member of the group. Apparently she reminded him of a trollkin.

Serenity explaining to Fost that she had spent all of his savings during the year or so that he was missing believed dead. Apparently there was nothing left of them but "if you would like, I can lend you a bit to tide you over.”

Lucifer blagging his way past Eurmal’s guards during The Company’s attempt to gain the Mask of Fools. “Is this the place that wanted a Humakti stripogram?” The bemused guards decided it must be, and let him through.

Lucifer was attacked by a crocodile while adventuring in marshes near Corflu. It latched onto his leg. Told that he risked severing his own leg if he attacked it with a sword and fumbled, Lucifer decided to kick it instead. He promptly fell over (evil Pete), and spent the next few rounds faffing about before finally dispatching his scaly assailant. It took many weeks of recovery and a Regrow Limb spell before he was fully mobile again.

On a quest the party was challenged to answer the question "Why are boots better than bare feet?" they replied that it was "Because they keep cobblers employed.” Their questioner gave up after that.

Watching Kragle persuade Garak to try Powzie. With predictable results.

On a side adventure in Sun County, some of the party joined up with some Yelmalians and a priest of Lokarnos. It was quickly figured out that Rawhide would be an ideal song for the cult of Lokarnos. A bit of off-key singing followed this discovery. Not that Pete appreciated this. Cue another volley of dice.

Pete’s outrage when we informed him we wanted to open a chain of furniture and household goods shops called RabbitHat (because the goods were to be made on our estate at Rabbit Hat).

Serenity and Haradda being caught snogging on guard duty by Egil, head weaponthane to Serenity’s father, and her sword mentor. Very embarrassing (Fost certainly hasn’t forgotten it). Hasn't happened again though, Serenity avoids guard duty like the plague nowadays. Apparently it is not good for her complexion. Bloody Vingans.

Other fond memories include when Garak earned the nickname Shitty Breeches after catching the Screaming Shits while fighting Broo?