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The Turquoise Tree


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This page contains links to our favourite Runequest and Glorantha web sites, plus links to useful reference material.

Jane Williams site. Great source for old Vinga material and links. One of my favourite sites.

Mything Links: Possibly the greatest online source of myths from the world of Runequest.

Lokarnos. Good site featuring tons of information about Runequest.

Issaries. The Hero Quest site. Contains tons of Gloranthan information by the makers of Hero Quest.

Steve Marsh's heroquest page. Good source of heroquest material.

The Glowring: great site detailing links to other Runequest and similar sites.

MOB's web site. Cool source of info on Glorantha.

Phillip Hibbs' pages. Nice sorcery and Hero Wars stuff.

The Stabbing Cat. Site about a Griffin Island campaign. Worth a visit.

Jorg's Runequest pages: Well worth a look, lots of information especially about Heortland and the Holy Country.

The Ultimate Runequest Resource. Good source of miscellaneous material for the game.

Peter Nordstrand's Hero Wars site: Includes info on the Aranwyth tribe.

Perseus Internet classics archive. Source of much useful information on ancient cultures, armies, literature and religion.

John Hughes Questlines site. Visually pleasing and very useful. Lots of Vingan information and stories.

The Prax Campaign. Site all about Prax and Pavis. Lots of useful stuff.

Simon Phipp's pages. Great source of material for all things Gloranthan. One of the sites we use the most.

David Dunham's site. Excellent source of Runequest material

Sartar: a great site dedicated to the country of Sartar and things Orlanthi

Nik Brooke's site. Very entertaining, lots of stuff.

Wesley's hero wars site. Well worth a visit.

The Whitewall Wiki: Great source of information about Whitewall, some cool pics, and good links. kallyr Starbrow gets a mention too.

Runequest rules available at this link. Explains the system in full.

Trotsky's pages. Home of the Torkani tribe and info on Hsunchen, the Lunars and Malkioni