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The Turquoise Tree

Twilight 2010 Characters and NPCs

The Company of the Turquoise Tree
Cult List
The Dundealos
Comments and Events
Twilight 2010 Characters and NPCs

The Characters

Dewi Morris
UK. (Army) Sergeant. Light Infantry. (Danny)
Doctor James Brown
UK. (Army) Captain. Medic. Doctor. (Long Un)
Jenny Smith
UK. (Army) Corporal. Infantry. (Pete)
Joe Giovanni
UK. (Army) Private. Infantry. Ex-criminal. Conscript.(Lars)
Julian Graves
UK. (Marines) Second Lieutenant. SBS (Loz)
Liliana Chen
UK. (Army) Captain. Military Intelligence. (Kerry)
Stefan Eberhardt
German. (Army) Sergeant Major. Logistics. (Doug)
Troy Westmoreland
US. (Army) Major. Military Intelligence. (Markie)

The NPCs

Alabama Hopkins
US. (Army) Private First Class. Infantry
Chris Spooner
UK. (Army) Corporal. Light Infantry.
Else Klaussner
German. (Army) Sergeant. Mechanic. Conscript.
Justine Myers
US. (Army) Second Lieutenant. Engineer.
Leroy Maskins
US. (Army) Sergeant. Infantry.
Mike Hopkins
US. (Army) Sergeant. Engineer.

The Journal

1/9/2010: After the chaos of the battle of Kalisz the group headed towards one of 5th Mech's prearranged meet-up points. There they met up with Myers and Hopkins, the only other survivors of their unit.
2/9/2010: The group headed towards Winawow, a small fortified village ruled by marauders. The settlement was known to welcome traders and they decided to try and purchase food and fuel there. They found that both commodities were available but prohibitively expensive. A dodgy Russian businessman called Sergei (who they suspect is either GRU or spesnatz) offered them a job they could not refuse. He wanted them to track down and recover some icons from a group of bandits who had raided one of his convoys.
3-4/9/2010: The group tracked the bandits down to a farmhouse about fifteen miles from Winawow and after a brief firefight were able to recover the items they sought. A decent quantity of miscellaneous equipment was also found, most of which was sold in Winawow to help them buy supplies. They returned to the town and presented Sergei with the icons. He was very pleased with their work, paid them and gave them a substantial bonus- paid passage on a boat that was heading downriver to Krakow, their intended destination.
5-6/9/2010: The group headed downstream on the Wisla Krolowa, a tugboat based in Krakow. They stopped at the village of Pszcyna on the night of the 6th and got thoroughly drunk. They decided to travel the rest of the way to Krakow by road as they wanted to stash some of their kit before trying to enter the city, fearing that it would be confiscated by the city ORMO.
7/9/2010: Group reaches the outskirts of Krakow.