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The Turquoise Tree

Cult List

The Company of the Turquoise Tree
Cult List
The Dundealos
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The cults listed below are those with a write-up posted on this site. The cult name serves as a link to the write-up. hopefully will get around to including links to other versions of these cults and notes as to the locations of relevant material in game publications.

Cult List



             Ernalda the Healer.

        Bevara the Medic.


        Efrodar Blackhands.

        Hu the Sword.

        Inginew Swordsmith.

      Mei Chuan.

             Orlanth Adventurous.

        Desemborth the Thief.

        Destor the Adventurer.

        Drogarsi the Skald.

        Finovan the Raider.

        Mastakos Mover.

        Niskis the Lover.

        Vanganth the Flyer.

        Vingkot the Champion.

             Orlanth Thunderous.

        Daylanus the Conquering Wind.

        Hedkoranth the Thunder Slinger.

        Helamakt the Fighting Storm.

        Vingkot Victorious.

        Yavor Lightning.


        Vinga the Adventurer.

        Vinga the Avenger.

        Vinga the DarkStorm.

        Vinga the Defender Storm.

        Vinga the Pathfinder.

        Vinga the Spearwoman.

        Vinga Uzfighter.

        Voudisea the Lance Goddess.


Hero Cults




             Orlanth Adventurous.

        Hengkot Kingsbane.


             Orlanth Thunderous.

        Arden Strongstorm.


        Alina the Earnest.

        Annwyth OddEars.

        Anratha the Frontierswoman.

        Berestha Earthsister.

        Enyarna SteadDaughter.

        Estrel Dalathae.

        Govora SpearDaughter.

        Hareva the WayMaker.

        Jalassa ThreeCast.

        Kallyr the Dancer.

        Kedra the Archer.

        Lallara ShadowWalker.

        Lurdaeva Darkspear.

        Maralda ClearVoice.


        Morfanwen Keenspear.

        Pelessa Oakheart.

        Tathwen Stormstrider.