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Desemborth the Thief

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Desemborth the Thief




Desemborth is the name Orlanth took when he first stole something from another god (Thunder Rebels/221).

This section details the skills and spells of the Desemborth subcult in our campaign. It is not yet complete; we have yet to decide whether or not to include other spells derived from Hero Wars.

The cult follows the standard virtues of Orlanth and especially value Loyalty and Patience.





Standard Orlanth Adventurous + Conceal, Hide, Listen, Sneak.


Spirit Magic


Standard Orlanth Adventurous + Detect Trap, Obscure, Shadow, Silence, Squeeze.


Divine Magic


Standard Orlanth Adventurous + Dark Walk, Invisible Hand, Nighteyes, No Scent, No Tracks.




Standard Orlanth Adventurous + Leave No Trace.


Associate Cults

Standard Orlanth Adventurous + Sleep Anywhere (Yinkin)




Dark Walk


Divine, 1 point, ranged, non-stackable, temporal.                              

This spell allows the user to be totally invisible and soundless in darkness and shadow to anyone within range. (RQ)  

Invisible Hand

Divine, 1 point, non-stackable, ranged, temporal.

This spell conjures an invisible hand composed of air. It can be used to carry, hold, and manipulate items within the casters LOS, and is directed by concentrating. It has a STR equal to that of the caster. A DEX x3 roll is required to perform difficult tasks (GMD). (P)

Leave No Trace


Divine, Heroquest, 3 points, self, non-stackable, special.

This spell is used to escape from imprisonment with the aid of Desemborth’s Wind. The escape will not be noticed, but will instead appear miraculous to the captors (see Thunder Rebels/222). GMD as to what actually happens to the caster.  (J)



Divine, 1 point, touch, non-stackable, 12-hour duration.                                      

This spell grants its recipient the ability to see in darkness. For 12 hours the target can see by any amount of available light. If there is a complete absence of light, they cannot see. (RQ/P)

No Scent

Divine, 1 point, non-stackable, touch, temporal.

The recipient of this spell gives off no scent for the duration of the spell. This prevents tracking and detection by smell, either magical or mundane. (J)

No Tracks


Divine, 2 points, non-stackable, self, temporal.                                         

When this spell is cast, the caster will leave no tracks for the duration of the spell. She will leave no tracks or scent. (SP/J)




Spirit, variable, self, temporal.                                                            

Obscure adds 15% per point of spell to the casters Hide skill. (P) 


Spirit, variable, ranged, temporal.

The Shadow spell draws shadows to the designated target area, making it darker and thus easier to hide. It will cancel a Light spell, and is cancelled by a Light spell. (P)

Sleep Anywhere


Spirit, 2 points, non-stackable, touch, instant.

 When cast on a willing target, this spell puts the person to sleep, no matter what the external conditions are. The target must not resist this spell otherwise it will fail. (SP)

Spirit, variable, self, temporal.

Each point of Squeeze gives the target one less effective SIZ point for trying to squeeze through small spaces. This can only halve the character's effective SIZ, no more. (NE)