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     This site should hopefully evolve over the next few months. It is intended to be a journal of our Runequest campaign (which started back in 1997) and online resource for our players. We play a group of adventurers based in the city of Pavis, named after an amulet bought at the beginning of our adventures. It turned out to be worth less than we paid for it, this set the tone for many of our adventures. The campaign was more like a variant of Griselda/old style Runequest than Hero Wars mythical type stuff.
     Eventually we intend to include pages of house rules, our version of the Dundealos tribe, cults, spells, links, other Runequest related things, as well as other RPG material useful to us. The site is primarily intended as a readily accessible resource for players in our campaign but we hope others may also find it of some use or interest.

    Runequest is a roleplaying game set in the mythical world of Glorantha, the creation of Greg Stafford, the game's guru. It is a richly detailed setting which was added to by the publication of Hero Wars and Hero Quest, two new systems set on the same world. These included much detailed background information that we have since incorporated into our campaign.
    The campaign was started in October 1997, in Leicester (England) and is still running today Most of us had not played Runequest before, some of us had never roleplayed before, so at first we struggled a bit, but as our adventures progressed  and we came to better understand the world and how things worked, the campaign grew on us and provided many hours of enjoyment. The group meets far less frequently than it used to, but we all still enjoy our participation in the emancipation of Sartar from the vile oppresion of the Red Moon (we all have work related commitments now, some have families etc. Some of us have even grown up. Well, mostly.).
    Pete, our long suffering GM, prompted by Hero Wars and HeroQuest, has recently revitalised the campaign, providing some new ideas and apparantly  a series of 'pleasant' little adventures. The site will be updated to include details of this as they happen. Thanks should be given to Pete here, he has provided many hours of pleasure to us all, despite his regular despair at full-frontal assaults, fast talking Vingans, and our general skullduggery.
    Most of the original group are still playing, if anyone who has played in the group sees this and wants to get in touch, then leave a message in the guestbook. We still miss Kragle's calming influence and reasoned judgement.
The campaign was set in 1618, and does not directly follow the timeline of the Hero Wars, events that occurred from 1619 onwards in the official setting have been 'delayed'.
    Our participation in the Hero Wars began in 1625, an unusual year marked by the appearance of a large cradle upriver of Pavis, the 'death and rebirth' of Orlanth, and a wicked little scrap at the battle of Iceland. Pete is remarkably candid on the topic, but presumably the events of the Hero Wars will continue from there,  just dated later.
     It seems likely that our version of the Hero Wars will differ slightly from the official one. The Company are quite powerful by now, have extensive contacts, and the resources and inclination to make a difference, at least on a local scale.
Pete has said that he intends to use the offical version published by Issaries as the basis for the next series of adventures, but is likely to modify it to make allowances for the events of our campaign so far. This may well change, Pete likes to adapt in his attempt to overcome and may spring an entirely different set of stuff at us- probably just to tempt us into overextending Company resources. Mostly, he's a lesser minion of evil.
    We currently use 3rd edition Runequest as the basis for our game rules. These have been modified considerably in some aspects, most notably by incorporating much of the cultural and religious information contained within Hero Wars and HeroQuest releases, and incorporating some unofficial material found on the net (especially for heroquesting). In-house rules complete the mix but by and large we do not deviate from the basic system. It works, so we've kept most of it.
It should be pointed out that the word 'mithering' is used in these pages. An approximate definition of this word is: a version of fast talk which involves baffling, annoying, and side-tracking the target, often for no reason other than to baffle, annoy, or side-track the target. It's a skill used by all Vingans, they're very good at it.

For an introduction to our gaming philosophy, and further details and discussion of the rules systems we use, go here.

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