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Hareva The WayMaker



Hareva the WayMaker is a hero cult of Vinga the Pathfinder. It was first created by John Hughes and the Questlines team for HeroWars (go here to see the original, without totally plagiarising I cannot fully describe the cult here and it is described in a far more succinct fashion than I am capable of)). The version presented here is that used in our campaign, John Hughes and Questlines bear no responsibility for any ‘heinous travesties’ of RuneQuest/HeroWars that may occur in this write-up.



Hareva The WayMaker was a Vingan of the Black Spear Clan of the Colymar. She and her sisters scouted the way for Colymar when he first entered Dragon Pass, helping the Resettlement of the Colymar tribe to succeed. Hareva established the WayMaker hero band, a group of Pathfinder cultists active in the Quivin Mountains and Southern Sartar.




Cult Membership



The hero cult can only be joined at Clearwine shrine. Would-be candidates must be Pathfinder cultists in good standing, convince the shrine’s Loyal Daughter of their sincerity, and be able to pass a brief test of their wilderness skills (Make 3 checks out of Hide, Run, Scan, Sneak, Track, Vinga Lore).

Those who are accepted must sacrifice 1 POW at the Clearwine shrine. They become probationary members of the WayMakers and must spend 10% of their time working for the cult, normally acting as assistants to more senior WayMakers. After one to three years, the probationer will become a full member. 

Advancement in the cult results from dedication. Members who devote more time to the WayMakers than they are required to (i.e. 11%+), are more likely to be given positions of responsibility such as leading a caravan, or exploring a new area (as long as they are competent to do so). A WayMaker of Daughter rank is usually based at Clearwine shrine; they lead worship ceremonies, provide training, spirit magic, and enchantments, and will offer advice to visitors.

The cult is based at Clearwine Vinga shrine, which was established by the WayMakers. There, Vingans can get training in all cult skills, learn spirit magic, sacrifice for common Vingan divine magic, and hero cult members can learn the Vinga’s Eye ritual.


Clearwine shrine has a large collection of Vingan myths and stories in its small library. Only WayMakers are allowed to use it freely, although it is not uncommon for the priestesses to allow access to other Vingans, as long as they are convinced of their need to do so and  their sincerity. 





Vinga’s Eye


Ritual Ceremony. 

Pathfinder (Hareva The WayMaker).

Only members of Hareva’s hero cult are taught this ritual, all tuition takes place at the Vinga shrine at the Clearwine temple.


This ritual takes a day to perform and requires the sacrifice of 2 POW. The caster carves a mobility rune into a rock of their choice. From then on, they will always know which path to take to reach that point from their current location.

This spell was converted from a HeroQuest feat for the cult of Hareva created by John Hughes. (JH/J)

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