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The Turquoise Tree

Morfanwen Keenspear

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Morfanwen Keenspear



      Morfanwen Keenspear is an ancient hero of the Grey Alynx clan of the Dundealos tribe of Sartar. Soon after arriving in Dragon Pass, the clan was threatened with extinction due to the losses caused by frequent nomad raids. Morfanwen became a Red Woman when her family was killed in one of these raids. Her bloody quest for revenge lasted years and she helped the clan survive the nomad onslaught. Morfanwen died at the  Battle of Dundeal’s Ford in 1343, fighting the Sable Riders of Prax. For many years after her death the animal nomads feared to raid the Grey Alynx tula, such was her reputation among them.

      Morfanwen established the Grey Alynx temple to Vinga and devoted her life to Vinga and her clan. She studied the ancient myths of the goddess and completed many of the ancient heroquests, both major and minor. Large numbers of Grey Alynx women served Vinga, a tradition said to have been started by Morfanwen.

      The Grey Alynx clan is no more. The clan was split by kinstrife in the 1490's and much knowledge of the cult was lost in the chaos that followed, remaining only in the hands of a few worshippers.

The rebellion of the Dundealos in 1618 resulted in a vicious Lunar response, most of the tribe were killed or enslaved, and much ancient knowledge lost. Places of power were destroyed or abandoned, and most of the accumulated mythical knowledge of the tribe has been lost.

       Serenity the Dancer rediscovered the cult in 1626. Following the disappearance of Orlanth and Ernalda, she had resorted to desperate measures to secure a source of  magic to help with a rapidly approaching battle with the Lunars (the Battle of Iceland). She had contacted a shaman who helped her travel to what she believes was the spiritplane to seek help from her ancestors.

    Serenity arrived naked in a snow bound wilderness. The howls of beasts in the hills surrounding her, and the  freezing conditions, drove her on (pondering why it was that she seemed to end up naked on the heroplane so often), until finally she arrived at the site of a dreadful battle. Piles of corpses, stripped of everything, and horrifically mutilated, littered a wide valley floor.

      Near death, Serenity staggered around the battlefield. She soon heard faint moans from behind a rock. A cautious Serenity discovered that the source of these moans, a dying Vingan. The woman was all but hacked apart; Serenity healed what she could but succeeded in doing little more than easing her passing. As her last breaths came, the warrior handed her broken spear to Serenity. At that point Serenity experienced an intense vision of the battle as seen through the dying warriors eyes, inducing a pain so intense that she passed out. She awoke to find found  back in Sartar, naked, clutching a rusted spearhead and in the middle of a snowbound wood.

     Serenity sought shelter and  finally found a cave. She prayed over the spearhead to her missing goddess and fed it some of her power. The spirit of Morfanwen spoke to her then, telling her of ancient deeds and battles, secrets and truths. Finally, exhausted, Serenity lapsed into unconsciousness. She awoke to find herself in front of a warm fire, rescued by cousin  Bjarnni, who has a knack for finding naked women in the middle of nowhere (he has bad luck though, it always turns out to be a relative),

    When she returned to the rest of the Company, she spent time talking to Morfanwen, soon discovering that she, and all who sacrificed a point of POW to the spearhead, could sacrifice to Morfanwen for the divine magic spell of Screaming Javelin.

Cult Membership


Members of the Vinga the Avenger and Vinga Spearwoman subcults are allowed to join this hero cult.

Would-be members must convince a priestess of her sincerity, and be Vingans in good standing, Bjork OddSong is usually the examiner, but Serenity or Burrasca the White often take her place. There is no test to join the cult.

Candidates must sacrifice 1 POW at Morfanwen’s shrine at the Hall of the Red Lady, to cement their bond with her. If they have not already done so, they must take the following geas.


        Never allow a woman or child to suffer harm needlessly.



Cult members are required to devote 10% of their time to the cult. This is usually spent serving in the Pavis City Guard as part of the Vingan contingent. If the cultist is already part of a clan or tribal warband, they are always allowed to spend this cult time to service in their own warband, rather than at Pavis.

Members are expected to tithe 5% of their income to the cult, and  sacrifice to Morfanwen on Axe Day (i.e. expend 1 MP and sacrifice a lock of hair).






Screaming Javelin


Divine, 1 point, non-stackable, self, instant.                                        

Avenger/Spearwoman (Morfanwen Keenspear).

Hall of the Red Lady (Pavis Rubble), or carried by Serenity Twoswords (Morfanwen is venerated through sacrificing to an iron spearhead found on the spirit plane).


Screaming Javelin adds 1d6 to the damage done by a thrown spear or javelin. It is compatible with other missile affecting spells. The thrown weapon 'screams' in flight, although this has no magical effect of any kind. (P)

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