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Vinga the Uzfighter





This version of the subcult of Vinga the Uzfighter is derived from a HeroWars write-up of the cult on the Questlines website. We gratefully latched-on to the Questlines write-up; this is our RuneQuest conversion (with a few bits of our own). For more details about mythological aspects of the cult see Questlines.

The Uzfighter is followed by those who would call upon the Goddess in her role as defender against the Darkness. During the Long Night Vinga steadfastly defended the Storm Tribe against the Uz many times.

The cult is often seen as a specialised version of the Spearwoman subcult. It is most popular in areas where relations with trolls can be problematic or violent.

Like Vinga, most cult members do not hate the Uz, they simply defend the clan against them. A strong Uzfighter presence in a clan does not necessarily indicate that they expect conflict with the Uz; it is often an indicator of the clans’ readiness to fight trolls, a deterrent in regions with a powerful Uz presence.

The Uzfighter subcult is organised in the standard Vingan fashion.

Uzfighter shrines, where they exist, tend to be well attended, and the focus of Vingan activity in their area, although this varies in regions where the threat from Uz has diminished. Tarthcaer has an Uzfighter shrine but a decided lack of Uz problems; the Uzfighter shrine there is comparatively small despite the recent influx of new initiates at the temple as a whole.





Standard Vingan + Hide, Listen, Read/Write Darktongue, Sneak, Speak Darktongue, Uz Lore


Spirit Magic


Standard Vingan + Ignite, Light, Parry, Protection, Shimmer, Stability



Divine Magic


Standard Vingan + Blind Troll, Break Bludgeon, Darkwalk, Evade Leaper, Fight vs. Uz, Hide from Darksense.




Obey Female.




Defend Against Darkness, Shield Against Darkness.


Associate Cults (Heroquests)


Nightwatchman (Rigsdal), Scatter Shadows (Vingkot), Stand Ground (Elmal),


Associate Cults


Ambush (Finovan), Defend Wall (Elmal), Illuminate Battlefield (Rigsdal), Run in Darkness (Vingkot), Stay Awake (Voriof), Truesword (Humakt), Vigilance (Rigsdal)


The Loom House Vows


Members of this subcult can take The Loom House Vows (click here to view).

Hero Cults


Hero cults of the Vinga the Uzfighter subcult are noted here. The hero cult name is a link to an expanded description of the hero cult


Jalassa ThreeCast 


Vingan from Ralios adopted by the Blue Oak Clan of the Amad. Repeatedly defended her clan from Uz attacks and completed an experimental version of the  ‘Why Vingans Aren’t Afraid of Trolls’ heroquest, bringing back the power to help them in the future. Members can sacrifice for the Drive-Off Trolls spell at her shrine at Amadhall; there is no longer an active shrine at Blue Boar Fort, the Dinacoli have betrayed the goddess and Orlanth. Also a hero cult of Vinga Spearwoman.

Lurdaeva DarkSpear

Heortling hero cult of Lurdaeva DarkSpear, a Sylangi Vingan. She discovered a hero path that led to the Storm Age and returned with the spear of a dying fire god. She fought the Uz of the Kitori Wilds to defend her clan, and died helping the forces of King Tarkalor to defeat her clan’s ancient foe. Cult members can sacrifice for the Spear the Dark spell at her shrine near Secondtop. Also a hero cult of Vinga Spearwoman.








Divine, 2 points, ranged, non-stackable, special.                                  

Spearwoman/Uzfighter (1 use, Finovan).                                                                 

Obtainable at most major Orlanth sites, all Finovan shrines.


Ambush assists a warband to ambush its foes. Each member of the warband receives a +15% bonus to his or her Hide and Sneak skills. The bonus only applies if the force is going to ambush an enemy, not if they are merely hiding from one. (P)


Blind Troll


Divine, 3 points, temporal, special.                                                             


Fairly common, available at most Uzfighter shrines.                                         


Blind Troll creates a sub-sonic noise that temporarily disrupts Darksense.  All trolls within a 20m radius of the caster must succeed in a POW vs. POW resistance roll or lose the ability to use their Darksense ability for the duration of the spell. (P)


Block Bite


Divine, 1 point, non-stackable, touch, temporal.                                     


Fairly few Uzfighter sites can grant this spell, more common near Dagori Inkarth.


Block Bite provides a 50% parry bonus to any one weapon or shield of the recipient’s choice. This bonus is only effective against bite attacks by Uz. (SP/J)


Break Bludgeons
Divine, 1 point, stackable, ranged, temporal.                                         


All Uzfighter shrines grant this spell.

This spell is cast at mauls and maces. If they are non-magical then resist their AP's on the resistance table versus a value of 10 for every point in the spell. So, a Break Bludgeons 2 means a non-magical maul must resist its AP's versus 20. If successful, the weapon shatters. If the weapon is magical then resist the AP's on the resistance table versus the points of the spell. So a Break Bludgeons 7 would have match 7 versus the AP's of a magical maul. If successful, the weapon shatters. Even if wielded, there is no magic points contest, unless the maul itself has a spirit within it (such as an allied spirit, bound spirits do not count). (NE)


Dark Walk


Divine, Heroquest, 1 point, ranged, non-stackable, temporal.                              

All (HQ), DarkStorm, Uzfighter.  

Well-known heroquest, Vinga and the Sandals of Darkness, available at almost all Vingan sites.


This spell allows the user to be totally invisible and soundless in darkness and shadow to anyone within range. (RQ)


Defend Against Darkness


Ritual Ceremony.

Known at many Uzfighter sites, and by most Uzfighter priestesses. Fairly commonly known by DarkStorm priestesses.


This ritual is used to help prepare clans warriors for battles against the Uz. Anyone in the group to be blessed must put in at least 1 MP. The ritual takes an hour to perform, and its benefits last for a day.

For every 20 MP placed into the ritual, a cumulative Attack, Parry, and Dodge bonus of 1% is granted to all members of the group. For every 100 MP placed into the ritual, 1 point of Protection and Countermagic is also gained. These benefits are only gained when fighting creatures tied to the Darkness rune. The success of the ritual also depends on the degree of success of a Ceremony skill roll made by the priestess performing it.

A normal roll has no additional effect, but a special success increases the Attack, Dodge, and Parry bonuses by a further 5%, and a critical success adds an additional point of Protection and Countermagic. (J)


Defend Wall


Spirit, variable, self, temporal.                                                                  

Spearwoman/Uzfighter (Elmal).                                                                                   

Elmal Hearthguard shrines of any clan with a Spearwoman or Uzfighter shrine/temple will normally teach this spell.


Each point of this spell adds 5% to the casters Attack and Parry skills, but only if they are defending an obstacle (GMD). (P)


Evade Leaper


Divine, 2 points, non-stackable, touch, temporal.                                     


Granted at all Uzfighter sites.


Evade Leaper grants a 50% bonus to any attempt to Dodge attacks made by jumping on/at the recipient. The protected character also automatically gets a chance to Dodge a surprise attack made by jumping on/at them, but receives no bonus to the attempt. (J)


Fight Uz


Divine, 1 point, temporal, touch, non-stackable.                                       Uzfighter.

Any Uzfighter site.                        


This spell increases the recipients combat skills to 150% of their current value when fighting Uz or their sendings. (P)



Hide from Darksense


Divine, 1 point, stackable, touch, temporal.


Can be sacrificed for at any DarkStorm/Uzfighter temple.


This spell conceals its recipient from Darksense, inhibiting the ability of creatures with Darksense to detect that character. Darksense skills are diminished by 25% per point of Hide From Darkness. Other perception skills are unaffected by this spell. (J)


Illuminate Battlefield


Divine, 1 point, ranged, stackable, temporal.

Vinga Uzfighter (1 use/Rigsdal).

Only available to Vingans at the Rigsdal shrine at Lookout Hill.

This spell casts a light over a specific area, reducing the penalties due to darkness. The spell affects a radius of 50m. Everything in that area is lit up slightly, and penalties due to darkness are reduced by 15%. Additional points in this spell can either increase the radius of affect by 50m or reduce the penalty due to darkness by an additional 15%. (NE)




Divine, 1 point, touch, non-stackable, 12-hour duration.                                     

DarkStorm, Uzfighter (1 use/Vingkot), Pathfinder (1 use/Alusar)

Can be sacrificed for at many Vingkot and Alusar holy places, most DarkStorm temples.


This spell grants its recipient the ability to see in darkness. For 12 hours the target can see by any amount of available light. If there is a complete absence of light, they cannot see. (RQ/P)


Night Watchman


Divine, Heroquest, 1 point, stackable, self, special duration.

Uzfighter (Assoc HQ/Rigsdal).

The Vinga and the Long Dark Night heroquest is widely known. The spell may be sacrificed for at most Rigsdal shrines.


This spell must be stacked with the Vigilance spirit magic spell. It extends the duration of the Vigilance spell for as long as the watchman is on duty, and expires as soon as the watch ends. Vingans can only gain this spell by completing the ‘Vinga and the Long Dark Night’ heroquest. (NE)




Spirit, variable, self, temporal.                                                             Pathfinder, Uzfighter, DarkStorm.

Can be learnt at most sites to the above subcults, or any Tatouth site.


Obscure adds 15% per point of spell to the casters Hide skill. (P)


Obey the Female


Divine, Heroquest, 3 points, special, non-stackable, temporal.               


The Child of Darkness heroquest is widely known. Can be sacrificed for at any Uzfighter shrine or temple.


This spell requires successful Speak Darktongue and Oratory rolls. The caster can evoke either a Demoralise or Befuddle effect on any male trolls or trollkin within earshot. (P)


Run in Darkness

Spirit, variable, ranged, temporal.                                                             

DarkStorm/Uzfighter (1 use/Vingkot).

May be learnt at any Vingkot shrine or temple.


Each point of this spell adds two to the target's movement rating for the duration. It is only effective when in more than 70% darkness, such as a troll lair or the dead of night. (NE)


Scatter Shadows


Divine, heroquest, stackable, ranged, temporal.                                                            

DarkStorm/Uzfighter (AssocHQ/Vingkot).

The Vingkot Sunders the Dark heroquest is not well known. The temple at Notchet is believed to have details of it, as does Tarthcaer and Pavis. The spell must be sacrificed for at a Vingkot shrine.


This spell can destroy the magic of the shadow krjalki, such as trolls and shades. Each point of the spell counts as three points of Dispel Magic against magic connected with the Darkness rune. This spell has no effect on any other types of magic. May be cast at a target without specifying a spell; will knock out defensive spells first.


Shield Against Darkness


Ritual Ceremony.


Available at most DarkStorm/Uzfighter shines, known by almost all priestesses.


This ritual is used to help prepare clans warriors for battles against the Uz. Anyone in the group to be blessed must put in at least 1 MP. The ritual takes an hour to perform, and its benefits last for a day.

For every 50 MP placed into the ritual, 1 point of Protection and Countermagic is granted to all members of the group. These benefits are only gained when fighting creatures tied to the Darkness rune. The success of the ritual also depends on the degree of success of a Ceremony skill roll made by the officiating priestess, who must sacrifice a point of POW to complete it.

A normal roll has no additional effect, but a special success adds an additional point of Protection and Countermagic, and a critical success adds two points. (J)




Spirit, variable, touch, temporal.                                                           Spearwoman, Uzfighter, Voudisea.

Can be learnt at any Spearwoman or Uzfighter site.


Raises SIZ to half its current value again for purposes of knockback only. There is no effect on hit points or actual physical size, and normal species (not gender) maximums do apply. If you're already SIZ 20, don't bother with this spell. (JW)


Stand Ground


Divine, Heroquest, 2 points, self, non-stackable, temporal.                              

Spearwoman/Uzfighter (AssocHQ/Elmal).

Details of the Vinga Defends Elmal heroquest are known in almost all clans where both Elmali and Vingan are popular. Also held at the temples in Notchet, Tarthcaer, Last Cast, and Defender’s Fort. It can be sacrificed for at any Elmal site with the spell.


Stand Ground is granted to Vinga by Elmal to help her guard the stead. It is a limited form of berserk that does not allow the caster to retreat, but does allow them to take damage as if they were affected by a Berserk spell, and increases their parry skills to 150% of their start value. The spell is typically used to enable a Vingan to cover a retreat or hold a vital position. Elmal taught Vinga how to do this when she helped him defend the stead during the Darkness. (P)




Spirit, variable, ranged, temporal.                                               

DarkStorm/Spearman/Uzfighter (Rigsdal).

This spell may be learnt at any Rigsdal shrine or temple.


For every point in this spell the character's Scan and Listen are increased by 5% as long as the character remains motionless, or slowly walking (such as being on watch). For instance, a character standing on watch would receive this bonus, but not a character wandering around the undergrowth or a dungeon. This spell cannot more than double the characters skills. Vingans can only gain this spell by completing the ‘Vinga and the Long Night’ heroquest. (NE)





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