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Lurdaeva Darkspear

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Lurdaeva DarkSpear



Lurdaeva DarkSpear was a Vingan weaponthane of the Sylangi Tribe who fought many battles against the Uz of the Kitori Wilds and their allies. Lurdaeva returned from a heroquest bearing The Blackthorn Spear, the only remnant of Great Blackthorn, foe of the Uz who had been killed by All You Can Eat. The Blackthorn Spear had a power to damage the Uz that Lurdaeva wielded with glee. She later formed a Vingan war band (the TwoFort Sisters) tasked specifically with fighting the Uz of the Wilds.

She was granted BrokenElm Stead, in a valley near Zatarn Lake, by the tribal ring of the Sylangi as a reward for her service to the tribe. Lurdaeva expanded the stead, organised the construction of a shrine to Vinga, and was later joined by her sister Kalathasa Sweetpeas and herfamily. Kalathasa established a small shrine to Ernalda, and befriended the Green Starling spirit, daughter of Huraya, who lived in the valley and now receives sacrifices and helps to protect the valley with her spirit mists.

The TwoFort Sisters were later based at BrokenElm, a convenient point for them to start patrols from.

 Lurdaeva died fighting Zorak Zoran raiders. Her body and The Blackthorn Spear were burnt according to the ancient rites and with great honour. At the next Defence Day rituals, the officiating priestess, Red Malartha, discovered that she could sacrifice for the power granted by The Blackthorn Spear.

Over time, more and more Vingans came to the shrine to gain Lurdaeva’s power; the TwoFort Sisters evolved into a hero band venerating Lurdaeva, and welcomed both Spearwomen and Uzfighters as members. They have remained there since, and the stead is now the centre of Lurdaeva’s hero cult.

Kalathasa’s daughter, Darni the Just, further expanded BrokenElm. After her death it continued to grow and soon became the clan centre of a new clan of the Sylangi. The Green Starling Clan.

Following the recent troubles the TwoFort Sisters have pretended to abandon the shrine; they are trying to avoid the attentions of the Lunars and their quislings, only a few members of the cult can normally be found at BrokenElm Stead, posing as guards at the Ernaldan shrine (Green Starling Lodge).

The cult is small, membership limited mainly to woman of the Balmyr and Sylangi tibes, and is little known about it beyond those tribes. Lurdeava’s cult is often seen as extremist; most Uzfighter cultists would just as happily negotiate with the Uz to stop raids as fight them, Lurdaeva cultists prefer simply to kill their foes.

Cult Membership



Vingans who follow either the Spearwoman or the Uzfighter subcults can join Lurdaeva’s hero cult at BrokenElm Stead. They must first convince the locals that they are not a Lunar spy. If they succeed in doing so, then a meeting with the shrines’ Loyal Daughter will be arranged for them.

The Loyal Daughter will test and question the candidate. Candidates must be initiates or priests in good standing, convince the examiner of their sincerity, and pass a standard initiation test (Which will include Uz Lore and Speak Darktongue). Most are then asked to perform a relatively simple task for the priestess; if they complete the task they are accepted as a member. The new cult member must sacrifice 1 POW at the shrine to cement their bond with Lurdaeva.

Members of the cult must give 10% of their time to the TwoFort Sisters. Generally, this is spent patrolling the hills bordering the Kitori Wilds and Zatarn Lake. They are also required to give 10% of their income to the shrine.

Cult members may sacrifice for the divine magic spell Spear The Dark at Lurdaeva’s shrine. They can learn Ernaldan spirit magic from the Green Starling Lodge at half-price, and  sacrifice to the Green Starling spirit for the Mist Cloud divine spell (1-use ever). Training in most Vingan cult skills is normally available. The cult library has a small but good collection of mythic lore and Uz lore.

Lurdaeva’s hero cult regard Hate Uz as a virtue, they also regard Tenacity as important. All members bear the cult tattoo, a stylised  black spear wrapped in vines, on their upper left arm.







Spear the Dark


Divine, 2 points, non-stackable, temporal.                                               

Uzfighter/Spearwoman (Lurdaeva DarkSpear).

Can only be sacrificed for at her shrine at BrokenElm Stead near Zatarn Lake.

This spell must be cast on a single impaling weapon. For the duration of this spell, any damage done by this weapon to an initiate of a darkness cult or a creature of darkness is doubled after penetrating armour. (SP)

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