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Tenostere of the Vestantes




Tenostere of the Vestantes is a Vingan hero mentioned in The Saga of House Vinga (see Storm Tribe/118). She was a battle companion of King Rastagar and died gloriously in battle at the Last Royal Betrayal.

Many clans once paid homage to her but her hero cult all but died out in the years after Sartar was established. It was revived following the Lunar invasion of Tarsh, but never regained its former importance. Only a few Sartarite clans kept the cult alive, many in the Dundealos tribe.

The rebellion of the Dundaelos in 1618 resulted in a vicious Lunar response, most of the tribe were killed or enslaved, and much ancient knowledge lost. Places of power were destroyed or abandoned, and most of the accumulated mythical knowledge of the tribe has been lost.

This version of the hero cult is that found by Serenity Twoswords described on a piece of parchment (from some incomplete Grey Alynx records) that she found in the temple at Pavis. Very little was written on the parchment, but it did mention two  spells that Tenostere can grant to her followers, and partly described one of her rituals. The temple library did not include any information about the location of any shrines to Tenostere, and despite lengthy enquiries Kallyr has been unable to locate any and thus possibly re-establish the hero cult.


Cult Membership


Membership in this hero cult, were it possible once more, would require the sacrifice of 1 POW to Tenostere. Would be members must succeed at Battle Lore, Dodge, Javelin Attack, Plant Lore, Ride, Scan, and Vinga Lore skill tests before they are accepted. This testing is carried out on the heroplane as would-be members are expected to complete the small but occasionally perilous heroquest of....... (It was here that the document ended). The cult takes up only 5% of a member’s time (attendance at a few rituals other than the standard Vingan rituals is the only commitment of time required). Would-be members must take two geases.


        Never flee from, or surrender to, Light/Solar cultists.

        Challenge all male Light/Sun worshippers to a duel (need not be to the death) unless they acknowledge you to be the better warrior.


The cult considered Hate Sun Cultists to be a virtue. Worship of Tenostere grants two spells to members of her subcult, the divine magic spell Fight Light/Sun, and the spirit magic spell Speargouge.





Fight Light/Sun


Divine, 1 point, temporal, touch, non-stackable.                                               

Adventurer (Tenostere of the Vestantes).

No known shrine.                        


This spell increases the recipients combat skills to 150% of their start value when fighting Light/Sun cultists. (P)





Spirit, 4 points, non-stackable, touch, temporal.                                                  

Adventurer (Tenostere of the Vestantes).

No shrine is known, hero path knowledge lost.


Speargouge enhances a single spear of the casters choice and is named after Tenostere’s favoured attack type. It provides a + 10% Attack bonus, + 3 damage, and is compatible with Bladesharp. Users of this spell cannot use a shield while it is in effect. (J)                 

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