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Enyarna SteadDaughter

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Enyarna Stead Daughter




Enyarna Stead Daughter is a hero cult of Vinga the Spearwoman found only at the Far Place. It was first created by John Hughes and the Questlines team for HeroWars (go here to see the original, without totally plagiarising I cannot fully describe the cult here and it is described in a far more succinct fashion than I am capable of)). The version presented here is that used in our campaign, John Hughes and Questlines bear no responsibility for any ‘heinous travesties’ of RuneQuest/HeroWars that may occur in this write-up.




Enyarna the Stead Daughter was one of the Far Walkers, those who resettled the Far Place. Originally from Bilinni, she was greatly respected as a teacher, mediator and speaker before the moot.

The cult is small and only loosely organised. They refer to the Spearwoman as the Stead Daughter, members are called Stead Daughters, and they have slightly different duties to those expected of many members of the Spearwoman subcult.

Stead Daughters are responsible for preparing young men of their clan for adult responsibility and married life (apparently Kallyr Twoswords has expressed an interest in the cult), just as Vinga taught the Cattle Orphans to be men when Odalya brought them to the stead (see Storm Tribe/168). They also have the traditional duties of all Vinga the Spearwoman cultists (see the main cult write-up).



Cult Membership


Would-be members can try to join the cult by going to Lagerwater Stead (Far Place), a priestess can often be found there.

The hero cult grants the Listen to This spell,

Other hero cults similar to this exist, especially in Esrolia and among rural Orlanthi, many clans venerate the goddess in the role of Stead Daughter, even though they may know her by a different title or venerate a different hero to gain the powers associated with Vinga in this role.




Listen To This


Divine, 1 point, non-stackable, self, temporal.

Spearwoman (Enyarna the SteadDaughter).

Far Place Vingan sites.


Listen To This adds 50% to any one skill chosen by the caster that is involved in instruction or persuasion for the good of the warband, clan, or tribe.

This spell was originally a HeroQuest feat devised by John Hughes that we have converted. (JH/J)


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