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Kedra the Archer

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Kedra the Archer



Kedra the Archer was an Esrolian worshipper of the Lance Goddess. She served as a warrior in, and as leader of, the Sisters of the Silver Lance warband. She was renowned for her riding, bravery, devotion to the Goddess, and skill with the bow even when riding hard and fast. Her most noted abiltiy was to be able to control her mount perfectly using only her knees.

 Kedra taught others to use a bow from horseback, and formed her own warband, the Sisters of the Silver Quiver. This warband still exists and form the focus of her hero cult; they serve as skirmishers for the heavy cavalry of the Voudisean cult.

Her memory is venerated at her shrines at Donbry, Ernalda’s Home, Notchet, and SpearPoint Lodge. The most important of these shrines is at Donbry, Kedra’s birthplace.

. The cult is small and based around The Sisters of the Silver Quiver warband. All cult members must spend 20% of their time on cult duties, half of which is spent with the Sisters of the Silver Quiver. The Sisters previously served as part of the Pharoah’s army, but are now allied to the Old Earth Alliance. Recently they have been based near Notchet and have fought against the Lunars.

Cult members can receive instruction in horse archery and sacrifice for the Steady Horse spell.






Steady Horse


Divine, 2 points, non-stackable, touch, temporal.


Available at the shrines to Kedra at Donbry, Ernalda’s Home, Notchet, and SpearPoint Lodge.


This spell must be cast on a horse. For the duration of the spell that horse becomes a perfect platform for horse archery. The rider will not have their Attack chances with missile weapons penalised because of the movement of the horse, no matter how rapid or erratic. The rider can steer the horse with their knees at no penalty to Ride (they get a +10% Ride bonus if this is already their riding technique) and can use their missile weapons at full percentages (i.e. not limited by their Ride skill). (J)

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