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Drogarsi the Skald

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Drogarsi the Skald




Drogarsi the Skald is one of the Thunder Brothers. In our campaign Drogarsi is not a assumed name used by Orlanth (as per Thunder Rebels/223), but a separate deity in his own right (a son of Donadar).

This section details the skills and spells of the Drogarsi subcult.






Standard Orlanth Adventurous + Dance, Fast Talk,  Play Instrument, Poetry, Sing, Speak Own Language.



Spirit Magic


Standard Orlanth Adventurous +  Befuddle, Dance, Endurance, Fanaticism, Glamour, Sing while Running.


Divine Magic


Standard Orlanth Adventurous + Inspiring Song, Satire, Sorrowful Ballad, Tireless Dance, Tireless Song, Uplifting Anthem, Vengeful Dirge, War Dance, Wind Caries Song, Wounding Tongue.




Standard Orlanth Adventurous + Battle Paean.



Associate Cults


Standard Orlanth Adventurous + Dance of Vinga (Vinga), Face Chaos (Urox), Shield (Orlanth)



Battle Paean


Divine, Heroquest, 3 points, non-stackable, self, temporal.


This spell requires a Sing roll. It provides a +10% attack bonus to all allies within earshot. These allies can use the casters spell knowledge as if it were their own, but must provide their own magic points. (P)




Spirit, variable, self, temporal.                                                             


This spell adds 10% to the casters Dance skill per point of spell. Members of the hero cult also gain 10% to Sword Dance per point of spell. (J/P)


Dance of Vinga 


Divine, 1 point, non-stackable, touch, temporal.                                                                     

(1 use, Vinga). May only be sacrificed for at the Drogarsi shrine at the Arm of Pavis Orlanth temple, Pavis Rubble.                                                                                                


This spell increases the recipients Dance, Dodge, and Sword Dance skills to 150% of their starting value. It is compatible with other spells that increase these abilities. (P/J)


Face Chaos


Divine, 1 point, non-stackable, ranged, temporal.1 use  (Urox).                                                                                                   


This spell cannot be resisted and can be cast only on non-chaotic targets. When cast upon a single fighter, that person stands his ground and fights any chaotic foe he faces, even if ordinarily he would have run. In general, this spell is used on outsiders since Storm Bull cultists stand against chaos regardless of fear.
This spell does not render its target immune to the effects of such spells as Demoralize or Panic, though he still will not flee. A Demoralized fighter continues fighting, though at half attack chances; a Panicked fighter cannot fight at all, but does not flee; etc. (RQ)



Inspiring Song


Divine, 1 point, stackable, ranged, temporal.


Has the same effect as a Morale spell (+5% Attack/point) that affects all allies within earshot. Must sing for the duration of the spell. (P)




 Divine, 2 points, reusable, self, instant.

This spell allows the caster to satirise an opponent through the means of poetry. Any who hear the satirical poem will instantly know whom the poem is directed at and will find the poem funny. This wounds the satirised person and can even lead to kings being forced to abdicate. This does not make the poet popular with lords and kings. Based on the Wound Tongue spell by Simon Phipps. (SP)


Sing While Running


Spirit, 2 points, self, temporal.

This allows the user to sing while running, without becoming out of breath, panting or sounding as though he is running. It is normally used to sing while running into battle. (SP)


Sorrowful Ballad


Divine, 2 points, ranged, non-stackable, temporal.


The caster must make a Sing roll for this spell to work. Special and Critical successes mean that opponents resistance rolls are modified (-1 effective POW for a special, -2 effective POW for a critical success).

The caster must sing a sorrowful tale/ballad/song, a veritable saga of misery that will bring tears to the eyes of even the most hardened warrior. If they were involved in the event sung about, their singing is especially poignant, and opponents resist at –1 effective POW. If any of the opponents were also involved in the event sung about, their effective POW is at –1 for the resistance roll (the two penalties are cumulative if both conditions are met).

The spell Demoralises all who fail a resistance roll, they will attempt to pull back/retreat from any fighting (in a perfectly orderly fashion, this spell does not break morale, induce panic, or cause warriors to act stupidly, it simply makes everyone so miserable that they don’t want to fight).

 Any opponents who participated in the events sung about, are Befuddled instead and will simply stand in place, listening and remembering, until the spell runs its course. Warriors not currently engaged who are affected by the spell will not enter combat unless pressed/attacked.

The caster cannot cast spells while singing. If they wish to attack they may do so, but must make a Sing check every round they are in combat (unless under the effects of a Sing While Running spell). They may defend themselves without penalty. If they are less successful with any of these rolls than they were with the initial Sing check, then all people affected by the spell may make another resistance roll to escape its effects.

Humakti are not affected by this song. The GM may well extend this to other cults. (J)



Tireless Dance

Divine, 1 point, ranged, duration 1 day.                                                       

For the duration of this spell, the target will find themselves capable of dancing without tiring. The spell lasts for a day, or until the user stops dancing in which case it expires. (SP)

Tireless Song

Divine, 1 point, ranged, duration 1 day.                                                       

For the duration of this spell, the target will find themselves capable of singing without tiring. The spell lasts for a day, or until the user stops dancing in which case it expires. (SP/J)

Uplifting Anthem

Divine, 1 point, ranged, temporal.

The caster must sing for the duration of this spell. All allies of the caster are rendered immune to Demoralise and Fear, will not resist Fanaticism or Berserk spells, and are easily rallied. (P)

Vengeful Dirge

Divine, 2 points, reusable, touch, temporal.

The user of this spell sings a Vengeful Dirge, a song of vengeance. The spell lasts until the user stops singing. For the duration of the spell, those who are following the singer will pursue their vengeance, no matter what happens. So, this spell combats spells such as Peace, City Harmony or similar spells. The listeners will be single-minded in their vengeance and will stop at nothing to wreak their vengeance. (SP)

War Dance


Divine, 1 point, stackable, self, instant.                                             


The caster of this spell must spend one full melee round dancing an intimidating War Dance in front of their enemies. Up to seven opponents per point of spell are affected by Demoralise unless they resist the spell.                                                                                                 The spell requires the caster to make a Dance roll, the success of which modifies the power of the spell. Exceptionally skilful dancing imposes modifiers to the opponent’s resistance rolls as shown below.           

Fumble (Caster Demoralised)

Failure  (No effect)

Success (Normal)

Special  (-1 effective POW)

Critical  (-2 effective POW)

This spell is granted by Drogarsi to the Kallyr the Dancer hero cult, which has strong links with the god. (J/P)

Wind Carries Song

Divine, 1 point, stackable, touch, temporal.

Allows the casters singing to be heard at a greater distance if the prevailing wind allows it. This will extend the range of magical songs and singing. Each point doubles the effective range of the spell. (P)