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The Turquoise Tree

Yavor Lightning

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Yavor Lightning




Yavor Lightning was a member of the Fire Tribe who joined the Thunder Brothers. See Thunder Rebels for further information.

This section details the skills and spells of the Yavor Lightning subcult. It is not yet complete; we have yet to decide whether or not to include other spells derived from Hero Wars.



Standard Orlanth Thunderous + Jump, Run.


The javelin and spear are the preferred weapons of this subcult.


Spirit Magic


Standard Orlanth Thunderous + Firearrow, Speedart.


Divine Magic


Standard Orlanth Thunderous + Ball Lightning, Blinding Flash, Dodge Thrown Weapon, Lightning, (Lightning Fast Strike), Lightning Spear/Sword, Ride Lightning, Shatter Tree.




Ball Lightning


Divine, 3 points, ranged, non-stackable, instant.

This spell must be stacked with a number of points of Lightning. It calls down a 5 metre wide ball of lightning, which can be cast at any target(s) within range. This inflicts damage of 1d6 per Lightning spell stacked with it to all within the target area. (NE)

Blinding Flash

Divine, 2 points, ranged, non-stackable, instant.

This spell conjures a burst of light in a designated 20m radius within LOS. All in the area must match their CON vs. POW of caster (caster rolls).

        Fumble. Blind self for 1d10 SR.

        Fail. No effect.

        Success. Blinded for 1d10 SR.

        Special. Blinded for 2d10 SR.

        Critical. Blinded for a day.

The effects of this spell are doubled against creatures tied to the Darkness rue. It is trebled if used against trollkin. (P)


Dodge Thrown Weapons


Divine, 1 point, touch, temporal, non-stackable.                                             


This useful spell enables its recipient to attempt a Dodge roll to avoid missile attacks. (P)


Lightning Spear/Sword


Divine, 2 points, self, non-stackable, temporal.


This spell is similar to Fireblade but instead limes the casters spear or sword in lighting. The weapon does 4d6 damage, against which metal armour does not protect. (P)


Ride Lightning

Divine,1 point, self, non-stackable, instant.

This spell must be stacked with Lightning. The character throws a lightning bolt and, rather than striking a target, he jumps atop it and rides it. The character can travel 50m per point of lightning used, travelling almost instantaneously. No opportunity melee attacks may be made on them whilst on their journey.  This is not teleportation, any physical objects that are in their path will be hit at full speed, causing 8d6 damage to general hit points (only soft armour protects) for normal sized objects (vary the damage depending upon the size of the object struck). The character can even go around corners like this, but riding lightning blind, not knowing what is around a corner, is the surest way to hit a solid object and end up in pieces. (NE)


Shatter Tree

Divine,1 point, ranged, stackable, instant.

This spell can only be cast if there is more than 50% cloud cover. It targets a specific tree with a bolt of Lightning. Every point in the spell gives an effective 10 points to overcome the tree's POW, if successful it is destroyed. Most normal trees only have 1d4 POW, if that, so 1 point is normally enough to shatter it, but the Great Trees of the Aldryami Forests can have around 200 POW, or more! (NE/J)