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Orlanth Thunderous

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Orlanth Thunderous




This section details the skills and spells common to all Orlanth Thunderous subcults in our campaign. It is not yet complete; we have yet to decide whether or not to include other spells derived from Hero Wars.



Ceremony, Oratory, Orlanth Lore, Scan, Stormspeech, Weapon Attack, Weapon Parry, Wind Lore.


Spirit Magic


Countermagic, Diminish Wind, Dispel Magic, Disrupt, Mist Eyes, Second Sight, Spirit Screen, Visibility.


Divine Magic


All Common + Cloud Call, Cloud Clear, Command Sylph, Decrease Wind, Fly, Hail (2pts max), Increase Wind, Mist Cloud, Steal Breath, Stormspear, Summon Sylph, Wind Warp, Wind Words.




Storm Voice, Summon Storm.


Associate Cults


Analyse Magic (Lhankor Mhy), Face Chaos (Urox), Flooding Rain (Heler), Guided Teleportation (Mastakos), Leaping Shield (Vinga), Restore Health-Constitution (Chalana Arroy), Snow (Valind), Teleportation (Mastakos).



Subcults of Orlanth Thunderous currently written up. The name of the subcult serves as a link to the write-up.

        Daylanus the Conquering Wind.

        Hedkoranth the Thunder Slinger.

        Vingkot Victorious.

        Yavor Lightning.


Hero Cults



Hero cults of Orlanth Thunderous are noted here. The cult name is a link to an expanded description of the hero cult.


Arden Strongstorm

The Orlanth Thunderous hero cult of Arden Strongstorm is little known to the vast majority of Sartarite Orlanthi and virtually unknown elsewhere. The centre of the cult is Arden’s Stead, a perfect farmstead said to be located in a hidden valley to the south of Swenstown. He had many adventures on the Heroplane before freeing Malasaye, a wind spirit imprisoned by the Dehor. Malasaye later became his wife. Members of his hero cult can sacrifice for the Airmight spell at his shrine in the Yellow Hills. Arden is served by The Storm Swords of the East Wind, a heroband based at Dancing Rock near Daskor’s Stead.




Analyse Magic


Divine, 1 point, stackable, touch, instant.

1 use (Lhankor Mhy).


This spell gives a true statement of at least one function of one magical item, entity, or substance. If more than one point is cast at a time, more than one truth is discovered. The spells must be cast simultaneously, or the same truths are repeated.


Decrease Wind


Divine, 1 point, stackable, 100m radius, temporal.


This spell decreases the average wind STr by 1d6 for the duration of the spell. Each point used either reduces the wind STR by another 1d6 points or increases the radius of effect by 100m. This spell has no effect on temperature or wind direction. (RQ)


Diminish Wind


Spirit, variable, ranged, temporal.                                                                 

Diminish Wind lowers the speed of a wind by 1 mph per point of spell.

 Flooding Rain

Divine,1 point, range special, stackable, temporal.

1 use (Heler).

This spell must be stacked with Rain when cast. It turns the rain into a torrential downpour. The downpour creates a flood in the area of effect with a STR of 4 for every point in the spell, and affects an area equal to that affected by the rain spell. People must resist every round with the highest out of their STR or SIZ or be swept away at 1m/SR/point of spell. The spell itself does not cause damage, although the subsidary effects might (being caught in a collapsing building, being swept of a cliff etc...). (NE)

Divine, 1 point, stackable, ranged, temporal.
The caster may transport one object weighing up to SIZ 6 through the air for the duration of the spell. Convert Encumbrance to the equivalent SIZ. Each extra point of Fly increases the potential weight carried by 6 SIZ.
To pick up something nailed or glued down, the caster must use his current magic points to overcome the STR of the nails or glue (GMD) on the resistance table.

An object affected by this spell moves at 3 metres per strike rank. An unwilling target’s magic points must be overcome or this spell has no effect on him. (RQ)


Guided Teleportation


Divine, 3 points, self, nonstackable, instant.

1 use (Mastakos).


This spell returns the caster to a specific spot made sacred to Orlanth or Mastakos through a complicated week-long ritual connected with acquiring the spell. This spell has no range limitation. Additional spells may be acquired which lead to different spots. (RQ)


Increase Wind


Divine, 1 point, stackable, 100m radius, temporal.


This spell increases the average wind STR by 1d6 for the duration of the spell. Each point used either increases the wind STR by another 1d6 points or increases the radius of effect by 100m. This spell has no effect on temperature or wind direction. (RQ)


Leaping Shield


Divine, 1 point, non-stackable, touch, temporal.

1 use (Vinga).


This spell provides a 10% Jump bonus and allows the recipient to make jumps of extraordinary length and height. A single Jump made be made each round, this requires a successful skill roll. The characters strength determines the maximum distance of a jump, for each point of STR the character may jump up to 1 metre horizontally, or a foot (c 30cm) vertically. This spell is stackable with the Jump spirit magic spell. (SP/J)




Spirit, 1 point, self, temporal.                                                                      


A caster under the effects of a Mist Eyes spell can see clearly in fog or mist to a range of 50 metres. (P)


Mist Cloud


Divine, 1 point, and stackable, ranged, special.                                   


This spell creates an area of mist 2metres in diameter for every MP expend in the casting. Visibility within the mist is limited to 1 metre. The mist will be dispersed by wind, 1 metre in diameter disappears every round per point of wind strength over 10. Each additional point of the spell used doubles the area of mist created. The mists last for an hour before fading away (at a rate of 1m diameter every round). (RQ/J)





Divine, ranged, stackable, temporal.


This spell can only be cast when the sky is at least 90% clouds. Rain will then fall within a 100m radius of the caster. Each extra Rain spell stacked together increases the radius of effect by 100m. The rain stops when the spell stops. (ROC/161)




Divine, 1 point, stackable, 100 m radius, temporal.

1 use (Valind).


This spell must be cast when precipitation is present. If it is raining, the spell changes all the rain to snow, sleet, or hail (GMD) withion the spell’s area of effect. If it is already snowing, the spell doubles the amount of snow falling. Each additional point of this spell increases the radius of effect by 100 metres. (RQ)



Steal Breath


Divine, 1 point, stackable, ranged, instant.


The caster can ‘steal the breath’ of a single target. The target must succeed in a POW vs. POW contest with the caster, if they fail they take 1d6 points of damage per point of the spell directly to the chest. (P)



Divine, 3 points, non-stackable, ranged, temporal.

Enables the caster to conjure and cast a ‘spear’ made from wind. It counts as a spear but does double damage, and has double the throwing range of a normal spear, and is used at +25% to Attack. The bonuses only apply if the target is downwind. (P)


Storm Voice


Ritual Ceremony.


This ceremony can only be performed during a storm and requires the expenditure of 1 MP  every ten minutes. It allows the caster to speak with storm spirits (they must speak Stormspeech) and command them to perform tasks (which requires further expenditure of MP as determined by the GM). (P)


Summon Storm


Ritual Summons.


This ritual usually requires the participation of a large number of people and takes a day to perform. It is used to summon storms. All participants must contribute 1 MP.

The ritual increases wind strength by 2d6 points and evokes a Rain 2 effect. For every five MP contributed to the ritual these effects last for ten minutes. Every 10 MP in the ritual allows the caster to increase the effects of the spell, either by 1d6 wind strength or an additional point of Rain (e.g. Kastor and 100 fellow worshippers perform the ritual; Kastor choses to split the additional points evenly. The ritual effects last for 200 minutes, summon 7 points of the Rain spell and increase wind strength by 7d6 points). (P)




Divine, 3 points, ranged, stackable, instant.

1 use (Mastakos).

Sighting for this spell must be done visually. The caster can teleport to any spot within range that he can see, either on his own, or through the eyes of a familiar/allied spirit, or through a Mind Link spell. The spell carries the caster and their size in  ENC worth of gear, and each extra spell cast at once enables one additional living thing to be teleported with the caster. It can be used to teleport someone else, with the same limitations. (RQ)

Wind Warp


Divine, 1 point, stackable, ranged, temporal.


This spell changes the wind direction by 1d10 degrees in the direction of the caster’s choice. Each additional point of the spell either adds 1d10 more degrees of directional change or increases the area of effect by 100 metres. When the spell ends, the wind hesitates, motionless for one melee round, then abruptly returns to its former direction. Small whirlwinds may form at the spell’s boundaries, where the wind is forced to clash with itself. (RQ)


Wind Words


Divine, 1 point, non-stackable, ranged, temporal.


If downwind, the caster can cause the wind to bring conversations to his ears as if standing next to the speakers. (RQ)