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Vingkot the Victorious

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Vingkot the Victorious




This section details the skills and spells common to all Ernalda the Healer subcults in our campaign. It is not yet complete; we have yet to decide whether or not to include other spells derived from Hero Wars.




Standard Orlanth Thunderous + Battle Lore, Battle Command, Solar Lore, Weapon Attack, Weapon Parry.


Spirit Magic


Standard Orlanth Thunderous + Bladesharp, Blunt Spears,  Darkwall, Dullblade, Mobility, Protection, Strength.


Divine Magic


Standard Orlanth Thunderous + Break Line, Break Shield, Clouds Over Sun, Fight Sun, Morale.




Standard Orlanth Thunderous + (Northfaring), (Reaching Storm).


Blunt Spears


Spirit, variable, ranged, temporal.

Can only be cast on a spear. It effects the spear as a dullblade of three times the pointage of the spell. (NE)

Break Line

Divine, 2 points, touch, non-stackable, temporal.

This spell can be used to boost a single attack against a foe in a line/shieldwall. The attack can be made at any point of the recipients choosing within the duration of the spell. It multiplies damage four-fold for the purpose of knockback calculation. (P)

Break Shield

Divine, 2 point, non-stackable, one held sword, temporal.

Any weapon parrying a sword bearing this enchantment takes full damage regardless of its APs. (P)


Clouds Over Sun


Divine, 3 points, non-stackable, ranged, special.


This spell froces a POW vs. POW battle between the caster and the main Solar spellcaster opposing them. If the caster wins then the sun is occluded by clouds, if not then it is clear. No external source of POW or spiritual defence can be used in this contest (allied spirits, crystals, spells etc). (P)





Spirit, 2 points, ranged, non-stackable, temporal.                                        

This spell can create a wall of darkness 10mē  in area and 10cm thick. The Darkwall can be moved by the caster at a rate of 1 meter per strike rank. Light sources within the darkness give no light nor can any sighted being see through. Other senses are unaffected. A Darkwall can be moved or shaped into any height or width desired, so long as the total area is 10mē, and the thickness 10cm. (RQ)

Fight Sun


Divine, 1 point, temporal, touch, non-stackable.                                                

This spell increases the recipients combat skills to 150% of their start value when fighting Sun cultists or creatures tied to the Fire rune. (P)


Divine, 1 point, stackable, ranged, temporal.

This spell establishes a field around a regimental standard which gives an entire century (100 men) of Orlanth initiates +5% to their Attack skills. It lasts until either sunset or sunrise, whichever comes earlier. Each additional point stacked increases the Attack bonus by a further 5%. (RQ)