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Arden Strongstorm

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Arden Strongstorm




The Orlanth Thunderous hero cult of Arden Strongstorm is little known to the vast majority of Sartarite Orlanthi and virtually unknown elsewhere. The centre of the cult is Arden’s Stead, a perfect farmstead said to be located in a hidden valley to the south of Swenstown.

Arden Strongstorm had many adventures on the Heroplane before freeing Malasaye, a wind spirit imprisoned by the Dehor. Malasaye later became his wife. Arden is depicted as a Sartarite farmer wearing ring mail, wielding a sword of cutting wind and holding a hoe.

Joining as an initiate requires the sacrifice of 1 POW and the completion of a test set by Arden. The would-be initiate must pass two out of three Orlanth Lore rolls and 3 more from the following list:  Sword attack, Sword parry, Climb, Jump, Scan, Listen, Stormspeech, Plant Lore.

A warband dedicated to Arden exists (The Storm Swords of the East Wind) and is based at the Dancing Rock, near Daskor’s Stead in the Yellow Hills.

Members of this hero cult must give 10% of their time and income to the cult. Cult duties normally involve service with The Storm Swords of the East Wind, who spend most of their time patrolling and protecting the people of Daskor’s Stead and the surrounding valleys (in many ways they fulfill the duties that used to be performed by the Dundealos tribal warband). The Storm Swords are led by Bjarnni Macleod, a powerful priest of Vingkot Victorious renowned for his hatred of the Lunars.

Initiates can learn any of the listed skills at half-cost as well as standard Orlanthi spirit magic spells. In addition the cult teaches Windblade, a spirit magic spell and the divine magic spell Airmight.





 2 points, temporal, weapon, non-stackable.


The Windblade spell reduces the strike rank of any weapon it is cast upon by 1 (minimum of 1).





Divine, 1 point, ranged, stackable, temporal.


The Airmight spell is used to protect a sylph in combat. It only works on sylphs. It provides two points of armour and Countermagic per point of spell, as well as increasing the sylphs movement rate by 1 per point in the spell.