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Estrel Dalathae

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Estrel Dalathae



This write-up is brief and does not include many details about the cult itself. This is mainly because no one outside of the Estrel cult knows anything about it because members do not discuss the cult with outsiders, and there is almost no mention of Estrel in Vingan lore (except in some DarkStorm stories and secret myths of the Estrel cult). This hero cult is intended mainly for non-player characters and is not directly involved in the campaign (well, not as far as any of the players know), which is the main reason that this write-up is not slightly more detailed (it also helps to give it an air of mystery, giving the GM more freedom to decided what this highly-secretive cult is really about/up to).

Estrel was a strange foreign goddess who lurked in the shadows, used black knives and wore a cloak that could hide her from anyone. Described as short and beautiful, but with ice-cold eyes, Vinga rescued her from Zorak Zoran’s cooking pot, and she agreed to serve the Goddess in gratitude. Over time and many adventures they became almost inseparable (and it is rumoured, lovers).

She was Vinga DarkStorm’s swordthane for a while during the Darkness, saving her on three occasions, but died fighting the Dark Maw of Vork Gar, which Vinga only just defeated. Some of her power remained in her cloak and knives, which Vinga kept.



Cult  membership



 This hero cult is based in Esrolia. Almost no one knows of its existence outside of that area, and even in Esrolia, comparatively few Vingans know about the cult (even fewer outsiders know of it). It is known that they serve the Six EarthShadow Sisters and that the hero cult is small in size, but virtually nothing is known of the internal organisation, ritual practices, and aims of the cult. It is said that an initiate of the cult is called a Knife of Estrel, and that a priestess bears the title Blade of Estrel Some rumours claim that Estrel’s followers are assassins working for the cult of Ernalda.

Vingans who learn the secrets of the cult can duplicate Estrel’s feats. Only members of the Six EarthShadow Sisters can join this hero cult.

Estrel is known to grant several spells to her followers. Of these, only Estrel’s Mask and Sense Assassin are known about outside of the cult (they were observed in action by an Adventurer priestess who recorded some details of the incident in the temple records in Pavis).




Estrel’s Mask


Divine, Heroquest, 1 point, stackable, touch, temporal.

DarkStorm (Estrel Dalathae).

Only at her shrine at the Vinga temple at Ernalda’s Home (Esrolia)



A specialized anti-magic spell designed to block detection. It may be cast to screen any one object or person from detection. It stops Sense, Detect, or Find spells. It also partially shields any one object or person from notice/detection through non-magical means. Perception skill checks made to observe the shielded object or person are penalised by 25% per point of Detection Blank cast. There is no indication that the spell or ability has been blocked that will be apparent to the user of that spell or ability. Members of the Six EarthShadow Sisters use this spell for undercover work; they allow access to the secrets of the heroquest ritual to very few others. (RQ/J)


Sense Assassin


Divine, 1 point, self, non-stackable, instant.

DarkStorm (Estrel Dalathae).

Only at her shrine at the Vinga temple at Ernalda’s Home (Esrolia.)


This spell will give a general feeling of ill, like that of the Humakti ability, in the general direction of an assassin. In effect, the spell confers upon the caster the Humakti skill Sense Assassin, with a chance of success equal to the caster's POW x5. (RQ/J)

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