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The Turquoise Tree

Alusar the Spy

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Alusar the Spy





Alusar the Spy is the son of Yinkin and Eyes in the Dark. He can track down any creature he wishes and is a master at discovering secrets (Storm Tribe/187).

This section details the skills and spells of the Alusar the Spy subcult. It is not yet complete; we have yet to decide whether or not to include other spells derived from Hero Wars.



Standard Yinkin + Human Lore, Search, World Lore.


Spirit Magic


Standard Yinkin + Farsee, KeenEye, Visibility.


Divine Magic


Standard Yinkin + Find Hidden Thing, Follow Trail, Nighteyes.


Associate Cults


Standard Yinkin + Dodge Hazard (Chernan), Read Foe (Vinga).



Dodge Hazard

Divine, 2 points, self, non-stackable, 1 day duration.

1 use (Chernan).


This is cast before heading into hazardous territory. For the day after it is cast, the caster will receive a bonus to his ability to avoid dangerous, physical hazards, such as traps, falling objects etc. When the caster tries to dodge such obstacles, he may make a re- roll afterwards if he so wishes. He must take the re-roll no matter what. This is of no use in combat. (NE)


Find Hidden Thing


Divine, 1 point, stackable, self, temporal.


Every point of this spell adds 15% to the users perception skills if being actively used to find a hidden thing. It does not protect against ambushes etc. (J)



Follow Trail


Divine, 2 points, non-stackable, self, temporal.


This doubles the casters Tracking skill for the duration of the spell. (P)




Spirit, variable, self, temporal.


This spell adds 5% per point to the casters Scan and Search skills. It is stackable with Find Hidden Thing. (J)




Divine, 1 point, touch, non-stackable, 12-hour duration.                                     

This spell grants its recipient the ability to see in darkness. For 12 hours the target can see by any amount of available light. If there is a complete absence of light, they cannot see. (RQ/P)

Read Foe


Spirit, variable, touch, temporal.                                                                      

Allows the recipient to predict an opponent's attack just before it is made, thus effectively raising their Dodge skill by 5% per point of spell. (JW)