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Efrodar Blackhands

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Efrodar Blackhands






This section details the skills and spells of the Efrodar Blackhands subcult of Humakt. Efrodar formed the first all-Humakti military units. It is not yet complete; we have yet to decide whether or not to include other spells derived from Hero Wars.



Standard Humakt + Battle Command, Battle Lore, Ceremony.


Spirit Magic


Standard Humakt + Fanaticism, Glamour.


Divine Magic


Standard Humakt + Morale, Voice of Command.



Keep Step, Stand Ground, Unbreakable Line.



Keep Step

Ritual Ceremony.

This ritual requires the sacrifice of 1 MP by all members of the unit it is performed on. Enables that unit to maintain its formation while moving over rough ground (GMD), if inexperienced at manouvering in formation, or if attacked by hostile magics. All incoming magic must overcome the total MPs in the ritual (divided by the number of incoming spells) before then having to overcome the targets magic points. Only spells which would disrupt the formation are affected (i.e. most spells cast at a unit). (P)


Divine, 1 point, stackable, ranged, temporal.

This spell establishes a field around a regimental standard which gives an entire century (100 men) of Humakti initiates +5% to their Attack skills. It lasts until either sunset or sunrise, whichever comes earlier. Each additional point stacked increases the Attack bonus by a further 5%. (RQ)


Stand Ground

Ritual Ceremony.

This ritual must be performed on a shieldwall. All  participants must contribute 1 MP. For every three MP contributed, every member of the shieldwall has a +1 effective STR against knockback. (P)


Unbreakable Line

Ritual Ceremony.

This ritual can only benefit a line (GMD) of Humakti, who must each contibute 2 MP. It renders its beneficiaries immune to knockback.until a Critical knockback result occurs. This acts as normal knockback  and breaks the magic of the ritual for the individual hit. This spell will stack with Stand Ground. (P)

Voice of Command

Divine, 1 point, stackable, ranged, temporal.

Acts as a Mindspeech spell with all members of a designated unit. Has an effective range of 100 metres per point. Allows communication only, limited to a short order each melee round. (P)