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Vinga the Adventurer




Vinga the Adventurer is the subcult of Vinga most often followed by Orlanthi women seeking a life of adventure and freedom from restraint. Cult members revere the goddess and her youthful adventures. To them she is artful Vinga, wilful, persuasive, and courageous; daring to the point of recklessness, sensual and seductive, quick-tempered, a deadly fighter, loyal to her own, and strongly independent, she provides an ideal model to many of similar inclinations. Some detractors call this subcult Vinga the Teenager, this claim has some basis but they fail to understand the nature of the cult, and most members of Vinga the Teenager would probably suggest that anyone who called it that was just jealous of their lifestyle and abilities (probably a Spearwoman, annoyed because the most exciting thing in her life is next month’s pig-wrestling contest).

 The Adventurer is not a clan-based subcult; most followers venerate the goddess at city temples (such as Pavis and Boldhome), or at major sites from the subcults’ past history (such as Tarthcaer). Membership is most common among the disposed, and clanless, only women with exceptional wanderlust and yearning for adventure tend to leave the safety of their clan voluntarily.

The subcult is a small one in Dragon Pass; most Vingans there are members of Vinga Spearwoman or Avenger. It is much more popular in Esrolia, but is especially strong in Pavis (which has both a shrine and a small temple to the goddess).

To join the subcult as an apprentice, a would-be candidate must convince a priestess of her sincerity and commitment. Women who do so will then be accepted by the priestess as an apprentice. Apprentices to the cult spend three years travelling with their sponsor, working for them, and learning fighting skills, woodcraft, first aid, and the lore of the subcult. At the end of the first year, many sponsors adopt their protégées; this is a custom rather than required practice however.

After the three years are up, the would-be initiate will be allowed to test for initiation. The test and ceremony are performed by her sponsor and two other Vingan priestesses (although Ernaldans will do in a pinch). Following initiation the new Vingan often parts company with the sponsoring priestess to find her own way in the world, for a while at least. The bond between sponsor and initiate usually remains strong however and many ex-apprentices return to serve and assist their mentor in later life.

Priestesses of the Adventurer subcult are called Storm Daughters. They travel widely, adventuring, helping strangers and other Orlanthi, protecting the innocent, seeking danger and deeds that will honour her goddess, and fighting Chaos wherever it is met. A Storm Daughter has no permanent allegiance to any single clan, instead assisting clans without their own priestesses of Vinga, or leading the subcult worship ceremonies and tending to cult members needs.

All Storm Daughters receive an allied spirit upon ordaining as a priestess; this is usually in their sword, an alynx, or a torc

Vinga grants some exceptional Storm Daughters the title of Storm Lady. This occurs during the Swordkeen Day rituals (Windsday, Mobility Week, Fire Season), held to honour the slaying of Bansh Bone-biter.

  If an alynx appears during the ritual and approaches one of the priestesses, then the goddess has granted her the title of Storm Lady; a fact quickly spread by her fellow cultists. The title denotes that the priestess is high in the service of the goddess, and of exceptional piety and great deeds.

The alynx is in fact a gift from the goddess, an allied spirit to assist her devoted servant. This means that Storm Ladies have two allied spirits, making them even more capable and dangerous to their foes.

Storm Ladies are not considered to be under the authority of anyone, even that of Loyal Daughters in their own temple, but are usually politic enough to treat this as the privilege it is and exercise their rights only when necessary, not generally on a whim.  Although they have no official status in tribal affairs, they are usually allowed to sit in on council meetings and voice their opinions to the elders.

When the adventuring life starts to become too much, many cult members join other subcults of the goddess, usually Vinga Spearwoman. Priestesses of the cult often end their days as Loyal Daughters, training others, running a temple, and assisting the clan; they live a very different lifestyle to that of their earlier years, but are still content to serve the goddess as best they can.             







Standard Vingan, Acrobatics, Human Lore, Jump. Martial Arts, World Lore.


Spirit Magic


Standard Vingan + Co-ordination, Detect Magic, Dispel Magic, Endurance, Spirit Screen, Vigour.


Divine Magic


Standard Vingan + Command Sylph, Enthral, I'm Hardly Trying Yet, Invigorate (Voria), Shout of Command, Taunt, Truesword (Humakt)




Dodge All Attacks, Last Ditch Effort, There Is Always Another Way.


Associate Cults (Heroquests)


Combat Healing (Bevara), Command Snakes (Ernalda), Destor’s Sight (Destor), Face Chaos (Urox), Pathwatch (Issaries), Survive Battle (Bevara), Tireless Dance (Drogarsi).


Associate Cults


Charisma (Eurmal), Comfort Song (Chalana Arroy), Ear-Splitting Shriek (Bevara), Earthpower (Ernalda), Flowers (Voria), Ignore Pain (Enferelda), Put Down Weapons (Orventili), Sleep Anywhere (Yinkin), Sober-Up (Barntar), Speak to Horses (Redalda), Squeeze (Yinkin), Stay Awake (Voriof), True Parry (Babeestor Gor).

Hero Cults

Herocults of the Vinga the Adventurer subcult are noted here. The cult name is a link to an expanded description of the hero cult

Annwyth Odd Ears

Small hero cult who venerate Annwyth Odd Ears, a Vingkotling Age follower of Vinga who discovered The Path of Nine Cats. Her cult is based at Leaping Rock shrine in the Charandar Hills. Members can sacrifice there for the Call Alynx spell.

Kallyr the Dancer                                                                                           

Small, Pavis based hero cult.  Teaches the Dance spirit magic spell, the Sword Dance skill, and has a close connection to Drogarsi. Cult members can sacrifice for the divine magics Dance of Vinga and Wardance at the cult shrine (Hall of the Red Lady temple in the Rubble).

Tenostere of the Vestantes                                                                          

Dundealos tribe hero cult of the famous hero and companion of King Rastagar. Here she is venerated for her anti-sun cult powers.






Divine, 1 point, non-stackable, temporal.

All (1 use, Eurmal).

Any Eurmal holy site.


This spell doubles the basic APP of the target. Now matter how high APP goes, the target remains recognisable. (RQ)


Combat Healing  


Divine, Heroquest, 3 points, self, non-stackable, temporal.                                              

Adventurer/Spearwoman (AssocHQ/Bevara).                                      

The Three Hopping Things heroquest can be learnt, and the spell sacrificed for, at Tarthcaer and shrines on the Bevara Ridges only.

For the duration of the spell, the user may cast Healing magic on others in addition to any other acts. These spells do not take a combat action and can be combined with other actions and spell casting. All healing spells become ranged, so the user does not need to touch the injured person in order to use healing magic. (SP)


Comfort Song


Divine, 1 point, non-stackable, ranged, temporal.

Adventurer/Spearwoman (1 use/Chalana Arroy)


This spell allows the user to sing a Song of Power, which keeps all, who hear it from feeling pain, effectively anaesthetizing the body, while still permitting consciousness. It is often used during childbirth and after battles. Characters who would normally be incapacitated are not, though damage is unhealed. The spell requires a successful Sing roll to be effective. (RQ/J)


Destor's Sight
Divine, Heroquest, 1 point, self, non-stackable, temporal.                                           Adventurer/DarkStorm/Pathfinder (AssocHQ/Destor).

Sacred Top, Orlanth Victorious, Old Wind. Details of the Vinga is Saved by Destor heroquest at Tarthcaer, Notchet, and Pavis.

This is cast in any situation where the caster is in a situation where their escape looks to be almost impossible (trapped in an impregnable room, imprisoned in Aldryami brambles etc). If there is any possible escape route, no matter how dangerous, the caster will be made aware of it. If there are multiple escape routes, only one will be made known to the caster. (NE)


Dodge All Attacks


Divine, Heroquest, 4 points, non-stackable, self, temporal.              

Adventurer (HQ).

Details of the Vinga in The Black Forest myth are known to be held at the temples at Notchet, Jonstown, Tarthcaer, Pavis, and at Last Cast. Some sites in Esrolia.


The caster of this spell can make a Dodge attempt against all melee or missile attacks made on them. They have their full Dodge skill against the first attack; subsequent attacks cumulatively diminish Dodge by 10% per attack. (NE/J)




Ear-splitting Shriek


Divine, 2 points, non-stackable, ranged, instant.                                 

Defender Storm (Bevara), Adventurer/Spearwoman (1 use/Bevara).

Any Bevaran or Vingan site.             


An Ear-splitting Shriek affects one target per MP expended in the casting (but can only affect those who can hear it, the spell does not make the noise carry any further than normal). A POW vs. POW roll must be made, with the casters roll applying to all targets.  (P)

Fumble: caster stunned for 2d6 SR.

Fail: No effect

Success: Target stunned for 2d6 SR

Special: Target stunned for 3d6 SR

Critical: Target stunned for 4d6 SR and deafened until healed.



Divine, 3 points, one-use, special.                                                  Adventurer/Avenger/DarkStorm (1 use/Ernalda).                                                                                          At any Ernaldan temple.


Once bought, this is an automatic spell. The spell activates at the first time that the priestess touches the ground and her magic points or her POW drop to zero. It activates exactly as her POW drops to zero, preventing destruction of her soul, and allowing her to draw 1 POW and 1d8 magic points directly from the earth. If she has more than one Earthpower spell, all activate at once. (RQ)




Divine, 2 points, self, stackable, temporal.                                           


Available at all Vingan sites.


This spell must be cast upon an opponent in melee combat, repartee, or any other form of interpersonal competition.  The Vingan must overcome the MP of the target with her own to have an immediate effect.  Immediate effect is to completely entrance the target with the Vingan's weapon skill, witty tongue, etc.  The target, if so affected, cannot take any offensive action against the Vingan (although they may still defend themselves with parries if the Vingan continue to attack).  Furthermore, the target should act appropriately in other ways. If the initial effect fails, the Vingan may still attempt to overcome the target's MP every time she scores a special success in the appropriate combat or interaction skill so long as the spell is in effect. Every casting of the spell will affect an additional opponent. (Critter/J)




Divine, 1 point, self, non-stackable, temporal.                                     

Adventurer (1 use/Voria), The Loom Vows.

Available at any temple where the Loom Vows can be taken or a Voria site.

This spell allows the user to create flowers. When she touches any surface and expends a magic point, a pretty flower or spray of leaves unfurls on the spot touched. If the site is suitable for a small plant's growth, it takes root and sprouts. If the site is not suitable (such as behind someone's ear or on a tile floor) only the flower or leaves and a bit of stem appears, unconnected to the surface. She can continue thus creating flower's as she walks along until she runs out of magic points or the spell's duration expires. (RQ)

I'm Hardly Trying Yet

Divine, 1 point, self, non-stackable, temporal.


Only available at Tarthcaer. Only Storm Ladies can sacrifice for this spell.


This spell helps the caster to retain the appearance of being perfectly composed, barely exerting themselves, and will not be out of breath or at a loss for words for the duration of the spell. The person under the influence of this spell will display poise, grace, and radiate a daunting air of confidence in even the most appalling situation. It will appear to viewers that the character is not really having to make any effort at all. This has no effect on game mechanics but may possibly affect NPC reactions to the spell user. (J)





Divine, 1 point, touch, non-stackable, instant.                                                 

Adventurer/ Spearwoman (Voria), All others 1 use (Voria).                                                                          

Can be sacrificed for at any Vingan or Ernaldan temple, or Voria site.


This spell restores the fatigue level of the target, up to the maximum of their STR+CON minus ENC. The target’s previous fatigue points may have been positive or negative. (RQ)


Put Down Weapons


Divine, 2 points, ranged, stackable, temporal.

Adventurer/Pathfinder (1 use/Orventili).

Known to be accessible at many Orventili shrines across Kethaela and Kerofinela. Includes Clearwine, Nine Moss Hill, Greenstone, and GoodFields temples.

Once cast everyone within range will find themselves compelled to put their weapons down and stop fighting, or taking offensive actions of any kind. It is effective only against Orlanthi. To work, the caster must roll d100 and compare the results on the resistance table. All targets whose magic points would have been overcome are affected. For instance, a priest with 12 magic points rolled 52; all potential targets with 11 magic points or less are affected. The spell is ineffective unless everyone in the area of effect is affected. A target may voluntarily submit to the spell if they so wish. Stacking the spell gives the caster an extra effective 5 magic points for overcoming purposes per spell stacked. The effects of the spell end if the caster takes any offensive actions. (NE)


Shout of Command


Divine, 1 point, stackable, self,



Can be sacrificed for at any Vingan shrine or temple.


Based on the quote from the Harmastsaga. The caster may shout a short command (four words or less). The command will be heard by all targets within range no matter what they are doing and no matter what background noise there may be. Targets will obey the command if they fail a resistance roll- these targets include people on the caster’s side who are within range. Additional points of the spell may be used to extend its range of effect (doubling for each extra point). (JW/J/P)


"Stop this!" screeched a voice. It was so sharp it pierced Harmast's illness. The entire clearing froze from the command. One of the Vingan women was there, fiery eyed and snarling. Her javelin was poised, and at this range even Big Dick [a Storm Bull] could not dodge it. A crackling noise from it betrayed its magic. The huge man, still on his knees, froze." (JW)


Sleep Anywhere


Spirit, 2 points, non-stackable, touch, instant.

Adventurer/ DarkStorm/Pathfinder (Yinkin).

Can be learnt at any Yinkin shrine or temple.

When cast on a willing target, this spell puts the person to sleep, no matter what the external conditions are. The target must not resist this spell otherwise it will fail. (SP)


Sober Up


Spirit Magic, 2 points, touch, instant.                                       Adventurer/Spearwoman (Barntar).

Can be learnt from any Barntar site, or from any Barntar priest.

This spell causes the recipient to recover immediately from the effects of drinking alcohol. It removes all alcohol-based toxins, prevents a hangover and removes any skill loss. (SP/J)


Speak To Horses


Divine, 2 points, self, temporal.                                                           

Voudisea (Redalda), Adventurer/Spearwoman (1 use/Redalda).

Can only be sacrificed for at the Redalda shrine at Charandar’s Rest or at Voudisea shrines.

This allows the user to speak with the type of beast for the duration of the spell. This does not impart intelligence to the beasts, but does allow the user to have a conversation. If the beast needs to be convinced, an Orate, Fast Talk or similar skill must be used. Redalda grants this spell to her friend to aid her in her travels. (SP)


Spirit, variable, self, temporal.

Adventurer/DarkStorm (Yinkin).

This spell can be learnt at any DarkStorm or Yinkin site.


Each point of Squeeze gives the target one less effective SIZ point for trying to squeeze through small spaces. This can only halve the character's effective SIZ, no more. (NE)


Survive Battle


Divine, 2 points, self, non-stackable, temporal.                                      

Adventurer/Spearwoman (AssocHQ/Bevara).

Details of the Vinga’s Rough Day heroquest are widely known in Sartar. The spell may be sacrificed for at any Bevaran shrine or temple, or at Tarthcaer, or at Red Larch Hill, a small Vinga shrine in the Bevara Ridges, where Bevara once healed Vinga after she had been badly wounded by Zorak Zoran.

Once cast the caster will be bequeathed with a remarkable ability to avoid harm in the middle of a battle. All parry skills and the dodge skill are doubled, and any missile weapons are at half chance to strike the caster. This spell lasts until the duration passes or the caster attempts to take any offensive actions, including casting attack spells. (SP)




Divine, 1 point, non-stackable, self, instant.                                             


Can be sacrificed for at most Vingan temples.

This spell is used to provoke a reaction and requires an Oratory or Fast Talk roll. Success makes the person angry, a special success makes the person act without thinking, a critical success causes the person to attack the caster. A failure has no effect and a fumble makes the caster look stupid to everyone, including the taunter. Typical taunts are "Your mother mates out of season", “Any of you lads know any grown ups to help you fight us”, "We shagged your sister", calling Orlanthi "Sheep Shaggers", Praxians "Bison/Llama/Impala Shaggers" and so on. (SP/J)



There is Always A Way


Divine, 4 points, non-stackable, self, temporal.                                        

Avenger, Adventurer/DarkStorm (HQ).

The heroquest ritual for this spell is simple and widely known at Avenger shrines and temples. They are usually prepared to teach it to Adventurer cultists. Many Adventurer priestesses also know the secrets of the heroquest. The spell can be sacrificed for at any Avenger shrine or temple.


This spell may be used in one of four ways, to be chosen at casting.

The first use is as a form of divination. It enables the caster to seek a solution to a problem by thinking of another way to deal with it. In game terms this use is heavily dependant on GMD, and whether or not the GM believes that a solution to the problem is evident through observation or character knowledge. If the solution to the problem is based on something within Ernaldan or Orlanthi mythology, a useful mechanism is to allow the caster to make a lore roll, with the degree of success adjudicating the GM’s answer (as it seems that not even the most remarkable player will have as thorough a knowledge and understanding of the mythological environment as their character, especially if the character is a priestess). Bonuses should possibly be allowed for players who do use their knowledge of the appropriate mythology to suggest an appropriate solution.                                                  

It is best used to find a solution to a problem that players cannot solve themselves, although at best any answer from the GM should be vague, only hinting about a way to go about things. The spell also enables a GM to give a little ‘shove’ to an otherwise stalled scenario or situation if they wish to.                     

The other three uses are called Fight Harder (combat skills), Try Harder (non-combat/communication skills), and Be More Persuasive (communication skills). These provide skill bonuses equal to 50% of the characters base skill to all skills included within their category. They cannot be used to boost any skills already used in an attempt to solve a problem, so if fighting has not worked then the character can only Try Harder or Be More Persuasive etc.                  

It may be obtained via the ‘Vinga Finds A Way’ heroquest ritual of the Adventurer subcult. (J)


Tireless Dance


Divine, Heroquest, 1 point, ranged, duration 1 day.                                                       

Adventurer (AssocHQ/Drogarsi).


The Vinga and Drogarsi heroquest ritual is well known among Sartarite Adventurer cultists, less well-known elsewhere. Often taught to initiates, but rarely to non-members. Can be sacrificed for at any Drogarsi site.

For the duration of this spell, the target will find themselves capable of dancing without tiring. The spell lasts for a day, or until the user stops dancing in which case it expires.




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