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Anratha the Frontierswoman

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Anratha the Frontierswoman



Anratha the Frontierswoman is a hero cult of Vinga the Spearwoman found only in Prax. John Hughes and the Questlines team first created it for HeroWars (go here to see the original). The version presented here is that used in our campaign, John Hughes and Questlines bear no responsibility for any ‘heinous travesties’ of RuneQuest/HeroWars that may occur in this write-up.



Red Anratha was part of the expedition to establish New Pavis. She raised a band of women warriors, the Red Spears, to help in the fight to found the new settlement.

She was famed for her endurance and fierce will, boasting that she could outdo any man.

Anratha and Gwenllian Firehair, an Adventurer priestess, established the Vinga temple at Pavis in1553. Following her death in 1574, a shrine was established to her at the Pavis temple.



Cult Membership



The hero cult of Anratha the Frontierswoman can only be joined at the Pavis temple. Candidates must convince a cult priestess of their sincerity and commitment, and be a Pathfinder of good standing. They must sacrifice 1 POW at Anratha’s shrine.

All cult members must give 10% of their time to the cult. Most of this is spent with the Red Spears, guarding New Pavis and Pavis County, mainly from nomad and broo attacks. They also serve as guards and escorts for the Chalana Arroy temple in Pavis. They are required to attend Founder’s Day, the rituals that commemorate the consecration of the Pavis temple (Wind Day, Movement Week, Sea Season).

Members must give 10% of their income to the cult, but are able to train and learn spells from other cult members at half-price. It is usually possible to pay for training and magic by carrying out additional tasks for the cult, typically this involves patrol duties with the Red Spears.

Members of her cult can sacrifice for the Keep On Going spell, at her shrine in the Pavis Temple.






Keep On Going


Divine, 2 points, non-stackable, touch, special.

Pathfinder (Anratha the Frontierswoman).

Pavis Vinga temple.


This allows the recipient to complete a single nominated task without tiring or needing sleep. Once the task is completed, the full effects of the period without rest take effect. The task must be one that can feasibly be accomplished within a week or so (GMD), so no decisions to not sleep until the fall of the Lunar Empire for example.

GMD is especially important in judging how long the spell can or will last. This spell was converted from a HeroQuest feat for the cult of Anratha created by John Hughes. (JH/J)

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