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The Turquoise Tree

Hu the Sword

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Hu the Sword



This is our version of the Hu the Sword subcult of Humakt. This is the most common face of Humakt.  It is not yet complete; we have yet to decide whether or not to include other spells derived from Hero Wars.

Divine Magic


Destroy Shield, Great Blow, Truesword, Wounding Blow




Decapitate Foe



Decapitate Foe

Divine, 3 points, non-stackable, one held sword, temporal.

This spell may only be cast upon a sword. For the duration of the spell, the sword will only ever hit the head of an opponent. If they do not have a head, or if the head cannot be reached, then roll randomly. However, in any other circumstance it will only ever hit the head. The sword cannot be used for other aimed blow shots, or disarm chances etc. The sword will strike the wielders head if such a roll is called for on the fumble table. (NE)

Destroy Shield

Divine, 2 point, non-stackable, one held sword, temporal.

Any weapon parrying a sword bearing this enchantment takes full damage regardless of its APs. (P)

Great Blow

Divine, 1 point, stackable, one held sword, temporal.

Adds 1d6 damage bonus. (P)

Wounding Blow

Divine, 1 point, non-stackable, one held sword, temporal.

The damage done by a weapon bearing this spell is increased by 50% after armour. (P)