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Vinga the Defender Storm

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Vinga the Defender Storm



Vinga first revealed her Defender Wind when she fought Valind (see Storm Tribe), Ever since she has protected the Orlanthi against the worst ravages of Winter. Storm Tribe contains more details about this subcult in its Vinga write-up.

The Defender Storm subcult is small, even in Dragon Pass where it is at its most popular. There are few initiates or priestesses, but all Orlanthi communally worship the Defending Storm during the Defence Day rituals.

Cult members use the rituals and spells granted by the Defender Storm to hold back the onset of Winter, defend against Valind’s minions, and to protect the clan from the worst ravages of the cold.

The subcult follows standard Vingan cult organisation, membership, and requirements. Priestesses are occasionally titled Defending Daughters or Wind Daughters, but are more commonly known as Daughters of Vinga and have all standard Vingan responsibilities. They are responsible for the rituals that protect against Winter, and often serve their clans as advisors or clan ring members.



Ceremony, Clan Lore, Dance, Dodge, Oratory, Missile Attack, Run, Scan, Skate, Stormspeech, Summon, Vinga Lore, Wind Lore, Weapon Attack, Weapon Parry.

Spirit Magic

Demoralise, Diminish Wind, Eyes of Inora (Inora), Ignite, Protection, Spirit Screen, Warm Wind, Wind Aids Throw

Divine Magic

Cloud Clear, Command/Summon Sylph, Decrease Wind, Ear-splitting Shriek, Rain (Heler), Stop Wind With Shield, Wind Shield, Wind Warp.


Defeat Winter, Survive Winter


Melt Ice, Prevent Frost, Wash Away Snow

Associate Cult (Heroquests)

Endure Cold (Rigsdal)

Associate Cults

Bind Sylph (Heler), Drive Storm (Ohorlanth), Keep Fire Alight (Mahome), Ignore Cold  (Uroth), Mist Eyes (Voriof), Warm Blanket (Orane), Windblast (Helamakt)

The Loom House Vows

Members of this subcult can take The Loom House Vows (click here to view).


Hero Cults


Hero cults of the Vinga Defender Storm subcult are noted here. The cult name is a link to an expanded description of the hero cult


Alina the Earnest

Alina was a priestess of the Jerelling clan of the Locaem. She discovered how to summon Vinga’s Summer Wind. At her shrine, ThreePine Hill in the Charandar Hills, cult members can sacrifice for the Summer Wind spell.


Meredeth was a Vingan of the Blue Jay clan of the Dundealos tribe. She had a small stead at the base of Ezzjuzz Mountain, and is renowned for her love of swimming in cold pools, physical toughness, and friendship with the wind children of the mountain. She raised a warband to protect Ezzjuzz and its wind children, the Coldwater Sisters, who today keep her hero cult active and venerate the hero at her shrine at Coldwater Stead, where they can sacrifice for the Iceswim spell and emulate her deeds.

Tathwen Stormstrider

The Tathwen Stormstrider hero cult is best known by, and most popular among, the eastern tribes of Sartar. She was originally of the Black Pig clan of the Sylangi but joined the Harolli clan of the Dundealos on their journey into Dragon Pass. Later she married into the Kheldon tribe.

Tathwen heroquested to help the Dundealos tribe on many occasions, and protected the tribe and its allies from Valind in the difficult period following the Resettlement. She was famous for her ability to walk on clouds and hold back Valind’s gales. The cult is based at Lasting Mist Stead, Tathwen’s home in Lasting Mist Valley (just south of Poet’s Mountain). She is known to have a strong connection to Heler; Lasting Mist Valley contains a shrine to the Rain God and Tarena, the Blue Woman, his wife. Members of the cult can learn the details of her hero path and sacrifice for the Walk on Clouds spell there.



Decrease Wind


Divine, 1 point, stackable, 100m radius, temporal.

Defender Storm.

Any Defender Storm shrine.


This spell decreases the average wind STR by 1d6 for the duration of the spell. Each point used either reduces the wind STR by another 1d6 points or increases the radius of effect by 100m. This spell has no effect on temperature or wind direction. (RQ)


Defeat Winter


Divine, Heroquest, 3 points, self, non-stackable, temporal.                 

Defender Storm.                                                                                        

Ritual can only be learnt, and the spell sacrificed for, at Defender’s Fort and Tarthcaer.

The secret of Defeat Winter doubles the casters chance to defeat a Winter (Cold) based opponents in any kind of contest (skill, characteristic etc). (SP)

Diminish Wind


Spirit, variable, ranged, temporal.                                                                  

Defender Storm.                                                                                        Defender’s Fort and Tarthcaer only.


Diminish Wind lowers the speed of a wind by 1 mph per point of spell.


Drive Storm


Divine, 2 points, non-stackable, special range and duration.

Defender Storm (1 use/Ohorlanth).                                                        

This spell can be sacrificed for at any Orlanth temple.


This spell may be cast on any storm within visual range and lasts until the storm ends. It gives the chance to direct the storm. The success of this attempt is determined as follows; The total POW of the caster, his allied spirits, and allied or friendly storm spirits, must be calculated. The total is the percentage chance that the caster has to control the storm. Storms controlled by another may be directed, but this conflict of control must be resolved by the GM. (P)


Ear-splitting Shriek


Divine, 2 points, non-stackable, ranged, instant.                                  

Defender Storm (Bevara), Adventurer/Spearwoman (1 use/Bevara).

Any Bevaran or Vingan site.             


An Ear-splitting Shriek affects one target per MP expended in the casting (but can only affect those who can hear it, the spell does not make the noise carry any further than normal). A POW vs. POW roll must be made, with the casters roll applying to all targets.  (P)

Fumble: caster stunned for 2d6 SR.

Fail: No effect

Success: Target stunned for 2d6 SR

Special: Target stunned for 3d6 SR

Critical: Target stunned for 4d6 SR and deafened until healed.


Endure Cold


Divine, Heroquest, 2 points, non-stackable, self, temporal.                                            

Defender Storm (AssocHQ/Rigsdal).                                                             

Details of the Vinga Gets Left Out In The Cold heroquest known by most priestesses. Can be sacrificed for at any Rigsdal shrine, Defender’s Fort.
Endure Cold helps the worshipper endure extreme cold, biting winds etc. The caster takes only half-damage from Cold-based attacks, and can endure temperatures as low as -20
° centigrade (or winds as cold as -30° centigrade) without discomfort.  (NE/J)


Eyes of Inora


Spirit, 3 points, non-stackable, touch, temporal.                                         

Defender Storm (Inora).                                                                                               

Last Cast  and Defender’s Fort temples only.

This spell enables the recipient to see clearly even in the heaviest snowfall, as if it were a clear day. The range of this vision extends to a distance of 50 metres, beyond that, the spell is of no assistance. This is a power that Vinga gained from Inora as reward for saving her from a malevolent spirit that sought to consume her. (J)

Ignore Cold


Spirit, variable, touch, temporal.                                                                 

Defender Storm (Uroth).                                                                                     

Can be learnt at most Uroth sites.

For the duration of the spell the target gains two points of protection against cold-based damage per point of spell cast. If the target is using Protection, or some variant spell, only the highest protects. It does stack with Shield. (NE)

Keep Fire Alight

Spirit, variable, ranged, variable duration.                                                                                       Defender Storm (Mahome).

Can be learnt at any Ernaldan site.


This spell must be cast on already burning coals. For every point in the spell the coals will burn for an extra hour without needing attention. This spell cannot more than double the natural lifespan of a set of heated coals. (NE)

Melt Ice


Ritual ceremony.

Defender Storm.

Known at all Defender Storm, and most Vingan, sites.                                                                


It must be windy for this spell to work. Each participant contributes 1 Mp, the caster as many as they wish. For every 5 MP powering the spell, 100mē of ice will be melted. (P)




Spirit, 1 point, self, temporal.                                                                      

Defender Storm (Voriof).

Can be learnt at any Defender Storm or Voriof site.

A caster under the effects of a Mist Eyes spell can see clearly in fog or mist to a range of 50 metres. (P)

Prevent Frost


Ritual ceremony. 

Defender Storm.

Known at all Defender Storm, and most Vingan, sites.                                                                


It must be windy for this spell to work. Each participant contributes 1 Mp, the caster as many as they wish. For every 5 MP powering the spell, an area 100mē will be protected from the effects of the next frost. (P)




Divine, ranged, stackable, temporal.

All (1 use/Heler), Defender Storm (Heler).

Any Defender Storm site.


This spell can only be cast when the sky is at least 90% clouds. Rain will then fall within a 100m radius of the caster. Each extra Rain spell stacked together increases the radius of effect by 100m. The rain stops when the spell stops. (ROC/161)


See Through Rain


Spirit, 2 points, touch, temporal.                                                             

Defender Storm (Nevala).

Can be learnt at any Heler, Nevala, or Defender Storm site.


For the duration of the spell the target will suffer no penalties to visibility from rainfall. (NE)




Stop Wind With Shield


Divine, 1 point, stackable, self, temporal.                                             

Defender Storm.

Can be sacrificed for at any Vingan shrine or temple.


This spell summons a tiny portion of Vinga’s Defender Storm. It forms into a wind wall equal in size to two hoplite shields wide/high per point of spell. This wind wall will prevent the passage of any other winds through it (not including daimones), although the wind will still be able to find passage around the edges of the shield (obviously). The wall will move once each round to anywhere within 10 metres of its current location if the caster gives a short verbal command. If the caster uses a shield, and keeps it facing towards the oncoming wind, then the wind wall is enlarged as if an additional point of spell had been cast. This effect ends as soon as the casters shield changes facing away from the wind, but will resume as soon as it is facing the wind again. (J)


Survive Winter

Divine, Heroquest, 2 points, touch, non-stackable temporal.                                  

Defender Storm (HQ).

Ritual can only be learnt, and the spell sacrificed for, at Defender’s Fort and Tarthcaer.


For the duration of the spell the target is immune to any affects of snow, sleet, ice or hail including penalties to movement, suffering damage from the cold, but not visibility penalties. (NE)



Warm Wind


Spirit, 1 point, variable, ranged, temporal.                                                  

 Defender Storm.

Taught at all Defender Storm sites.


Every point of this spell increases the temperature of the prevailing wind by one degree centigrade. Multiple Warm Wind spells cannot be cast in a cumulative fashion on the same wind, only the highest will take effect. (J)


Wash Away Snow


Ritual ceremony. 

Defender Storm.

Taught at all Defender Storm sites.


It must be windy for this spell to work. Each participant contributes 1 Mp, the caster as many as they wish. For every 5 MP powering the spell, 100mē of snow will be washed away. (P)


Wind Blast


Divine, 1 point, stackable, ranged, instant.                                                     

Defender Storm (1 use/Helamakt).                                                                     

Can only be sacrificed for at some Helamakt shrines or at major Orlanth temples.


Creates a blast of wind that can knock its foes down in the desired target location. The windblast has an effective STR of 5d6 per point in the spell. It affects an area 5m in radius (radius doubles with each point beyond the first). (P)


Wind Aids Throw


Spirit, 2 points, self, non-stackable, instant.                                          

Defender Storm.

Taught at all Defender Storm sites.


This spell doubles the range (in all categories) of a single thrown javelin or spear if throwing downwind. It is not compatible with other range increasing spells.


Wind Shield 


Divine, 1 point, non-stackable, self, temporal.                                     

Defender Storm.

Can be sacrificed for at any Defender Storm shrine or temple.


This spell provides the caster with protection equal to that of a hoplite shield, as passive armour against missiles only. (P)


Wind Warp


Divine, 1 point, stackable, ranged, temporal.


This spell changes the wind direction by 1d10 degrees in the direction of the caster’s choice. Each additional point of the spell either adds 1d10 more degrees of directional change or increases the area of effect by 100 metres. When the spell ends, the wind hesitates, motionless for one melee round, then abruptly returns to its former direction. Small whirlwinds may form at the spell’s boundaries, where the wind is forced to clash with itself. (RQ)