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Tathwen Stormstrider

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Tathwen Stormstrider


The Tathwen Stormstrider hero cult was best known by, and most popular among, the eastern tribes of Sartar. Only the Kheldon (and a few Balkothi) venerate her now, her Dundealos followers all died in the 1618 rebellion.

Tathwen was originally of the Black Pig clan of the Sylangi but joined the Harolli clan of the Dundealos on their journey into Dragon Pass. Later she married into the Kheldon tribe.                              

She served as the Harolli Clan priestess of Vinga for many years and frequently heroquested to help both her clan and the Dundealos tribe on many occasions, protecting them from and its allies from Valind in the difficult period following the Resettlement. Tathwen discovered a hero path to the Storm Age while seeking an ancient Vingan site near Poet’s Mountain, and returned with the ability to walk on clouds, earning her the name Stormstrider, and a strong connection to Heler. She was famous for her kindness, skill at ritual magic, and dedication to her clan.

After her marriage she carried on her work, this time in the service of her new clan, but always remained willing to train others, especially women of the Dundealos. When her husband died she became a temple priestess at Last Cast and spent her last years there, teaching lore to eager Vingans.

Her apprentice, Daldra the Quick, completed her hero path, as did several others, and they began the tradition at Last Cast of sacrificing to Tathwen on Defence Day. This evolved over time into regular worship, and a shrine to Tathwen was constructed at the temple. A small but steady stream of followers has attended ever since.

The cult is at best loosely organised and centres on Last Cast, although several of her followers have recently re-built Tathwen’s stead in Lasting Mist Valley and are planning to establish a Vinga shrine there. Most members remain with their clans, living life as normal, and only meeting for rituals.



Cult Membership



Vingans from the Defender Storm subcult who wish to join Tathwen’s cult can do so at Last Cast. They must be an initiate or priestess in good standing, and known to the examining priestess, who must be convinced of their sincerity.  Candidates must also sacrifice 1 POW at the shrine at Last Cast and take the following geas.


        Always perform any reasonable task requested by a priest of Heler


It should be noted that cult members are not expected to perform such services for free, they are expected to help the Heleran but may negotiate reasonable payment if the task is difficult, dangerous, or will take a long time.

Cult members do not spend 10% of their time in service to the cult. All of Tathwen’s rituals are performed as part of Defender Storm rituals that they would be attending anyway, and the cult has no organised activities per se. Members are required to devote that 10% of their time and income that they would normally devote to the cult, to their clans instead. Tathwen’s followers consider Loyalty-Clan to be a highly important virtue.


Members of the cult can sacrifice for the Walk on Clouds spell (1 use) at Last Cast. Experienced and trusted members of the cult can learn the secrets of Tathwen’s hero path, and normally receive full cult support if they attempt it. It allows access to Walk on Clouds as a reusable spell; several heroquestors have returned with other Heleran powers as well, at least one gained an allied undine from her heroquest.








Walk on Clouds


Divine, Heroquest, 1 point, ranged, stackable, duration one hour.                                 

Defender Storm (Tathwen Stormstrider).                                                      

Last Cast temple, Lasting Mist Valley.


For the duration of the spell the caster treats clouds as if they were solid ground, allowing them to walk on them. Not only can they fly up to clouds and settle on them using this spell, but they can also summon cloud spirits and take hold of them and fly away. Whilst in effect the caster cannot choose to ignore the physical aspect of clouds, although should they fall on one they suffer no damage (what can I say, clouds cushion a fall quite well). Every additional point doubles the duration. (NE)

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