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Pelessa OakHeart

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Pelessa OakHeart




Pelessa OakHeart was a famous Vingan warrior of the Red-Headed Lodge of the Berennethtelli tribe. She followed the ancient ways of Vinga the Spearwoman.

Pelessa defended her clan against many foes, and twice saved Berenstead from destruction. After a long time serving her clan (RedOak) she married into the Black Spear clan of the Koroltes and retired from the cult of Vinga, choosing to serve Ernalda instead. She and her husband, Fost Broadshoulders (a quiet man of considerable presence), lived a happy life and had three children, content in their stead at Brightwater. She became a member of the clan ring, well known for her persuasive speeches and intractability, as well as her loyalty to her new clan.

Pelessa called upon Vinga once more, in 375 S.T. when Elmal was Unhorsed, and the lives of her people were at risk. She and her family died in 379 S.T. when the victorious hordes of Nysalor ravaged the Black Spear tula following the defeat of Garindarth and the Heortlings at the Battle of Night and Day. Pelessa fought for hours before she was killed, enabling many of her clan to escape into the hills. The descendants of the clan have sacrificed to her, and honoured her memory ever since. The hero cult has since spread and many clans maintain a shrine to her, seeking Pelessa’s aid against their foes, and her strength to help defend the clan.



Cult Membership



Pelessa’s hero cult is small in Sartar. Most worshippers are Esrolian, where her worship is comparatively common, and the cult can be joined at many small shrines. These shrines teach the Stubborn Defence divine spell, as well as the spirit magic spells of Bladesharp and Protection. The temple of Vinga at Notchet houses a small shrine to Pelessa. The cult is often called Pelessa Spearthane by Esrolian worshippers.

Any Vingan who wishes to join her cult must pass a brief test (three skills from the subcult list), sacrifice 1 point of POW, and take the following geas.


        Never flee or surrender if defending the clan tula.



Initiates must spend 20% of their time in service to the cult; this is usually spent in rituals or on fyrd duty. Priestesses devote 90% of their time to the cult, often acting as champion or warband leader. The cult prizes Loyalty and Tenacity as virtues, but expects all members to exemplify Vingan virtues.






Stubborn Defence


Divine, 3 points, non-stackable, self, special.

Spearwoman (Pelessa Oakheart)

Various clan shrines in Esrolia, and shrine at Notchet temple. Some shrines in Sartar.


The Stubborn Defence spell works only if the caster is defending her clan (real, adopted, or closely allied, GMD) from attack. It imbues the caster with iron will, rendering her immune to Demoralise and Fear, and provides a +3 bonus to effective POW for resistance rolls against Befuddle and Madness spells.

The caster has all parry skills increased by 50% and endures damage as if they were affected by a Berserk spell. The spell lasts for the duration of one battle, even if it consists of several distinct phases (GMD). It ends when the threat to the clan is defeated or the current battle ends. New threats to the clan require a new spell to be cast. (J)

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