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Lallara ShadowWalker

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Lallara ShadowWalker



The hero cult of Lallara ShadowWalker is based in Esrolia, and fairly recent in origin (1568 S.T.).

Lallara was a Vingan of the Danmath Clan from the northern Welk Hills. Her clan venerated Argan Argar and was well known for its links with Darkness cults. Her father was a hunter and she spent much of her youth learning the craft of the hunt. Mostly this came from his stories and descriptions of animals, but as she grew older he allowed her to accompany him on more and more hunts. She grew up to fit, hardy, and extremely agile, filled with a wanderlust that lead her to apprentice herself to the Pathfinder subcult following the Ernaldan rites.

She completed her apprenticeship successfully and was noted as a model student, dedicated to the goddess and full of promise. Following this Lallara joined the Dark Walkers, a warband that provided escorts and guides for Argan Argar and Ernalda cultists travelling to the troll settlements far to the north, at Dagori Inkarth and Skyfall Lake. Lallara served in the Dark Walkers for five years, acquiring a reputation as a cunning, bold, and highly skilled warrior.

On a trip to the Vinga temple in Notchet, Milysara Blackhelm, a priestess of the Six EarthShadow Sisters, recruited her into the DarkStorm subcult.

Lallara served the Six EarthShadow Sisters for years, becoming one of their most trusted Blade Daughters, and a powerful priestess of the Estrel Dalathae hero cult. She travelled the Holy Country and beyond, always faithfully fulfilling her duties.

She became an expert in the lore of her cult, studied ancient mysteries, and travelled to many Uz settlements seeking further knowledge. This she used to complete many of the heroquests of her cult and gained great Darkness powers as a result.

The event for which Lallara is principally venerated however, occurred on a journey to the Kitori Wilds to seek an ancient site where Vinga is said to have met Argan Argar. In the dark woods of the Wilds she discovered an ancient place and spoke with Dark spirits. They told her of an ancient path to the Storm Age, and of a battle in which Vinga and Zorak Zoran had fought as allies. Lallara successfully travelled to the Storm Age and returned bearing the Loincloth of Kesg Gas; she fashioned it into a cloak that surrounded her with shadows and concealed her movements.

Almost nothing is known about her hero path; only the most experienced and devout members of the Six EarthShadow Sisters receive instruction in its secrets.

Lallara continued to serve her cult until her death in 1520 S.T. Her cloak was taken to the Vinga temple at Ernalda’s Home, and later became the focal point of a shrine to Lallara, established by her assistant, Branwa Keryrsdottir, the first to successfully complete her hero path.


Cult Membership



Membership in this cult is limited to followers of the Six EarthShadow Sisters; it does not exist independently of that organisation. It is a small hero cult about which little is known, save that its high priestess is called the Shadow Dancer,

Would-be members must sacrifice 1 POW at Lallara’s shrine to join the cult, and pass a test set by the Shadow Dancer..

Cultists may sacrifice for the Shadow Slip spell at Lallara’s shrine (1 use). If they are judged sufficiently able and devout by the Shadow Dancer, they will be taught the secrets of Lallara’s hero path, and receive cult support if they attempt it.

Thos who succeed are able to sacrifice for the divine magic spells Shadow Slip (re-usable) and Shadow Call (1 use ever/Argan Argar). They often return with other powers related to Darkness.

Cult members must devote 5% of their time to the performance of cult duties; this is spent performing rituals specific to the cult and includes sacrifices to Argan Argar.

In all other respects the cult is part of the Six EarthShadow Sisters, and its training, organisation, and magic follow the details outlined in the write-up of that organisation.




Shadow Call


Divine, Heroquest, 1 point, stackable, ranged, temporal.

DarkStorm (Lallara ShadowWalker/ HQ, 1 use, Argan Argar).

Members of the Six EarthShadow Sisters use this spell for undercover work; they allow access to the secrets of the heroquest ritual to very few others.

Can only be sacrificed for at her shrine at Ernalda’s Home, or at a great temple to Argan Argar (following completion of the ShadowWalker hero path).


This calls up a somewhat corporeal shadow whose dimensions vary (shifting all the time at the edges) but it ranges from 10 to 20 (2d6+8) meters in diameter with a height one-quarter that. Though it cannot do any damage, it has 1d6 hit points per point in the Shadow Call. It is too immaterial to be damaged by physical weapons; Disruption spells or the like do harm it. It has magic points equal to the caster when she creates it. It has a movement rate of 5, and will move only when the caster concentrates and instructs it. When the shadow is not moving the spell is passive.

When additional points of this spell are stacked together, the volume covered does not change, but the darkness deepens. One point of the spell creates a haze in sunlight. Two points cancel the effects of sunlight on light-sensitive beings, as in the evening. Three points make a shadow equivalent to what can be seen on a moonlit night. Four points create a pitch-black area.

Fire or other illumination within such magic can be seen, but it illuminates nothing. (RQ)


Shadow Slip


Divine, Heroquest, 4 point, touch, non-stackable.                                     

DarkStorm (Lallara ShadowWalker/ 1 use or HQ)

Members of the Six EarthShadow Sisters use this spell for undercover work; they allow access to the secrets of the heroquest ritual to very few others.

Can be sacrificed for, as a 1-use spell only at the Vinga temple at Ernalda’s Home (Esrolia). May be sacrificed for on a re-usable basis following the completion of the ShadowWalker hero path.


The spell envelops the caster in a cloak like shadow. This makes the caster harder to hit (-25% to hit) as well as decreasing his opponent's parry or dodge by -25% against the caster. As a side effect the casters Hide and Sneak will also be enhanced by 50% in a shadow filled environment. (RQ/J)

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