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Koffer was a warrior of Stout Oak clan of the Stravuli during the Dawn Age. Little about his life is known other than that he was a great warrior who was renowned for his skill at fighting in hilly terrain, his endurance, and his loyalty to his clan. He led his clan to settle the hills that now bear his name and defended them from the Uz who once lived there.

His most famous act was the slaying of the Two Ravenous Brothers, mighty Uz warriors who led bands of raiders against his people. It was an epic battle that lasted for three days; Koffer and his warband ran rings around the trolls, harassing most them into retreat. Soon only the Two Ravenous Brothers were left; Koffer used his hill-running ability to harry them with javelins, carry out surprise attacks, and eventually killed them by inflicting many small injuries on them without ever staying still long enough for them to hurt him back.

Koffer defeated many other foes of his clan and when he died he was buried with great ceremony in the Moundgraves. Many of his clan and their descendents offered him sacrifices to honour his memory and even today most clans folk descended from the Stout Oak maintain a household shrine to him. The Stravuli warband consecrated a shrine to him at his grave, so that they could honour his great deeds and sacrifice to his memory.

Cult Membership



Membership of his cult was quite common in the Dawn Age, but sank when the EWF fell and has never quite recovered. Little is known about him except in those clans descended from the Stravuli, and even in them his worship is not widespread.

Members of Koffer’s hero cult (rare in these troubled times) can sacrifice for the Hill Ranging spell at his shrine in the Moundgraves or at any clan shrines to him.

The cult can be joined by sacrificing 1 POW at any shrine dedicated to him. Members must devote 10% of their time to the cult, most of which is spent serving in the fyrd (of a clan that venerates him).

Koffer is a hero cult of Orlanth Adventurous.



Hill Ranging

Divine, 2 points, non-stackable, touch, temporal.

This spell allows the recipient to run over the named terrain as if it were flat land. The recipient incurs no movement penalties when running over hilly terrain and the spell increases their movement rate by three (this requires no additional FP expenditure). It also enables them to safely make standing jumps of up to 100 metres horizontally or 50 metres vertically (still requires a Jump roll). It adds 25% to Run and Jump skills. These physical enhancements are only effective in hilly terrain (no, the top of a hill doesn’t necessarily count, GMD). (J)