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The Turquoise Tree

Vanganth the Flyer

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Vanganth the Flyer




This section details the skills and spells of the Vanganth subcult. It is not yet complete; we have yet to decide whether or not to include other spells derived from Hero Wars.





Standard Orlanth Adventurous + Fly, Vanganthi Fighting Style, Wind Lore.

Must have 30% or more in Stormspeech to initiate into this subcult.


Spirit Magic


Standard Orlanth Adventurous + Fly Fast, Read Foe, Speedart, Vanganth’s Strength.


Divine Magic


Standard Orlanth Adventurous + Avoid Storms, Death From Above, Eaglestrike, Scream of Fear




Standard Orlanth Adventurous + Into Middle Air



Associate Cults


Standard Orlanth Adventurous.


Other Notes


All Vanganthi are trained in the Vanganthi Fighting Style.


Vanganthi Fighting Style

Agility (Base 00%)

This skill is a cult secret of the Vanganth cult. The cultist learns to sweep in very fast and attack an opponent from above, preventing them from getting any return attack. When attacking normally like this, the flying attacker would swoop down, attack and the defender would receive an attack of opportunity (see RuneQuest combat section). However, if the attack roll is under Vanganthi Fighting Style skill the attacker can make an attack, and the defender will not receive an attack of opportunity. If you use riposte rules, the attacker is still entitled to such an attack. For every point of ENC the character has, this skill is reduced by one percentile (just as with Dodge etc). (NE)



Avoid Storms

Divine, 1 point, self, stackable, temporal.

This spell allows a Vanganthi to avoid the dangers of a storm whilst flying, such as debris, lightning, torrential rain, thunderclaps and high winds. The Vanganthi will simply fly around unhindered. Each point will allow the caster to ignore two levels of storm whilst flying, so an Avoid Storm 1 will avoid the dangers of a breeze, whilst an Avoid Storm 4 will render him immune to a Hurricane. Refer to RuneQuest in the Ships and Sailing chapter for the levels of a storm. (NE)


Death from Above


Divine, 1 point, non-stackable, self, special.                     


This allows the Vanganthi to make a ‘strafing run’ over their target. One missile attack may be made at full damage, doubled, during the attack sequence. This spell stacks with Speedart and MultiMissile but not Firearrow or Sureshot. (P)




 Divine, 2 points, non-stackable, self, special.                                      


This spell is used in conjunction with a diving attack. The caster is able to add falling damage to their damage modifier for the dive attack against a single target. The caster only takes falling damage if they fumble their attack roll. (P)


Fly Fast 


Spirit, variable, self, temporal.                                                   


Every point adds one to the casters flying movement rate. Every 5 points (or fraction of) this spell costs an additional FP a turn. (P)


Into Middle Air

Divine, Heroquest, 3 points, touch, non-stackable, temporal.
Normally those who fly can only fly so high, even the sorcery magic of the meldeks can only take you as high as the tallest mountain, and the normal rune magic can only take you twice as high. This spell allows a Vanganthi to fly higher than that, as high as the Red Moon itself, the entire realm of Middle Air. Of course, the Vanganthi will have to have numerous points of Avoid Storm and Extension to make this possible, but a small temple has enough magic to achieve this. This spell is also used to begin many Vanganthi Heroquests. (NE)


Read Foe

Spirit, variable, touch, temporal.

Allows the recipient to predict an opponent's attack just before it is made, thus effectively raising their Dodge skill by 5% per point of spell. (JW)


Scream of Fear


Divine, 1 point, stackable, self, temporal.                       


This spell must be stacked with Death from Above or Eaglestrike. It acts as a reversed Morale spell on the unit attacked (-5% attack per point of spell). If the target of an Eaglestrike spell that has been cast in conjunction with the Scream of Fear is killed, then all within a ten-metre radius are demoralised until the spell ends. The spell will finish early if the flyer attacker ceases to be a threat. (P)


Vanganth's Strength


Spirit, variable, self, temporal.

For every point of this spell, the caster's effective ENC is reduced by 3 points for the purposes of calculating weight for the Flight spell. For instance, normally Varak the Vanganthi is SIZ 12 and carries 12 ENC, thus requiring a Flight 3 to move. However, if he casts 4 points of Vanganth's Strength this will be reduce his effective ENC to zero for the purposes of the Flight spell and he will only need a Flight 2. This does not lower ENC for any other purpose, such as Dodge, Swim, or casting magic, nor give any fatigue points back to the character. (NE)