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Vingan Sexuality



Excerpt from the journals of CopperSkull, Sword Sage of the Turquoise Tree Clan.


       I overheard the following while drinking in the Arm of Pavis tavern. Part of a conversation between Serenity Macleod and several pretty Pavic women, it discusses (briefly) the topic of Vingan sexuality.

No. It’s not like that at all.

I have  often heard it said that we are lesbians, or women of easy virtue, and spend most of our time on our backs. Utter nonsense. It is true that most Vingans enjoy sex (when it’s done right) but that’s about the extent of the issue. It’s just sex.

I know that men love to tell tall tales about Vingans and their sexual exploits, but as I have already explained, this is more a demonstration of their insecurities, and obsession with sex, than an accurate representation of the truth. We have much the same attitude towards sex as any other Orlanthi.

       Fireside tales about sex and the sexual exploits of this or that group are harmless enough, as much idle and entertaining conversation as anything else. We all like a good story but I get pretty pissed off when I hear some inbred, sheep-shagging hillbilly suggesting that sex with almost anything that moves is the normal way to success for Vingans, or that we encourage lesbian relationships and the disintegration of ‘traditional’ family values.

              In relationships or marriages, most Vingans keep to their vows, although some individuals buck this trend  (as in all groups). It is true that some Vingans are lesbian and often in long-term relationships with other women, but the percentage of women in the cult who are same-sex orientated is only slightly higher than in other female-only cults (even those associated with ‘family values’ such as Orane and Mahome). Even if this were not the case, and Vingans were by-and-large a cult of lesbian warriors, I still fail to see what the problem would be, there is nothing wrong or immoral about same-sex relationships.

          A considerable minority of Vingans could be best described as bisexual, with leanings either way. Sex is just sex after all, and the pleasure that you derive from it is what matters, not the gender of your partner. We Vingans tend to see fun and intimacy, not procreation, as the main purpose of sex, and are not therefore innately biased towards sexual relationships that could result in pregnancy (or the issues of conquest and domination that accompany it).  Besides, men find women sexually attractive; why then are they surprised that some of us agree with them (yes, I have actually agreed with a man before, although I think I was drunk at the time).

       I suspect that part of the problem is that many men perceive lesbians to be ‘poaching on their territory’, and resent them primarily for that reason. They struggle to control their egos, and most just cannot comprehend how a woman could fail to want him.

        It should be pointed out that in no way can women be described as the property of men, and are thus at no point their ‘territory’. These men are missing the point anyway; lesbians do not want to sleep with them. Given that this is the case, it seems pathetic that some men whine about lesbian relationships. They’re not interested lads, so what have you lost? Nothing. Why? Because you never had anything resembling a chance in the first place. 

       Sure, a cottar might marry the daughter of a king, but it’s not very likely is it; I have as little patience with blokes who whinge on about lesbians as I would with a stickpicker who complained that princes and kings kept on pulling all the princesses. It may not be fair, but then I don’t ever recall being told that life was fair.

       Many men feel threatened by our independence and ability. Their stories about Vingans sleeping around are attempts to denigrate us, almost a suggestion that we accomplish our goals by sleeping our way to the top, not through skill and devotion to the Goddess and our people. Not that it should matter if we did, men seemed to be praised for such activities, just look at Orlanth.

      As with any society or cult, there are Vingans whose behaviour goes beyond typical social constraints. People with a vested interest in portraying Vingans as sex-crazed nymphets, women of loose morals etc then use these individuals as an example of ‘typical Vingan behaviour’. This is about as logical a step as concluding that because some men follow Urox, all men are psychopaths.

      Vingans may well be more adventurous and out-going than many Orlanthi women, but that does not make us sexual deviants. Putting up with a hairy-arsed, unwashed, bearded primitive for most of your life, that’s deviant.

      The long and short of it is as follows. Vingans are no worse than any unattached male when it comes to sex. Many men are celebrated for their prowess and sexual exploits (among men anyway, most women have a different opinion), so I fail to see why it should be an issue if a Vingans does the same. Unless of course it is suggested that Orlanth was wrong to make the Goddess one of the Thunder Brothers. Not   many men would have the balls to make that suggestion to my face though.

Maybe we should sit at home while the men have all the fun. Yeah, right! Make me!

Anyhow girls, fancy another drink?


At this point Serenity went to the bar, pausing only to warn me to stop eavesdropping. I decided to leave, a midget with her reputation threatening to defenestrate you can be quite unsettling. Especially when you are underground, and know that she genuinely believes that there is always a way. And is willing to try.

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