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The Turquoise Tree


The Company of the Turquoise Tree
Cult List
The Dundealos
Comments and Events
Twilight 2010 Characters and NPCs

      The Company spent the early part of the year at the Arm of Pavis, training and performing cult duties. Serenity and Fost spent a lot of time together, leading to speculation that they might marry. The expansion of the Arm of Pavis complex began in earnest. Hall of the Red Lady built.


Adventures in Sun County


     The Company spent Fire Season working for the Sun Domers. They spent most of this time hunting down chaos beasts, although they also dealt with a hazia smuggling gang, killed a vampire, and freed some slaves. Tarn WildBow served with The Company as a guide and later became a member of the group. They were well paid and returned to Pavis to spend their earnings.

It was not until Sea Season that The Company undertook any expeditions other than anti-chaos patrols in the Rubble. Their next adventure was a disaster, resulting in the loss of The Company’s leader and a humiliating retreat for the group, their expedition to Dyskund Caverns. 



Dyskund Caverns


Vega Goldbreath approached the remnants of The Company with an offer of employment. She believed that there was some kind of Chaos cult operating in Sun County (she suspected it was Thanatari) and wanted them to track it down and deal with it.The Company readily agreed to her request and set off almost immediately.


Kallyr, Fost, Grunth, Kenwyn, Dana, Tarn


They travelled to Sun County and began their investigations, using information that Vega had provided as a start point. After ten days or so of investigation they narrowed down the location of the cults base to a remote area, which they then proceeded to search thoroughly.

They spent some time searching the region until they met some locals who informed them that there was a cavern system in the area that could be accessed through a nearby sinkhole. Having exhausted all other options the group decided to investigate the caverns.

A local farmer proved helpful; looking after their riding beasts while they prepared to enter the cavern (he later turned out to be a cultist. Never mind, he’s dead now). They set up ropes and entered the caverns.

Initially they encountered no opposition, and they advanced cautiously into the tunnels that lay beyond the bottom of the sinkhole. They were then attacked by a small group of cultists, who quickly retreated into the tunnels after suffering several casualties.

The party slowly advanced further into the complex. They decided that any potential opponents were already aware of their presence and used a chisel to mark the route they too, heedless of the noise this caused. As they advanced they saw few signs of occupation, and even fewer signs of opposition. Increasingly nervous they continued travelling into the tunnels.

After a couple of hours of wandering they found a very narrow bridge over a chasm, this led to a large room in which they were attacked by a horde of zombies. They held their ground well and soon began to thin the ranks of the undead. Then they pushed forwards, driving their foes before them. It was then that the Mad Head Ghosts attacked, supported by cultists.

The Company was left reeling by a series of frenzied assaults. Wraiths attacked and were slain. More zombies joined the melee. Magical attacks damaged the group and many of their own spells were dispelled. The ghosts attempted to possess Grunth and Kenwyn but failed, they were however a serious impediment to their ability to fight. The cultists proved to be competent warriors, the high priest especially so. He drove Fost back, wounding him badly, and also gave Serenity a nasty wound.

The situation was becoming increasingly bad and The Company decided to retreat, hopefully to a stronger position where they could heal up and re-cast their defensive magics. They pulled back slowly, heavily pressed by their opponents. Fost and Serenity held the entry to the bridge for thirty seconds or so, buying some time for the rest of the group, but were then forced back across the bridge.

 As they retreated Serenity used a Shout of Command spell and by some miracle, it affected all of the cultists on the narrow bridge, who promptly jumped to the left as per her command (she claims it was the grace of Vinga). They all fell into the chasm, enough of a fall to kill most of them (except for the person wanted dead most of all, the high priest. This bought the group precious time as they hurriedly retreated.

They were attacked several times along the way but their attackers were disorganised and easily brushed aside. Conscious that the main body of cultists had been rallied by the high priest and was not far behind them, they moved quickly indeed.

When they arrived at the base of the sinkhole The Company found that their ropes had been removed. The once-friendly farmer was now armed with a spear and standing at the top of the long shaft, laughing at them and taunting them about the suffering they would endure at the hands of the cultists.

Fost realised that the main body of cultists had just arrived and ran to the cavern entrance, holding it against their initial attacks. The other members of the group helped where they could, most were too wounded to be of any real assistance.

Serenity cast Breathe Water on the farmer and then used a sylph to fly to the top of the shaft while he was choking. He had just dispelled the spell when she arrived at the top of the sinkhole and killed him with her first blow. The sylph returned to the wounded members of the group and began to transport them to the surface, Serenity stayed on the surface in case more cultists were present. After all of the group but Fost had been moved to the surface she went down to look for him, arriving just in time to see him prone and being stabbed repeatedly. A small horde of cultists then rushed her, in her heavily wounded state she knew she could not possibly defeat them and so she flew to safety.

The Company returned to Harpoon and reported to Vega, who immediately sent Templars and militiamen to investigate. The group remained in Harpoon and recuperated, some had serious wounds that took some time to heal. The Templars returned a few days later; the cavern’s occupants had fled, taking Fost’s body with them.  The Company returned to Pavis in a highly dispirited mood.
The Company spent the next season at the Arm of Pavis, recovering and training. Serenity took over the leadership of the group following Fost’s death at Dyskund Caverns.




Misadventures in Sun County

The Company became involved in a series of mini-adventures in Sun County. They fought some undead, chaos creatures, and really annoyed the Sun Domers. Kallyr returned with a griffin-shaped brand on her forehead.
Kallyr, Lucifer, Raena, Tarn, Dana


Old Friends


     The Company returned to Pavis and spent most of the rest of the year ‘doing their own thing’. Mostly this involved fulfilling cult obligations and training. In Serenity’s case it involved killing Grunth in a duel; the pair argued and an overconfident Grunth challenged her to a duel. She easily slew him. The Company was not sad to see him go, he had been a disruptive influence in the group.

     Two days before the start of Sacred Season a familiar figure, clad in black leather and riding a bison, approached the Arm of Pavis. Guards immediately notified Serenity, who was overjoyed to find that Lucifer had indeed returned from Dorastor. She was so pleased that she hugged him (although she did look mildly irked when he patted her head and told her that he’d forgotten how short she was).  The Company had a massive celebration that evening.

     Lucifer was as taciturn as ever when questioned about his time in Dorastor, uttering only the now-famous phrase; “Had to live on a farm for a while, pulled a nymph, killed some stuff, got bored, so I came home”. He did inform them that Taka and Miko had travelled back from Dorastor with him, but had travelled to Alone and would be joining them some time after Storm Season.


             (+Lucifer, Miko, Ming Lee, Gemella,Taka, Tarn WildBow; - Fost, Grunth)