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The Turquoise Tree

Akara Krinir

The Company of the Turquoise Tree
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Cat loving troublemaker 

Sartarite priestess of Yinkin. Believed to be the child of a wealthy family who was disowned when she joined the cult of Yinkin and became a thief. Otherwise uncertain background.
Akara is short, dark-haired and very pretty.
Company scout and procurement/intrusion specialist.

Akara is a skilled warrior with her claws and swordstave, using her athleticism and speed to good effect. She is a skilled martial artist, good enough that even Kallyr was mildly impressed when she saw Akara fight. Her stealth skills are the most impressive thing about her however, few members of The Company are capable of spotting her when she is hiding or sneaking (and they generally know to look for her). She has also proved to be skilled at intrusion and intelligence gathering, skills that make her an exceptionally good addition to The Company and will add another dimension to their range of activities/area of operations.
She seems to be typically Yinkini, a sensual being who enjoys the finer things in life. It has been observed that she enjoys the company of good-looking men (especially Yinkini), fine beverages, and comfortable lodgings. She hates the undead, recently she and Serenity have spent much of their spare time ghost-hunting.
Akara is accompanied by her allied spirit, an alynx.


Played by Kerry.
Akara says

"When you die I will treasure your equipment always."

"Is that the law or merely a guideline?"

"You're such a gentleman. How very dull."

"I thought i was the bitch. Then i met Kallyr."

"If you didn't want it stolen then you shouldn't have left it in such an easily accessible safe behind only six locked doors guarded by big men."

Others say

         "Aw, look at the pretty putty tat."