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The Turquoise Tree


The Company of the Turquoise Tree
Cult List
The Dundealos
Comments and Events
Twilight 2010 Characters and NPCs

Journey into Sartar

The Company had much that they wanted to do in Sartar so decided to head there before pursuing their missions elsewhere. A large group headed out from the Arm of Pavis including several new members of The Company.
En route they stopped off at the ruined tula of the Macleod clan and stayed at Bjarnni's place. Serenity went to look over her birthplace and encountered the ghostly spirits of the Dundealos tribal ring. They  bestowed the title of tribal queen on her and gifted her with a gold torc holding powerful magics. The group beat up on some Lunars in a nearby fort.
They then travelled into Sartar, stopped off in the Lismelder lands briefly to finds Fost's family and catch up with old friends, met Delecti to negotiate a temporary truce (at the request of Starbrow) and then beat up on more Lunars. The Company then split into two. Fost's group headed to Tarsh (on holiday) and Serenity's group headed off to Notchet. 

Holiday in Tarsh

A holiday in Tarsh for some members of The Company. Fost led a 'diplomatic mission' to Tarsh to secure new allies while Kallyr and Lucifer had to go to Notchet and do some work.
Fost and his minions helped deal with Lunar collaborators,agitators and spies, establish an Overtribe amongst the Tarsh Exiles, travelled to Furthest and fought a bunch of Krassht worshippers. Adventure concluded with a massive battle against a manifestation of Krassht summoned by the groups foes. They succeeded in defeating it but only because Jar-Eel turned up to help.  Fost got married to a bimbo.
Fost, Miko, Scratch-E, Flower, Rumpol, Bettsinna

The Battle of Notchet

A party led by Serenity headed towards Notchet to investigate the political situation there and see if they could throw a spanner in the works of Lunar agitators and collaborators there.
To cut a long story short, they got into some trouble, met Harrek the Beserk (again), made friends with a bunch of criminals, Serenity acquired a new ward (Trouble), they killed many people in a big battle outside the city and then went home again. Fairly standard activities for a group led by Serenity and Lucifer.
Serenity, Lucifer, Rhodry, Randala, Ming Lee.

The Eye of Wakboth

Lucifer, Kallyr, Kardala, Thorfinn, Copperskull.

This adventure started when Lucifer (helped by Kardala) was asked to deal with a series of murders and disappearances happening in Pavis.The chase eventually led him to an underground complex at the Pavis Theatrewhere he fought a lightweight sorceror type called Glim Glim and his ogre chums, freed some prisoners and then found a secret tunnel. Along the way he encountered, survived, and made friends with, a bunch of Mostali warriors.


Lucifer was determined to explore the tunnel that he had found. Content that the Mostali would guard it well, and that no Chaos could pass, he returned to the Arm of Pavis, intending to muster The Company.

When he arrived he found that most of the group had recently departed the Rubble, accompanying Fost on his expedition to Tarsh. Of the senior members of the group, only Serenity was still in Pavis. She was in the middle of a training session, so Lucifer found it easy to persuade her to accompany him (“Fancy smiting some Chaos?”).

Serenity suggested that they get Thorfinn the Uroxi to help them, pointing out that he would be offended if they didn’t call him for what they perceived would be a major mission against Chaos. It took the pair about ten minutes to find Thorfinn (“Wow! Who would have guessed we’d find you at the pub!”), who readily agreed to help them. The three of them then travelled to the tunnel complex, meeting Kardala and Copperskull along the way.

The group then entered the tunnel complex and met up with the Mostali, who escorted them to the mouth of the as yet unexplored tunnel that Lucifer had found. The leader of the dwarves explained that several monstrosities had issued forth from the tunnel, but had been slain, and suggested that the tunnels would be far too dangerous a place for such a small group. Seeing that they were determined to enter, he taught them how to alert the tunnel’s guards when they returned (to prevent any kind of friendly-fire incidents).

Lucifer took point, followed by Thorfinn, then Kardala and Copperskull, Serenity was rearguard. The group advanced into the tunnels.

They encountered no opposition at first.  After an hour or so of cautious travel, the tunnel widened and the group finally emerged into a massive room, dimly lit, and filled with massive columns. Thorfinn sensed Chaos and immediately charged into the room, closely followed by Lucifer. As they charged, scorpionmen and black-clad warriors emerged from the shadows and engaged them.

Serenity ordered Kardala and Copperskull to hold the tunnel, and joined the melee. She, Lucifer, and Thorfinn made quick work of their opponents and none escaped their onslaught. Serenity used the powers she gained on the StormWalk Path heroquest to bring Thorfinn out of his berserker rage, and after a quick search they decided to press on.

Kardala and Copperskull remained behind, deciding that their presence was slightly superfluous in a place this dangerous. They were told to return to the dwarves and inform them of what they had found, as the group realised that there was likely to be a Thanatar temple further down the tunnel (they recognised tattoos that they had seen on the bodies).

The three veterans followed the tunnel leading from the chamber and soon arrived in another massive room filled with giant fungi and strange animals. They had a brief fight with another party of scorpionmen and explored the chamber, finding several side-rooms and the exit.

They continued onwards, dealing with several Mad Head Ghost pillars along the way. Finally they entered a large complex of rooms, the centre of which was a temple to Thanatar. The group battered their way through the guardians of the complex and defeated the temple priests after a short and vicious battle. A thorough search revealed a good quantity of loot and an ancient library. The three made sure that the area was safe and secured their loot. During the course of their search they discovered a set of massive stairs leading deep down into the bowels of the earth. After a brief rest they continued onwards.

It took more than an hour to reach the bottom of the stairs, which led into a massive cavern, but had been broken off high above the floor. The group could see a huge pile of rubble and three misshapen wyrm-like creatures in the cavern. At the far side they could just about make out the shape of a large doorway.

Serenity used a sylph to carry them down to the cavern floor and the group cast their combat magics on the way down. As expected, the wyrm-like beasts attacked them almost as soon as they touched down.

Thorfinn dealt with his foe quite quickly, as did Serenity, but they were forced to help Lucifer, who had been badly wounded by a heavy blow from his opponent. They finished the beast off for him (an easy task considering the damage that he had already done to it). After healing him, they examined the doorway at the far side of the room.

This led into a complex of strange rooms filled with odd furnishings and decorated with strange carvings (it looked like a Jules Verne type laboratory in a submarine). They explored this cautiously, but found nothing other than some odd-looking bones and a massive sealed door.

It looked like the kind of door that should not be opened. Bad things obviously lay beyond. Naturally they decided to open it, bad things have a certain appeal to Lucifer and Serenity (they like beating on them). It took them some time to open the door (they may not be stupid, but they are not the finest minds that society can produce).

The door led into another massive chamber. It was part-filled with the shattered ruins of columns and other building materials. A wave of putrefied air assaulted the group as they examined the scene and even Lucifer and Serenity could sense the presence of Chaos in the room. Thorfinn started to froth at the mouth.

They could see no opponents however, and advanced cautiously into the chamber, spell casting as they moved. Lucifer spotted several piles of ‘stuff’ near to a set of pillars and they moved forward, intending to examine them. Lucifer seemed especially attracted to a sword that he could see protruding from one of the piles.

Thorfinn kept watch as Lucifer and Serenity examined the debris. Lucifer examined the sword and seemed very excited (later explaining that he believed it to be Indrodar Greydog’s sword, lost to the cult of Humakt for many years). Serenity found a long pole topped by a windsock in the shape of a dragon (similar to a Roman/Sarmatian draconari) and started to look at it closely.

At this point Thorfinn called out a warning to the others. Tentacles were snaking down from the dark recesses of the ceiling and attempting to entangle the group. Suitably warned, they were able to fend off the initial wave of attacks. Their protective magics dealt with a barrage of magical attacks that followed the initial assault and they steeled themselves for a hard fight.

Several more attacks by tentacles were fended off and Serenity used magic to illuminate the ceiling area. The group saw that a huge beast covered the ceiling. It had one eye, massive in size, and its body appeared to be covered in shark heads. The group heard a loud banging noise as the door to the chamber swung shut.

The number of tentacle attacks increased. The group realised that the damage that they were inflicting on the tentacles was not really hurting the beast, only helping them to defend themselves. Eventually a blow or two would get through and they would be killed. They decided to take the fight to the beast.

Lucifer used an allied sylph to fly up to the body of the beast and began to hack into it. He used the sylph’s mobility to make savage darting attacks at several different points.

Serenity had spent part of the time fiddling around with her new toy (the standard) and surprised the others by suddenly firing gout of flame from it. The flame hid the beast just left of the eye and scorched it massively, causing it to howl in pain. She then leapt up to the beast’s body; narrowly avoiding shark attacks as she did so (the first time she’s ever been attacked by a shark and it was underground, on a ceiling, typical). Using a Glue spell she remained on the beast, fending off shark attacks and blasting it with an occasional shot from the dragon standard.

Thorfinn remained on the floor, berserk and in a desperate battle against the beast’s tentacles.

For a while all was chaos (so to speak, perhaps anarchic is a better word). The group was battered and constantly needed their allied spirits to heal them. Eventually they triumphed. Lucifer burst the central eye with a series of concerted attacks and Serenity was causing considerable damage with both the standard and her sword. Soon after its eye was destroyed, the body of the beast burst, showering the room with gunk. This, and the fact that it had stopped moving, was taken as an indication that the beast was dead.

The group rested up and healed themselves. Lucifer and Thorfinn gathered up some loot that they found and Serenity used the standard to burn what she could of the beast’s remains. They left the room and sealed it once more (breaking the door so that it could not be opened).

They returned to the Thanatari complex and gathered all their loot together (possibly the best haul yet, Pete is a bit stingy with treasure unless you really earn it). They left Serenity to guard it; Lucifer and Thorfinn returned to the surface to gather Company employees to help them move their finds to the Arm.

The group held a meeting with the Pavis cult and the dwarves to determine ways to seal the tunnel system off, a matter that the cult assured them that they could take care of. Confident that the matter was resolved, they returned to the Arm of Pavis and celebrated with a big drinking session.

The Dragon Heroquest

A long and dangerous quest which involved dragons and we were suckered into doing by Kallyr Starbrow. She wanted their assistance in a heroquest designed to undo the Closing of the Seas. Company got to travel on the Skyship,fight powerful foes, Miko met an old friend, Serenity killed a godling and took his sword, Fost got beaten on, Lucifer killed a lot of things. After several dangerous battles and taking a lot of damage, the questors got to spend several hours crawling/walking around a dead and decaying dragon. Smelt like shit. The conclusion of the quest was a draconic ritual which was performed by Serenity, who revealed a knowledge of things draconic previously unknown to the party. Many regarded her suspiciously. Not that they said anything, that would have been stupid. The Closing of the Seas was undone and they all went home to get pissed up and recover.
Fost, Kallyr, Miko, Lucifer, Scratch-E, Flower, Bronwen

The Wind Sword

Heroquest performed by The Company to gain find the Windsword (a powerful artefact) and cause disruption to the construction of the Temple of the Reaching Moon. We had a laugh. Killed lots of Lunars by dropping things on them from a great height.
Fost, Miko, Serenity, Scratch-E, Flower, Lucifer