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The Turquoise Tree


The Company of the Turquoise Tree
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The Dundealos
Comments and Events
Twilight 2010 Characters and NPCs

The year started badly for our plucky heroes. None of the Orlanthi could use divine magics, Orlanth was dead and Whitewall was about to fall. The Lunars were pressing hard on all fronts.


The Company continued its journey to Sartar in search of Starbrow, travelling to Tarthcaer. Along the way they ambushed several Lunar patrols and indulged themselves in minor acts of vandalism (e.g. painting rude slogans on the walls of a Lunar outpost).
They arrived at the base of Mount Quivin and soon located a band of Vingan guards. They were told that Starbrow was indeed  at Tarthcaer and the Vingans in the group made their way up to the fort. The others stayed at the bottom and started to organise the refugees that they had discovered in the area.
Tarthcaer was packed full of refugees when Serenity and Flower arrived . They were soon taken to see Starbrow who seemed pleased to see them (unlike her most of her meetings with Serenity which are typically characterised by sighs and distressed looks). They conversed for some time.
It was decided that they needed to gather as much strength and as many allies together as they could. Starbrow told Serenity that King Broyan of the Volsaxi and his warband had agreed to aid them but wanted to bring them to Tarthcaer so that they could discuss their plans in a safe place. It took her quite some time to persuade Serenity that this should be done (as men are not allowed to enter Tarthcaer). Serenity then spoke to an assembly of the Vingans at the fort and in a brilliant speech convinced them to agree to allow Broyan and his men to travel there. There is always a way!
Broyan and his men, together with the refugees from the foot of the mountain and the remaining members of The Company, were soon at the fort. Several meetings were held and plans for the future discussed. Starbrow announced that she intended to heroquest and attempt to bring Orlanth back, requesting that Broyan and The Company lead the allied forces against the Lunars in her absence.
It was agreed that they would force a battle with the occupying army, partly to protect the people from their depredations and partly to draw attention away from Starbrows preparations. Potential strategies were discussed in at length until they came to a consensus.
Starbrow and her minions then left, leaving The Company and its new allies to make their preparations.
They stayed at Tarthcaer for several days. The male members of The Company seemed to enjoy their unusual status amongst the Vingans. Fost and Scratch-E  made 'new friends'. Serenity and Broyan seemed to spend a lot of time together.
The Company gathered as many warriors as they could, scouted potential battle sites and tried to lure the Lunars into a battle on their terms. Lucifer summoned a small contingent of bison riders and formed a heavy cavalry unit. Fost summoned his warband as did Bjarnni.
Serenity got in touch with Rosie, a Maran Gor priestess, and was able to get her assistance in the upcoming battle through a mix of persuasion and by promising to help her seduce Fost (whom Rosie fancied madly). Miko spent her time preparing for the battle to come.

Naked in the Snow

Serenity decided to return to Dundealos lands in an attempt to secure assistance from Heroth BlueTongue, a powerful Kolating who lived in the Yellow Hills. After various trials and tribulations she found him and was able to persuade him to assist her. Heroth said that he would send her to the spiritplane where she could try to  seek help from her ancestors.
Following an odd ritual Serenity found herself naked and in a snow bound wilderness. Beasts howling in the hills surrounding her, and this together with the  freezing conditions drove her on (pondering why it was that she seemed to end up naked on the heroplane so often), until finally she arrived at the site of a dreadful battle. Piles of corpses, stripped of everything, and horrifically mutilated, littered a wide valley floor.
Near death from the cold Serenity staggered around the battlefield. She soon heard faint moans from behind a rock. Investigating cautiously shediscovered  the source of the noise, a dying Vingan. The woman was all but hacked apart; Serenity did what she could but succeeded in doing little more than easing her passing. As her last breaths came, the warrior handed her broken spear to Serenity. Suddenly she experienced an intense vision of the battle as seen through the dying warriors eyes, inducing a pain so intense that she passed out.
She awoke to find found  back in Sartar, naked, clutching a rusted spearhead and in the middle of a snowbound wood.
Serenity sought shelter and  finally found a cave. She prayed to Vinga over the spearhead and felt the spirit of the Vingan she had helped within it.  The spirit, a woman named Morfanwen, spoke to her then, telling of ancient deeds and battles, secrets and truths. Serenity then fed Morfanwen some of her power. Finally, exhausted, she lapsed into unconsciousness.
Serenity awoke to find herself wrapped in a blanket in front of a warm fire. She had been found by her cousin  Bjarnni, who has a knack for finding naked women in the middle of nowhere (he has bad luck though, it always turns out to be a relative),
When she returned to the rest of The Company, she spent more  time talking to Morfanwen, soon discovering that she, and all who sacrificed  power to the spearhead, could obtain the divine magic spell of Screaming Javelin.

The Battle of Iceland

The Company and its warband helped the forces of Sartar to defeat a Lunar army which heavily outnumbered them. Their warband experienced its first real blooding. Miko enabled them to totally screw-over a bunch of Lunar sorcerers. Fost led valiantly. Lucifer and Serenity killed so many Lunars that even their allies were intimidated by them. Scratch-E fought valiantly and slew many Lunars. Reputation of the group rose massively.
Serenity, Miko, Fost, Lucifer, Scratch-E,Flower, Bronwen

Balastor's Axe

The Company went exploring in the Big Rubble, following rumours that they hoped would lead them to a long-abandoned Humakkt temple. After several misadventures they found it. Along the way they acquired some nifty loot. Lucifer and his minions re-consecrated the temple and it now serves as his base of operations.
Lucifer, Fost, Serenity, Miko, Flower,Scratch-E, Itch-E

Kicking in Vampires

Party went on an expedition to kill a nest of vampires that they had discovered in a tunnel system near to the Arm of Pavis. We kicked ass. Serenity went odd(er) for a bit after looking at a glowing crystal. Scratch-E initiated The Great Lever Debate but eventually decided not to pull the mysterious lever that he had found (possibly due to threats made by the others). Scratch-E  headbutted a ceiling repeatedly (by accident). Rest of The Company laughed for a while before they helped him.
Serenity, Fost, Scratch-E, Miko, Lucifer, Flower

Mask of Eurmal

Entertaining jaunt that got The Company involved with Eurmal and the heroplane. Fost made us do it. Mildly traumatic but very entertaining. Lucifer managed to trick someone without lying. Group most impressed. Got lots of useful stuff including some entertaining one-use magics.
Fost, Lucifer, Miko, Serenity, Flower, Larissa, Scratch-E

The Fifth Element

The Company performs The Fifth Element heroquest as a favour for the cult of Pavis. It reconciles the cult and city with their traditional enemies, the trolls of the Big Rubble. Everyone is happy. Scratch-E acquires a forked tongue after trying a strange helmet on. He stuck his hand in lots of Mostali machinery and had his hand magically transformed when he pulled a mysterious lever.
Serenity, Fost, Miko, Lucifer, Flower, Scratch-E