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The Turquoise Tree


The Company of the Turquoise Tree
Cult List
The Dundealos
Comments and Events
Twilight 2010 Characters and NPCs

Arden's Stead

The Company (less Serenity the Pregnant) travelled to Sartar to visit a Bevara temple and hunt a pair of rocs (Lucifer killed them). They were sidetracked by Bjarnni and ended up fighting Lunars,  dehori demons, chaos ogres of the Sha San cult, and Sartarite collaborators. Bjarnni chanelled the power of Orlanth and slew many ogres. Bronwen found a strange amulet and made contact with an eastern deity of some kind.The group also encountered Arden Strongstorm, a strange being who serves Orlanth and taught them new magics.
Lucifer, Bjarnni,Flower,Tarn, Shenzi

Return of A Hero

Also known as the Return of Fost so as to avoid confusion. Fost miraculously returned to The Arm of Pavis. Accompanied by a small warband and Scratch-E and Itch-E. Fost almost died in the Lismelder Rebellion but upon recovering had decided to return to Pavis. Was shocked to discover that Serenity had spent all of his money. Nobody else was even vaguely surprised. Serenity pretended indifference about his return but it was noted that the two of them spent a week in her room after he returned and that she was in a good mood/pleasant for several days after that.

Puzzle Canal Part 2

The Company travelled into the Puzzle Canal in search of a band of Thanatari. Various fights ensued but they eventually got their men. they discovered an odd painting in a hidden chamber. It appeared to show scenes from the future to those who view it. The Company saw a scene depicting the overthrow of the Lunars in Pavis. They laughed a lot.
Serenity, Fost, Lucifer, Miko, Raena, Dana, Shenzi

Rebellion in Sartar

Serenity and Lucifer travelled to Notchet via Sartar. Apart from a few skirmishes they had an uneventful outward journey. Lucifer stopped off at the Indrodar shrine on Lismelder lands on the way back. Serenity spent some time hunting down Lunar raiders, rescued three children from assassins and stopped at Tarthcaer on her way back.
Serenity, Lucifer.

The Cradle

The Company helped escort a giant cradle downriver despite the best efforts of the Lunars to stop it. Many Lunars died. Fost managed to steal a standard from the Silver Shields. Miko and Lucifer combined beautifully to take out two powerful Lunar sorcerers. Serenity almost met her match in a duel but just about scraped through. Death of Count Julan (killed by Serenity).
Serenity, Fost, Miko, Lucifer, Scratch-E, Bronwen, Flower, Itch-E

Death of Orlanth

Things started to go badly at the end of the year. The Orlanthi members of The Company found themselves cut off from their gods and denuded of their magics. Divinations failed, rituals had no effect, and things just seemed to go awry at every turn. Fortunately The Company is not dependant entirely on Orlanthi magics but was weakened considerably by these events.
Mundane enquiries about the problem were largely unsuccessful although rumours were starting to spread that Orlanth was dead, killed by the Lunars. Shortly after they first heard the rumours Fost and Serenity persuaded Lucifer to take them to the heroplane and from there travelled to Orlanth's stead. They found it abandoned and could find no trace of the gods. While they were there, Jar-eel arrived and had a polite conversation with them. She informed them that Orlanth was indeed dead but seemed unhappy, saying that this was not the way that she had wanted things done. She told them to gather their forces as hell was about to be unleashed on Sartar. After this she left and the group returned to the normal world. They organised the defences at the Arm as best they could and then set off for Tarthcaer in an attempt to find Kallyr Starbrow.